Cause No. 317, 213 - Decree of Divorce

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This document is relevant to Tribunal de Menores de Mercedes - Cause number 32.202 because it is evidence that, after the death of Ruth Frouman in March 1991, the children's father had full legal custody of the children and that Stuart Baylin's abduction and retention of the children outside the United States was illegal and intended to obstruct the lawful exercise of parental rights.


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    • Dissent of Juez Federal Daniel Mario Rudi in "causa seguida contra CAVAZZA, JUAN CARLOS Y OTROS S/ INFRACCION ART. 125 Y OTROS DEL CODIGO PENAL del Registro de la Secretaria No. 2 de la Sala II de esta Camara Federal de San Martin." December 13, 1993. 135 pages. In Spanish. [2]