Choices and Consequences, Part 2

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Choices and Consequences, Part 2

--By Mama, Maria #673 FD/MM/FM #3485 January 2004

Dear Family,

1. In this GN I'm going to continue sharing with you the counsel and insight our Husband gave regarding the situations with Megan and Joe. Several of you sent in questions, and we brought your questions before the Lord, and I pray the answers will be a blessing to you. Again, most of these messages were received when these situations were still unfolding, so they might sound a little dated in parts. But the Lord has confirmed that we still need all these messages just as much, even if some time has passed since they were originally given.

2. Thankfully, we have a lot of good news to report since I originally put this GN together for you. Megan has passed on to her heavenly reward. The Lord has indicated that she's receiving training to help us from the spirit world and to continue her calling as one of the children of David from over there. We love you, Megan! Joe has recovered greatly, and continues to improve and be strengthened with time. He's being a blessing in his Home, and we are continuing to claim the Lord's promises for his full recovery. Joe's former girlfriend has also made some positive decisions, is in a situation where she's receiving closer shepherding, and has committed to sticking it out, learning her lessons, and growing spiritually, God bless her! We love you too, honey, and we're proud of you for not giving up! We're praying for you and claiming the keys of spiritual growth and change and progress, and we know that the Lord will help you as you hang on to Him!

3. But the good news and happy ending don't take away from the very serious lessons the Lord wants each of us to get from this situation. He wants us to be able to avoid such sad consequences in the future. So despite the fact that much of the following is very personal information, please don't read it just for information's sake or get distracted from the main point by getting into the particulars of the personal situations. The main point is to apply it to your own life and to ask the Lord what He wants you to do about it. The goal is to be strengthened. The goal is to change whatever you need to change in your life in order to be fully obedient and within the Lord's protection, so that you have full faith to expect Him to do miracles for you.

4. It's important to remember that you, each one of you, make up the Family. You decide how strong or weak the Family is, and how strong the Lord's protection is. Through your actions you're either strengthening the Family or weakening it.

5. Each of you has so much potential. You can not only win souls, but you can strengthen your fellow soul winners. It's up to you to decide that you want to be one of those kind of people, and that you're willing to make the sacrifices necessary. There are some of you who have already decided that; your lives are a testimony to the sacrifices and decisions you've made, and we're so proud of you.

The Enemy Will Try to Twist Things.--Be Prepared!

6. As soon as the Lord gives His Word and answers on any subject, the Enemy will try to discredit and cast doubt on them, whether through doubts, seeming contradictions, our detractors twisting and distorting the message, or what have you. Please be aware and prepared for that. It's an individual choice to believe the Lord's Words, and tests are something that the Lord allows.

7. I was thinking about all the things that our detractors could probably say about these messages, and was wishing there was a way we could better prepare you for that, as I hate to see the Lord's Words sullied and distorted and taken out of context. I can just imagine the things they could say: "How could a God of love let someone die to prove a point?" "It's all scare tactics to force the Family into obedience." "Overspiritualizing a natural consequence to cover up their disappointment for a lack of so-called 'miraculous intervention.'" And on and on I'm sure it could go.

8. But shielding you from the Enemy's take on things is something that we can't do. We can't protect your faith. We can't guard you from everything that could hurt you or destabilize you. It's your choice first of all whether you listen to that kind of stuff, and secondly, what you choose to do with it once you hear it. For that matter, you don't even need ex-members to tell you those kinds of things--the Enemy himself is more than ready to give you an earful any time you give him half a chance!

9. Those kinds of tests are something the Lord allows. He said, "It's a test of people's faith. I allow tests‚ and they won't stop until you're here in My arms. There will be tests of faith as long as you're on Earth and can't see things fully in the spirit. And as you pass the tests, they increase in intensity, because I shield you from things until you're ready for them. But the more mature and the stronger in spirit and in faith you become, the more I allow the Enemy to test you. So the harder the tests get, the more you can be encouraged that you're really growing and making progress! And you'll find that although the tests get harder, you become stronger in spirit as you pass them, so it becomes easier to overcome the battles." (End of message from Jesus.)

