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  • I think the accuracy of the dates listed for legal action in various countries is highly questionable. The source is apparently the Family's "case histories" at or In several cases, they use the date of a police raid as the start date of a legal action. This is not very accurate as it ignores the months (or even years) of investigation, surveillance, collection of evidence, examination of witnesses, filing of legal briefs, issuance of search and/or arrest warrants and indictments, etc. that typically precede a police raid. It would be far more accurate to use the date when a civil or criminal case was first filed or an investigation began as the start date of legal action. Their case histories are also incomplete in that they completely ignore and do not mention cases where they do not percive the outcome as favorable to their position. I propose that we not list these inaccurate dates and instead link to the case histories that are available. For the cases in which we have not yet compiled enough information, we can simply link to the Family's "case history." There are a number of articles in the category which should probably be in a Table of Contents like some other categories have. I will go ahead and start making these changes. Other editors are of course welcome to revert or improve upon my edits. Peter F. 04:52, 18 Nov 2005 (CST)