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"Selah" describes secrecy, or the practice of being secretive. Selah is a Hebrew word of disputed meaning that appears in the book of Psalms in the Bible. A common theory regarding the word's meaning is that it denotes a silent pause before or during the sung portion of a psalm or hymn. From this understood meaning of "silence", The Family's use of "selah" as a code word for something secret or classified developed.

There are many layers of secrecy wrapping and protecting the core leadership. Some examples of "selah" practice:

  • Disciples were given "Bible names" and not allowed to know each other's "System names", so as to be able to answer authorities and accusers in honest ignorance.
  • The group's policy of not disclosing what their true beliefs are, in order to avoid "persecution". Former members have frequently accused The Family of showing outsiders a façade, while leading different lives and adhering to often radically different beliefs on the inside.
  • World Services (WS) units which handle publications and finances and operate in secrecy, even from most other group members.

Usage examples

  • "Don't tell anyone at the other home our address. It's selah."
  • "Every night, someone should burn the selah trash."

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