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Music has been an integral part of The Family International since the group's beginnings. Their music and audio ranges from professional music intended for sale outside of the group to audio for internal use, such as inspirational reading by Karen Zerby or music targeted at Family youth.

Albums and collections

Selected individual tracks

Title Album Synopsis
Music Let's Make Love Loving Jesus 4, track 6 A song of sexual desire for Jesus
Music Religious Persecution Family Teen Tape 5, track 13 Relates The Family's perception of their persecution
Music Craving to Slake Teen CD 33, track 5 Berates former members who speak against The Family
Music We Are the Victors  DC Band 1, track 10 Rallying cry, and warning to The Family's spiritual enemies
Music Eagle Bleeds DC Band 3, track 3 Tells of indignation towards the USA (Lyrics)
Music Charlie Made a Monkey Family Teen Tape 6, track 10 On Charles Darwin and "The Big Lie"
Music Revolutionary Children of God  Family Teen Tape 5, track 2 On The Family's rebellion against the System


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