10. (Mama:) Let me also add a reminder here that when you don't have to read the writings of our detractors and apostates, it's wise not to. When you're faced with hearing or reading something that you were not expecting or that you couldn't avoid‚ the Lord will use it as a test and strengthen you through it if you go to Him and receive His Words on the matter and get cleaned up spiritually. But when you knowingly subject yourself to something that could be harmful or dangerous, that's usually more a lack of wisdom or conviction or self-control, and because you put yourself in that situation, the Lord has less power to protect you from the harm or danger. Of course, Peter and I won't forbid you to read those things. But please be aware that it can be damaging and weakening for your spirit‚ and if you can help it, it's wise to avoid putting yourself through that, even if you plan to get "cleaned up" afterward.

How Being Your "Brother's Keeper" Could Have Prevented These Sad Situations

11. Another lesson that is very important for you young people especially to take to heart from these situations is that of being your brother's keeper. It's possible that these incidents could have been completely prevented through loyalty to the Lord, being willing to stand up to your peers and to have conviction to help them, and reporting faithfully. I venture to say that the compromises and disobediences in these situations are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the things that you know about your friends and their problems and weaknesses and compromises and needs, much of which you could help them with, or ask for help for them, or encourage them to get help. But you don't.

12. The Lord gave a couple of very strong messages on the topic of being your brother's keeper that I want to share with you. These situations would have turned out so differently if you, the youth of the Family, were in the habit of being loyal to the Lord, and showing that real pure love for each other by being willing to speak up, to shepherd each other. And if you can't help someone yourself, then ask for help for them! I know you value your friends and friendships, and you should! But you should value your friends and loved ones enough to want the best for them--and that includes helping them spiritually, being willing to correct them, encouraging them to share their hearts with their shepherds when they need to, and if all else fails, then reporting on them so they're forced to get help!

13. I'm not sharing this for the sake of those involved in these situations. By now they've repented, and I'm sure that the lessons they've learned will never leave their minds as long as they live. But I'm sharing it for the benefit of the rest of you, because from what the Lord has told us, many of you are just as guilty. Many of you would have made the same unwise call if you had been in these situations. Many of you have made that choice in other situations.

14. (Jesus:) These situations have been sad, shocking, and devastating for some. I certainly hope they have been sobering and eye-opening to realize the dangers of compromise, of disobedience. This is a lesson for all. It's a lesson that absolutely everyone needs to learn. But there are many of the younger ones who have much less fear of Me, and they don't necessarily believe or comprehend the reality of the spiritual warfare, or how the Enemy is trying to get in through any disobedience, through compromises.

15. Megan was a wonderful girl, but she disobeyed, she compromised, and there were others who also disobeyed and compromised. Joe compromised. Joe's girlfriend compromised. None of them were standing up for their convictions and for what they knew to be right, and they were outright disobeying My Word, the rules in the Family, and covering for each other.

16. Don't you see, folks, that the rules are for a reason? When you disobey, you are weakening the force field of My protection and I'm unable to protect you like I want to. My hands are tied. I need your obedience in order to be able to give you My protection. When you are disobedient, compromising, dishonest, and covering up for one another, I can't protect you, and you're in fact inviting the Enemy in!

17. The problem is that many of you have become so familiar with My protection, My love, and My blessings, that you don't even fear to disobey anymore. You don't fear to disobey and then to cover up for each other. And as you carry on, the voice of My conviction wanes in your heart, and you no longer even realize that you're doing anything wrong. You don't even realize that you should be reporting, that you should be helping one another to keep the standard.

18. Can you see how important it is to be your brother's keeper? You think that you're protecting them by covering for them, but look at this! I am using this as a lesson to help all of you to understand what such compromises can lead to--and conversely, that by having conviction and by standing up for what you believe, you may just be saving someone's life! They might not see it that way at the time‚ and they might be mad at you for having reported on them, but in the long run they will thank you--that is, if they continue in My service and if they are really sold–out disciples. If they aren't, it's still important that misdeeds are exposed and that people are brought to a point of decision, so that through their disobedience they are not weakening the Family.

19. You don't have to be perfect, but you do have to be obedient, you do have to be honest, and you do have to have a clean heart before Me. If you don't, you'd better watch out, because the Enemy will use anything he can get to hinder, hurt, and destroy. (End of message from Jesus.)

