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The Bible Album, A Rock Testament was conducted and arranged by Martyn Ford (The Martyn Ford Orchestra) and recorded at Trident and Air Studios in London in 1977. Simon Phillips played the drums for some of the songs. Most of the songs were written and sung by members of the The Family International. Singers include Joan "of Arc" Alexander, Lawrence Pizzuto (aka Jonas), David Rugely (aka Simon Black), Russell McClelland (aka Jeremiah Singer), Micah "Teddy Bear" Fridley, Michael Listen, Demis Roussos (non-member), and Jeane Manson (non-member).


Andre Djaoui, who financed the albums, saw the group performing in the streets in Paris. He was so taken with their talent that he wanted to get involved. He was Jean Manson's boyfriend, which was how she became involved in the recordings. Demis Roussos also saw them performing the street and wanted to perform with them.[1]

The album was produced by Paul Buckmaster and Martyn Ford. Martyn Ford conducted all the sessions.

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The Bible Album – Volume I (Old Testament)

Track Biblical Event / Title or Character Time Singer Composer(s)
MusicTrack 1 "The Greatest Story / Creation" 3:21 Micah Fridley-McClelland
MusicTrack 2 "The Garden of Love / Adam and Eve" 2:27 Simon and Joan Allen-Martin
MusicTrack 3 "Cain and Abel / Cain and Abel" 3:35 Jonas Pizzuto-Pizzuto
MusicTrack 4 "Noah / The Flood" 2:26 Sam McClurg-Allen
MusicTrack 5 "Father of Faith / Abraham and I" 4:10 Simon Fridley-McClelland
MusicTrack 6 "They've Got to Be Free / Exodus" 4:45 Jonas and Jeremiah McClelland-Fridley
MusicTrack 7 "The Commandments / Laws of Moses" 2:58 Sam McClurg-Allen
MusicTrack 8 "Beyond the Years / 40 years in the Wilderness" 2:28 Jeane Manson McClurg-Rugely
MusicTrack 9 "The Land Across the River / The Promised Land" 3:12 All Allen-McClelland
MusicTrack 10 "Love Will Grow / Ruth" 1:41 Joan McClurg-Martin
MusicTrack 11 "Perfect Man / Job" 4:34 Kirk Fogarty-Fogarty
MusicTrack 12 "Shepherd Boy / David" 1:53 Joan, Micah, and Jonas Fridley-Allen
MusicTrack 13 "I Will Not Fear / David" 2:19 Simon Trudel-Rugely
MusicTrack 14 "All is Vanity / Solomon" 2:53 Demis Roussos Rugely-Martin
MusicTrack 15 "Prophet of Doom / Jeremiah" 2:23 Jeremiah Fridley-Allen
MusicTrack 16 "Opening the Book / Daniel" 3:10 Kirk, Micah, and Michael Pizzuto-McClelland
MusicTrack 17 "Build it Again / Return from Captivity" 1:50 John McClurg-Martin
MusicTrack 18 "I Can Hardly Wait for the Day / Isaiah" 3:55 Micah Fridley-Martin

The Bible Album – Volume II (New Testament)

Track Biblical Event / Title or Character Time Singer Composer(s)
MusicTrack 1 "There is Born a Child / Birth of Jesus" 3:37 Jeane Manson McClurg-Allen
MusicTrack 2 "Change Your Ways / John the Baptist" 3:41 Jeremiah Rugely-Rugely
MusicTrack 3 "Come and Follow Me / Calling the Disciples" 3:18 Jonas Pizzuto-Rugely
MusicTrack 4 "Words From the Mountain / Sermon on the Mount" 3:01 Micah and Jonas Pizzuto-Trudel
MusicTrack 5 "Born Again / Jesus and Nicodemus" 4:25 Jonas and Simon Pizzuto-Martin
MusicTrack 6 "Law of Love / St John Chapter VIII" 2:48 Simon McClurg-Rugely
MusicTrack 7 "I Hope You Know / Cleansing the Temple" 2:07 Jonas Fridley-Pizzuto
MusicTrack 8 "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled / Last Supper" 3:06 Jonas Fridley-Martin
MusicTrack 9 "What Did He Do to You? Betrayal and Trial" 2:04 Micah McClurg-McClelland
MusicTrack 10 "Thy Will Be Done / In the Garden of Gethsemane" 3:46 Jonas Pizzuto-McClelland
MusicTrack 11 "It is Finished / Crucifixion" 3:58 Kirk Fridley-Allen
MusicTrack 12 "He is Risen / Resurrection / Tell the Whole World / Great Commission" 3:39 Sam, Joan, and Jonas (All) Martin-McClelland

Credits and Information

Album title: The Bible, A Rock Testament
By: Family of Love
Album registration number: PD-2-9301
Distributed by: Polygram Distribution Incorporated.
Manufactured and marketed by: Polydor Incorporated, 810 Seventh Ave, New York, NY 10019, USA
Publisher: Melodieu Music B.V. (Companies in The Netherlands use "B.V." for Besloten Vennootschap, which is equivalent to limited partnership)
Recorded at: Trident and Air Studios-London (1977)
Engineered by: Jerry Smith
Produced and conducted by: Paul Buckmaster and Martyn Ford
Arranged by: Paul Buckmaster (2-4-5-6-23-24-25-28-29-30), Martyn Ford (1-9-11-15-16-17-20-22-26-27), Nick Harrison (3-7-8-10-12-13-14-18-19-21)
Recorded by: The Martyn Ford Orchestra
Art Director: Raymond Chevalier/Studio RC
Leaders: Richard Studt and Gavyn Wright
Executive Producer: Andre Djaoui
Sung by: Kirk, Jonas, Windy, Micah, Michael, Simon, Joan, Jeremiah; with Special Guest Appearances by Jeane Manson and Demis Roussos
Rhythm Track Musicians:

Ray Russell: Acoustic and electric guitar (a British freelance professional guitarist, arranger, and producer)
Hugh Burns: Acoustic and electric guitar.
Ann Odell: Grand piano, clavinet.
Tony Hymas: Grand piano, clavinet, rhodesfender and hammond organ.
Scott McClurg: Grand piano.
Paul Buckmaster: Synthesizer.
Francis Monkman: Synthesizer.
Paul Westwood: Bass guitar.
Doni Harvey: Bass guitar.
Dave Marquee: Bass guitar.
Alan Jones: Bass guitar.
Simon Phillips: Drums.
Barry de Souza: Drums.
Brother James: Congas.
Ray Cooper: Congas, tambourines.
Moris Pert: Tambourines, tympani, shakers, cabaza, zulu bells, cowbells, tubular bells, bell tree, vibraphone, crotales, windchimes.
Graham Prescott: Solo Violin.
John Marson: Harp.

Colour illustrations: Andrzej Malinowski
Libretto illustrations: George Misrany, Etiene Morel Eman
Photographer: Gene Fenn
Inside cover pictures: Kirk, Jonas, Windy, Micah, Michael, Demis Roussos, Jean Manson, Simon, Joan, Ray Russell, Paul Buckmaster, Andre Djaoui, and Martyn Ford.

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  1. Personal correspondence by Martyn Ford to an editor, 2007-08-05.

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