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A Teamwork (aka Home Shepherds) is a group of leaders (or shepherds) involved in running a home. This "team" usually consists of around four people.

As defined by The Family International

Teamwork: United We Stand!—Exactly What is Teamwork?

— By Paul Papers; FSM#157 (FN 266) DO; 1990-01

As the name implies, "Teamwork" means working together as a TEAM, rather than as an individual. The concept of cooperative shepherding or Teamwork is the result of counsel passed on from the Folks during the ELC in 1985, when it was pointed out that we, as Shepherds, actually NEED others to SAFEGUARD us from our weaknesses. (See FSM 110.)

No ONE PERSON or even COUPLE is endowed with all the gifts nor has such extensive training & experience to be able to properly oversee ALL aspects of an Area, Combo or Home. --But COLLECTIVELY two or three co-Shepherds can help provide all that's needed. In Teamwork, talents combine, like the pieces of a constructed puzzle, to provide the whole picture & make a well-rounded team. (See 1Cor.12:12-31.)

Perhaps it's helpful to think in terms of an athletic team where everyone has a different position--forwards, defense men, goalies etc. It takes ALL of the players in the correct position to make up the team. In sports there are basically two types of team members--the "team players" who get along together & play well with others on the team--& the "hotshots" who try to hog the ball, score all the goals, & get all the credit & praise of the crowd. A team with all "team players" is more likely to win than one composed of "hotshots".

Likewise, in cooperative leadership the same attitude is necessary--that everyone be willing to blend together to play the position where they are most needed in order that their team might win. Although individual talents, training & experience do have a bearing in whether a team wins or not, a very important element is their ability to work TOGETHER.--And this is also true in leadership Teamworks in the Family.

In another sense of the word, MARRIAGE is also a form of Teamwork. Thus the same principles & lessons can be applied not only to teamwork in LEADERSHIP, but also in MARRIAGE & our INTER-RELATIONS with others in our Homes or ministries.

As with any new idea or method, what's right in PRINCIPLE still takes some time to implement PRACTICALLY, & in the meantime a lot of trial & error is usually involved to bring about the desired result. The following articles testify to the trials & errors, victories & lessons experienced by various individuals & fields, as well as the wonderful results of Teamwork!