Text box.

20. (Jesus:) You are accountable and responsible to Me and to your brothers and sisters. I may have winked at certain things for a time, because I was patiently working in your hearts and lives, trying to get you to see and obey of your own accord and from your heart. But if you just don't get it‚ then I have to do something drastic to get your attention, and that was the case here. And I certainly hope I have your attention! If this doesn't do it, then you'd better make preparations to move yourself elsewhere, because you don't belong in the Family.

21. If you don't grasp the seriousness of the spiritual warfare, and you don't realize that obedience, conviction, and being your brother's keeper is important, and in fact imperative, you don't belong here. While you're in the Family, and while you pose a threat to the Enemy's kingdom, he's going to fight to get in in any way he can.

22. So if you're asleep and complacent and think that things have always been cool, things have always been fine, and of course they're just going to continue on that way, even if you're disobedient or compromised, think again. The days of your ignorance I winked at, but now I am calling for a great repentance, for a great metanoia in the Family and among each and every individual. End of text box.

23. (Mama:) If you want to hear the Lord really tell it like it is, try this one:

24. (Jesus:) If you are more loyal to your individual loved ones and friends than you are to Me and the progress and survival of the overall Family, then you are a traitor. You need to understand the seriousness of the situation. You need to understand where your loyalties need to lie if you are going to be a soldier in My army.

25. Where do your loyalties lie? Can I count on you to stand up for Me in the face of opposition? If you can't stand up for Me and the truth with those around you right now, those who are your brothers and sisters, then how can I expect you to stand up for Me and for My truth later on in the Endtime? These are basic issues of loyalty and dedication. They are crucial points and beliefs that those in the inner core must embrace to the full if they want to remain in My elite troops. (End of message from Jesus.)

What Does It Mean to Be Your "Brother's Keeper"?

26. (Mama:) Being your "brother's keeper" has a bit of a bad connotation with some of you, I think. You automatically think of self-righteousness, correction, shattered friendships‚ someone reporting on you unfairly, etc. The Lord's admonition that you're seriously lacking in that area probably has you feeling unhappy already, feeling that you're not going to like the changes you have to make and that you're probably not going to like the end result of what you might become, if you agree to make those changes.

27. But that's not at all what the Lord means when He challenges you to be your brother's keeper. The Lord goes so far as to say that this sad situation with Megan would not have happened if you young people were in the habit of being your brother's keeper. It would have literally saved a physical life. Megan is gone from this Earth forever--that's something you can really recognize as a loss. But think about all the spiritual lives that have been all but lost due to your lack. That's even worse. Megan is with Jesus now; she's going on to fulfill her ministry from the other side.

28. But what about our loved ones, mates, children, and former team members who gave up and left the Family in discouragement or confusion or because they'd gotten so far away from the Lord in disobedience that they lost their perspective? What about their happiness? What about all the rewards in Heaven that they're missing out on? What about the souls that aren't being saved because of a lack of laborers to reach them‚ that your loved one will have to answer for? Sure, it's each person's choice. But what have you done to help those around you make the right choices? How much will the Lord hold you accountable for their loss?

29. I asked the Lord to give us a list of what He means when He calls each of us to be our brother's keeper. I think it will be enlightening for many of you, and also will help to relieve the pressure or dread that you feel at this challenge from the Lord, wondering if the Lord is expecting you to turn into some kind of self-righteous ogre and have no friends. When you read this list, you'll see that the Lord is asking you to be a better friend than ever–-the right kind of friend. Yes, it will take humility, conviction, and a strength of spirit that many of you are not used to fighting for. But it can be done, and done in a way that will make you--and your friends and loved ones--happier than ever. No one has to lose out when you lift the standard together!

30. (Jesus:) Being your brother's keeper is to love another more than yourself.

31. Being your brother's keeper will make you do whatever is necessary to make sure that no physical, emotional, or spiritual harm comes to that person.

32. Being your brother's keeper means being supportive.

33. Being your brother's keeper means that you will always have a good word to say behind their back.

34. Being your brother's keeper means that you would never gossip about that person, or in any way hinder their fellowship with others through spreading untruths, or even facts that are none of your business to know or repeat.

