Richard Douthit

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Rick Douthit, December 2006

Richard Douthit
Aliases Stephen, Silas, Rick
Born 1950-09-05, USA
Rank Continental Officer
Present location Bankgkok, Thailand
Spouse(s) Sandra Gail Douthit (Endureth/Joan),
Geraldine Mastne (Pearl, Patricia)
Children 12

Richard Douthit (American; FGA) is a Continental Officer of Asia (ASCRO). He is is from El Paso, Texas, USA and joined the Children of God in Florida, where he was reportedly enrolled in a dental school. During his time in The Family, Douthit has lived in Family Homes in Jordan, India, Italy, the Philippines and, for approximately 19 years, Thailand.

Douthit and his first wife, Sandra Gail Douthit (aka Joan or Endureth), have been leaders in Asia for many years. They were initially shepherds of the Thai DF Home (an outreach Home in Thailand) and later part of the Thai YES (a TTC) leadership. They were later "National Officers" (NOs) of Thailand. Douthit had two children with his first wife and 10 children with his second wife, Geraldine Mastne (aka Pearl or Patricia).

Several former second-generation members have alleged that Douthit sexually abused children in The Family.[1] For example, it has been alleged that both Samuel Charles Perfilio and Douthit were on sharing schedules with children in the Philippines during the mid-1980s.[1] When a 14-year-old girl named Kristy [last name withheld] got pregnant, both Douthit and Perfilio were suspected of being the father as both adult men had had sexual intercourse with the child in question.[1] It was later determined that Perfilio was the father.

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