Budapest Teen Combo

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The Budapest Teen Combo (or BTC) was a Teen Combo located in Óbuda, Budapest, Hungary from the late-1980s until around 1993. The BTC was run by Jude and Eden (both from Scotland; previously the leaders of the PI Jumbo).

The BTC was the subject of a series of letters[1][2][3], written by Karen Zerby in 1993, regarding the perceived "serious problems" of the resident teenagers.[4] The result was the closure of the BTC, excommunication of several teens, and a series of lengthy meetings. This was also the beginning of the mass exodus of older second generation members from the group in Europe.

The meetings were later enlarged to cover Europe in general. Karen Zerby sent Paul "Josiah" Peloquin to Europe from Japan to oversee these meetings. The meetings were held in Hungary (BTC), Switzerland ("Lake Home"), and Denmark ("Nielsen Home"). The result, yet again, was many more excommunications and mass exoduses of second generation memebers. It was reported, at the time, that as many as 600 second generation members left from Europe in 1993-1994.[citation needed]


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