35. Being your brother's keeper means pointing one another to the Word.

36. Being your brother's keeper means being the right kind of friend.

37. Being your brother's keeper means being there for one another.

38. Being your brother's keeper means that there will be times that you will have to put each other's spiritual well-being above your personal friendship--even if it will mean the end of your friendship.

39. Being your brother's keeper will allow you to share one another's joys, and will eliminate comparing.

40. Being your brother's keeper means doing no harm to one another.

41. Being your brother's keeper means helping each other stand strong against compromise and temptation.

42. Being your brother's keeper is responsibility. It means you realize that I hold you accountable for your influence on your friends and your influence on their choices that determine how they turn out, what they accomplish, and how well they serve Me. Of course, each person's choice is ultimately between Me and them. But how much have you contributed to those choices, whether for good or bad? That is what I hold you accountable for.

43. Being your brother's keeper is opening your life to another so that they can help you, correct you, safeguard you, and likewise help others in turn.

44. Being your brother's keeper is the ultimate bond of friendship, brotherhood, and unity.

45. Being your brother's keeper means wanting the best for one another.

46. Being your brother's keeper will strengthen the Family at all levels.

47. Being your brother's keeper requires humility, but the rewards are worth it.

48. Being your brother's keeper requires a close connection with Me; in fact, it requires that I'm the most important One in your life. If you're not tied in tight with your biggest Brother of all, you won't be the kind of brother or sister that your friends and loved ones need.

49. Being your brother's keeper means speaking the truth in love, even if you know it will hurt.

50. Being your brother's keeper is your duty.

51. Being your brother's keeper never means unprayerful criticism of one another, holding grudges, or placing labels.

52. Being your brother's keeper means that you are clued in to the fact that there are dangers in this world to your service for Me, to your mental health, to your emotional well-being, and even to your bodies and lives. And because of this, it means doing all that you can to guard one another from those dangers. You can't be your brother's keeper if your head is buried in the sand and you pretend that nothing ever goes wrong and that there are never consequences for your actions.

53. Being your brother's keeper means that sometimes you will have to forgo something that you personally have the faith for, for the sake of another. "If eating meat causeth my brother to stumble, I will eat no meat."

54. Being your brother's keeper is bearing one another's burdens.

55. Being your brother's keeper means giving till it hurts. It means being willing to share what's most precious to you--your time, your loved one, yourself--if it will help someone else.

56. Being your brother's keeper requires you to have a desire to not just want to personally be the best disciple you can be, but to also have a passion to help as many others as possible reach that goal.

57. Being your brother's keeper means caring more about someone's long–term future than their short-term happiness.

58. Being your brother's keeper means lending prayerful words of advice.

59. Being your brother's keeper also means knowing when to just be silent and pray.

60. Being your brother's keeper means never giving up on someone.

61. Being your brother's keeper means encouraging others in the decisions they make to live My Word, and making it as easy as possible for them to make the changes they need to make.

62. Being your brother's keeper requires you to live around those who have similar goals. It requires teamwork--a shared objective.

63. Being your brother's keeper will help you to be twice the disciple that you would be on your own, and likewise you will help others reach twice their potential as well.

64. Being your brother's keeper means being Spirit-led, so that you do the right thing, at the right time‚ for the right person.

65. Being your brother's keeper requires a lack of self-righteousness. It won't work if you're esteeming yourself as somehow better than the others around you.

66. Being your brother's keeper means knowing that you're all in this together, and that the tighter you stick together and the more you can watch out for each other, the easier it will be and the more you'll get done along the way.

67. Being your brother's keeper means a willingness to consider any sacrifice, if it will help someone else.

68. Being your brother's keeper means treating others the way you would want to be treated, and approaching their needs, problems, and also successes with the same courtesy, love, admiration, and sensitivity that you would want in those same situations.

69. Being your brother's keeper is not a work of the flesh. It is allowing yourself to be a physical extension of My Spirit, so that I can touch another through you.

70. Being your brother's keeper means not jumping to conclusions or making assumptions, but taking the time to understand one another and know each other on a deep level.

