Selah home

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Selah homes (includes WS Units) are Family International centers, or "homes", which handle publications and finances and operate in complete secrecy from both members and non-members of the cult. Their location, personnel, and specific activities are closely guarded secrets privy only to the homes' residents and upper leadership. They are frequently also the main residence of Continental Officers, World Services personnel, and the highest-ranking leadership.

These homes are typically large compounds in relatively secluded locations but close to major cities (for convenient access to necessary supplies and transportation). It is not uncommon for selah homes to house 50 or more full-time residents. Typically, the majority of residents are not citizens of the country where the homes are located (and not necessarily legal residents). However, they will always have at least one national to handle local business and authorities.

Due to the expensive nature of relocating, these homes generally stay in the same location for many years. However, they will quickly move if a threat to their security or secrecy is perceived.

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