Arturo Odilo Godoy

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Arturo Odilo Godoy (also known as Gabriel, Argentine citizen, born 1947) joined the The Family in the early 1980s and left the organization in 1984. On December 19, 1990, acting on behalf of his sister-in-law Ruth Frouman, he filed a complaint with the Tribunal de Menores de Mercedes under Judge Julio M. Cámpora seeking the return of four of her five minor children who had been retained in the cult against the wishes of both of their parents. He acted pursuant to a special power of attorney Ruth Frouman granted to him and her sister on December 10, 1990 for the purpose of finding and returning her four missing children.

A number of his relatives have alleged that he violently abused women and children and that, while he was a member of the Family, he sexually abused a child. Family spokesperson Claire Borowik made similar allegations in an April 1993 deposition but provided no evidence to indicate that the Family immediately reported the alleged incidents of abuse to law enforcement agencies when it first became aware of them. In July 1997 he was arrested in Argentina on charges of kidnapping and sexually abusing two minors, an 18-year-old girl and a 16-year-old girl. One of his victims escaped and sought shelter in a school whose director immediately reported the matter to the police. Despite the fact that he had not been a member of The Family for many years, at least one Argentine newspaper incorrectly reported that he was a member at the time while other press reports correctly noted that he was a former member.

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