71. Being your brother's keeper is a two-way street--you give some, and you get some.

72. Being your brother's keeper means sticking up for one another in the face of negativity, unloving hurt, or attacks of the Enemy.

73. Being your brother's keeper requires an understanding that actions speak louder than words, and that a sample is greater than a sermon.

74. Being your brother's keeper is My will for all of you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Why Is It Taking Time for Joe to Regain His Sound Mind?

75. (Mama:) Someone wrote us several weeks after the first prayer request was posted for Joe, during the time that he was in the mental hospital, and asked a number of questions. Of course, Joe has now recovered so much, and his situation is different in many ways. But the Lord gives some interesting insight in His answer that I think you will all benefit from.

76. The person asked‚ "Those involved said that Joe 'drifts in and out of reality.' While in reality, has Joe cried out to the Lord and asked for His help? I'm just wondering, because it seems to me that if he did, the Lord would loose him from the Enemy's grasp and give him strong protection and deliverance the moment he asks for it. Of course, it would be up to Joe to not give the Enemy back his stronghold. But since the Lord is so much stronger than the Enemy‚ it seems that at Joe's faintest cry He would rush to his defense. So my question is, what is Joe not doing? Or what is he doing wrong that is holding him back from being delivered and restored? What is lacking in the situation in order to have victory? Or is it just a case of sometimes it takes time to get healed when you've really let the Enemy in? What are the spiritual principles at work here?" (End of questions)

77. Someone else wrote and asked us whether or not those involved in the situation had tried to have an exorcism over Joe; and if so, if they had prayed and claimed the keys, why the Lord hadn't given instant deliverance. Those involved did have an exorcism over Joe--actually they did twice–-and of course they prayed for him many, many times. Joe was not in his right mind enough to participate when they did the exorcisms, but they went ahead and prayed over him, strongly rebuked the Enemy, claimed the keys‚ and used the spiritual weapons we have at our disposal.

78. After the main exorcism prayer (which was actually the second one, the first one being rather impromptu), Joe immediately improved greatly. However, within the following days, Joe voluntarily let those spirits back in, even repeatedly saying things like, "I won't let go‚" talking about the evil spirits. It was at that point, about two or three days after the second exorcism, that Joe actually became violent, and they had to resort to keeping four or five men with him at all times, in order to restrain him when necessary.

79. The Lord gives some answers in the following message that help to explain that part of the victory was up to Joe and the decisions he made step by step. You must also remember that at that time Joe wasn't yet ready to completely surrender his pride and his own ways and the spirits that he had been listening to for so long. It's likely that at that point he wasn't ready for complete deliverance. Keep in mind that this message from the Lord, as well as the others in this GN, were given quite a few weeks ago, and describe the situation as it was then. Joe has since made tremendous progress, is now making the right decisions, and is being strengthened by the day. Praise the Lord!

80. (Jesus:) I am able to give instant deliverance. It is within My power when the conditions are right--when someone chooses to surrender their will to Me.

81. Joe has cried out to Me, but just as I explained about little decisions, he needs to keep making the right decisions if he wants to stay delivered. I will hear Joe's faintest cry and I will deliver. Satan's power is no match for Mine, but as long as Joe cries out to Me but then chooses to let the Enemy hold on to part of his mind, he will not gain full victory. He has free will, and his full victory hinges on his choices.

82. I am strong to protect and deliver. But if Joe turns right around and opens the back door of his mind and heart to the Devil, he'll continue to have problems. Joe has to not only call on Me for deliverance; he has to shut the door to the Devil.

83. Joe's "drifting in and out" is because in his decision-making, he's wavering back and forth. He is not choosing Me across the board; he's not letting go of the Enemy all the way. He cannot call on Me for help and then go right out to the same mud puddle and play in the Devil's dirt again and expect to not get dirty.

84. Because Joe has gone so far, it's much harder for him to make the right decisions, even though at times he really wants to. For one thing, he's not in the habit of making the right decisions--calling out to Me, resisting his pride, recognizing the Devil's voice, etc. But for another thing, the Enemy is trying very hard to hang on to the ground he's gained, and in Joe's weakened state, he's up against a formidable struggle. But that's where your prayers come in and can turn the tide.

