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Abbreviation for European Central Reporting Office. Manages Europe, Africa, and most of Russia and is administered in the town of Flüelen, Switzerland (located near Altdorf, which is near Zürich and Zug).

See Leaders > Regional Offices for additional information.

Continental Officers


- Senior CO and runs office in Switzerland
- American
- location: Fluelen, Switzerland
- aliases: Gallio/Gallieo
- Continental Officer
- location: Leányfalu, Hungary
- aliases: Lois or Dawn
  • Lisa (not her legal name)
- Continental Officer
- Norwegian
- location: Africa
  • Magda (not her legal name)
- Junior Continental Officer
- Polish
- location: Russia/Poland
- Junior Continental Officer; SGA
- American
- location: Hungary
- aliases: Genai
  • Gabe (SGA)


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Superseded titles: Continental Reporting Officer (CRO)

Superseded positions: King and Queen Counselor (KQC) / King and Queen Servant (KQS) | Prime Minister