Daniel Craig Roselle

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Daniel Craig Roselle

Daniel C. Roselle
Aliases Ado, Daniel Craig
Born 27-Sep-1951, Wichita, Kansas
Present location Boerne, Texas
Spouse(s) Katie Roselle, Maria
Children 8

Daniel Craig Roselle (American; has gone by Ado and used Daniel Craig as a media alias in the 1990s) is a member of the North American CO team and a director of Activated Ministries. He is married to Katie Roselle (aka Kanah) and they are the parents of Daniel Roselle. They have 7 children and Mr. Roselle also fathered another child with a woman, "Maria," to whom he was briefly married.

Daniel joined the Children of God in 1971 in Houston, Texas. He has lived in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico, Panama, South Korea, Japan, and the USA since becoming a member.

Writings by Daniel Craig Roselle

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