85. Right now Joe is making some good choices, but he's also making wrong choices. As a result, he's caught in a back-and–forth motion.

86. Anyone can lose their mental prowess through making the choice to yield to evil, but you can have peace and a sound mind through making the right choice to yield to Me. In order to keep that soundness of mind‚ however, you must continue to yield to Me every time you are presented with a choice. Joe has not come to this point yet.

87. The key in this equation is to remember that you are always making choices. You are faced with many decisions throughout the day. Full deliverance is Joe's for the choosing, but at this stage he's not making all the right choices. This is why you sometimes see erratic behavior in Joe and others like him. One minute they may make the choice to yield more of their mind to Me, and the next minute they make a bad choice; they choose to listen to the voice that is telling them the wrong thing. This is how they can flip-flop back and forth between good and bad choices.

88. The spiritual principles at work here are that you not only have to be delivered, but you have to close the door completely on evil. You have to burn your bridges, and then you have to fill your mind and heart with My positive input. You have to fill your mind and heart with Me, and you do this by choosing what I tell you to do when you are faced with a choice. You just need to say "I will" to Me; then claim My grace, power, and strength to help you follow through with what I want you to do. You need to keep choosing Me in every decision you make.

89. Joe is not fully heeding Me when I tell him to give no place to the Devil, therefore at this point he cannot accept full deliverance. He must let go of all else and only hold on to Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

Text box:

90. (Dad:) Those who give to the Lord when He first asks--although it's a bit of a trial and a purge initially--He comes through with amazing grace to help you bear the trial and give you the solutions you need. Every need He will supply with joy at your choosing Him. But when you hem and haw and don't really put your all into obeying, He can't just keep heaping His blessings into a life that isn't yielded fully to Him. You start missing things, and then pretty soon you're having to learn the hard way because you didn't trust Him. If that doesn't wake you up, then that ol' sheepdog comes running at you, nipping at your heels and giving you a taste of what the wolves will do to you if you don't get back in line.

91. Please let these situations wake you up to what the Lord is requiring of His new Endtime army. These aren't just meaningless words with no follow-up. Please heed the first call. I know it may be difficult, and I ran away from the calling a few times in my earthly life. But if you yield, and accept--albeit blindly in some instances--you'll be all the happier for it, and the Lord will never fail to make a way. Study up on the Word and you'll come to see that yielding at the first call is easier, and the power that is willed to you is awesome. End of text box.

God's Timetable and Consequences--The Example of Nebuchadnezzar

92. (Mama:) Another spiritual principle to keep in mind is that sometimes after making the wrong decisions for a long time, you have to go back up the road you've traveled in order to get back to the place of full obedience where you were before. In other words, it's not like you make one right decision and you're suddenly fully restored in the spirit. Disobedience and wrong decisions take a toll on your life. Sometimes the consequences last a very long time. (It's a miracle that Joe has recovered to such an extent in just a few months. Please continue to pray for his full recovery and strengthening.)

93. I'm reminded of the story of Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible. Nebuchadnezzar received the Lord's prophet and respected him. But he got lifted up in pride, and so through a dream that Nebuchadnezzar himself received, and Daniel interpreted, the Lord warned Nebuchadnezzar that He was going to take the kingdom away from him, and that he would eat grass like an animal for seven years.

94. A year passed before the prophecy was fulfilled, but when Nebuchadnezzar was looking around at his kingdom and taking the credit for making it so prosperous and beautiful‚ the Lord fulfilled His Word and took the kingdom from him, and Nebuchadnezzar became like a beast and ate grass for seven years.

95. It's very likely that Nebuchadnezzar wanted that time to be shorter, but the Lord allowed it to continue as long as it did to fully humble him, drive the point home, and make him a new man. And then the Lord restored his sound mind.

96. I'm not saying the situation with Joe is exactly the same. Obviously the Lord allowed him to recover much more quickly. Our prayers definitely can change things and make a difference. But the Lord reminded me of that story because sometimes His timetable is different from ours. And when someone gets to the point that the Lord has to take such drastic measures or allow such an attack of the Enemy, sometimes it doesn't pass quickly. It often takes time for the person to get the point, and the Lord often allows the healing or victory to take time for our sakes as well, so that we will learn the lesson and take it seriously.

