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Continental Officers (COs), formerly known as Continental Reporting Officers or CROs, are among the The Family International's top leaders and report directly to Karen Zerby, Steven Kelly, and other World Services (WS) leadership.

Regional Offices

The Family International divides regional management into zones that have changed very rarely and typically in very small ways over its history. They are:

  • ASCRO (Asian Central Reporting Office): Southeast Asia and Indian Subcontinent; administered in Bangkok, Thailand
  • EURCRO (European Central Reporting Office): Europe, Africa, most of Russia; administered in the town of Flüelen, Switzerland (located near Altdorf, which is near Zürich and Zug) by:
  • NACRO (North American Central Reporting Office): United States, Canada, Mexico, Carribean and some countries of Central America; administered in Dallas, TX by:
  • PACRO (Pacific Area Central Reporting Office): Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Far East Russia and other countries of the Pacific; administered in Tokyo, Japan and Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Also known as FENRO (Far East National Reporting Office) when it was located in Hong Kong prior to the 1990s
  • SACRO (South American Central Reporting Office): South America; administered in Santiago, Chile

Each region is managed by a team of Continental Officers (COs), each team typically having five to seven members. The management structures beneath the CO team are more variable and their members are changed frequently.

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Superseded titles: Continental Reporting Officer (CRO)

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