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Aurora Production AG (Firma-ID-Nr.:CH-; Aurora Production SA, Aurora Prouction Ltd) is a registered Aktiengesellschaft (corporation) in Zug, Switzerland, and is the copyright holder of some productions for The Family International. The purpose of Aurora Production AG is the "production, acquiring, creation and management of intangible goods of all sorts", including video, audio and electronic material primarily, but not exclusively, for children.

Aurora Production AG serves as the production and distribution branch of The Family. Most of Aurora's products are sold at highly discounted rates to Family members to provide a form of income (through re-distribution).

Aurora's products include children's videos (including Treasure Attic and Kiddie Viddie), music for children and adults, the Get Activated series, devotional publications for children and adults, storybooks, and CD greeting cards. See Aurora's product catalog.

Aurora Production AG products are distributed by Activated, Conéctate, Contato, Activate Japan, Golden Sunrise Productions Co., Ltd., Alpha Reader, Bluebird Family Foundation, Europe Activated, KidzVidz and other Family umbrella distributors.


Although ultimate control over this company is in Steven Kelly's hands, on paper the following people are listed as running this company [1]:

  • Claes Furusjö (Director; Johanneshov, Sweden; former WS finance manager)
  • Ernst Steiner (Co-Director; Hünibach, Switzerland; near Thun and Thunersee)
  • Richard Müller
  • Barbara-Maria Buzzi
  • Michael Andrew Darley (Houston, Texas)
  • Alconsa Finanz AG (auditor; located in Stansstad near Lucerne [2])


Address: Neugasse 3, CH-6300 Zug, Switzerland
Tel: +41 41-720-1531
Fax: +41 41-710-6745
Tel: +41 41-872-0466
Fax: +41 41-710-6745


  • Audio Books/Tapes
  • Calendars and Stationery
  • Children's Books - Activity, Colouring, Novelty
  • Children's Books - Fiction
  • Children's Books - Picture Books
  • Children's Books - Religious
  • Computer Software - Educational
  • Educational Material - Primary and Secondary
  • Gift Books
  • Greetings Cards
  • Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Religion and Theology
  • Videos

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