Bible name

From XFamily - Children of God

Bible names are pseudonyms used within The Family. A Bible name is chosen, or assigned, when a new member first joins – a practice derived from the Christian tradition of taking a new name at baptism. Further, it is not uncommon for group members to change their Bible name on occasion, usually to reflect a spiritual rebirth.

In the group's early days, some members were instructed to open a Bible and point randomly, adopting the first name they came across.

Taking new names is also done to obscure members' system names, as system (legal) names are treated as selah information. The following statute is found in The Family's governing charter:

E. Selah trash is to be burned or shredded regularly (recommended daily).

Be very sure that no confidential materials or papers or identifying envelops, etc., bearing names, addresses, or other selah information is ever placed in trash containers which are emptied by the System! Burn or destroy these separately in your own wood stove or fireplace

(The Love Charter, Home Life Rules, E.; p. 264)