MWM: Show 1 - Music Special with Jeremy Spencer

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Download: icon_video.gifMusic Special (Jeremy)1982-06-09 (0:29:15.600, 92.4M, xViD AVI)


Host: Simon Peter (Christopher Carruthers)
Co-host: Phoebe
Special Guest: Jeremy Spencer

"Sweet Soft Songs"

  • Performed by: Jeremy (Spencer) & Michael (Michael Fogarty)
  • Composed by: Michael (Fogarty)

"Power of Love"

  • Performed by: Heidi & The Lovelights
  • Composed by: Michael (Fogarty)

"Sing a Song of Happiness"

  • Performed by: Windy
  • Composed by: Singin' Sam

"I Long for the Music that Sings"

  • Performed and composed: Paul Michael


  • Performed by: Jeremy (Spencer)
  • Composed by: Michael (Fogarty) & Jeremy (Spencer)

"Prodigal Son"

  • Performed and composed by: Jeremy (Spencer)

The Lovelights:
Heidi, Mene (Merry Berg), & Armendria

All songs accompanied by:
The King's Minstrels
Jeremy (Spencer), Michael (Fogarty), Solomon, Paul Michael, Windy, Peter, & Rachel

Script: Simon Peter (Christopher Carruthers)
Camera+light: Zach
Sound: Michael
Decoration: Lydia
Graphic: Rita
Video-engin.: Johannes

Director: Paul

© CPO 220 Athens / Greece
April MCMLXXXII (1982)