97. All that to say, there were many factors involved: Joe's choices, the ones he made consciously as well as when the Lord knew his spirit was ready to be restored to a sound mind; our prayers; the lessons we all needed to learn; and the Lord's timetable and the other good He wanted to bring out of the situation.

      98. So don't lose hope, and don't allow the Enemy to tell you that prayer doesn't work or calling on the keys doesn't work. It does. But some things--just like physical healings--take time. And in this case, a lot hinged on Joe and his decisions, how quickly he learned his lessons and was ready to start over.

Daniel 4:18-37

      This dream I king Nebuchadnezzar have seen. Now thou, O Belteshazzar, declare the interpretation thereof, forasmuch as all the wise men of my kingdom are not able to make known unto me the interpretation: but thou art able; for the spirit of the holy gods is in thee.
      Then Daniel, whose name was Belteshazzar, was astonied for one hour, and his thoughts troubled him. The king spake‚ and said, Belteshazzar, let not the dream‚ or the interpretation thereof, trouble thee. Belteshazzar answered and said, My lord, the dream be to them that hate thee‚ and the interpretation thereof to thine enemies.
      The tree that thou sawest, which grew, and was strong, whose height reached unto the heaven, and the sight thereof to all the earth; whose leaves were fair, and the fruit thereof much, and in it was meat for all; under which the beasts of the field dwelt‚ and upon whose branches the fowls of the heaven had their habitation:
      It is thou, O king, that art grown and become strong: for thy greatness is grown, and reacheth unto heaven, and thy dominion to the end of the earth.
      And whereas the king saw a watcher and an holy one coming down from heaven, and saying, Hew the tree down, and destroy it; yet leave the stump of the roots thereof in the earth, even with a band of iron and brass, in the tender grass of the field; and let it be wet with the dew of heaven, and let his portion be with the beasts of the field, till seven times pass over him;
      This is the interpretation, O king, and this is the decree of the Most High, which is come upon my lord the king:
      That they shall drive thee from men, and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field, and they shall make thee to eat grass as oxen, and they shall wet thee with the dew of heaven, and seven times shall pass over thee, till thou know that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever He will.
      And whereas they commanded to leave the stump of the tree roots; thy kingdom shall be sure unto thee, after that thou shalt have known that the heavens do rule.
      Wherefore, O king, let my counsel be acceptable unto thee, and break off thy sins by righteousness, and thine iniquities by showing mercy to the poor; if it may be a lengthening of thy tranquility.
      All this came upon the king Nebuchadnezzar.
      At the end of twelve months he walked in the palace of the kingdom of Babylon. The king spake‚ and said, Is not this great Babylon, that I have built for the house of the kingdom by the might of my power, and for the honor of my majesty?
      While the word was in the king's mouth, there fell a voice from heaven, saying, O king Nebuchadnezzar, to thee it is spoken; the kingdom is departed from thee. And they shall drive thee from men, and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field: they shall make thee to eat grass as oxen‚ and seven times shall pass over thee, until thou know that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men‚ and giveth it to whomsoever He will.
      The same hour was the thing fulfilled upon Nebuchadnezzar: and he was driven from men, and did eat grass as oxen, and his body was wet with the dew of heaven‚ till his hairs were grown like eagles' feathers, and his nails like birds' claws.
      And at the end of the days, I, Nebuchadnezzar, lifted up mine eyes unto heaven, and mine understanding returned unto me, and I blessed the Most High, and I praised and honored Him that liveth forever, Whose dominion is an everlasting dominion, and His Kingdom is from generation to generation:
      And all the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing: and He doeth according to His will in the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth: and none can stay His hand, or say unto Him, What doest Thou?
      At the same time my reason returned unto me; and for the glory of my kingdom, mine honor and brightness returned unto me; and my counselors and my lords sought unto me; and I was established in my kingdom, and excellent majesty was added unto me.
      Now I Nebuchadnezzar praise and extol and honor the King of Heaven, all Whose works are truth, and His ways judgment: and those that walk in pride He is able to abase.

No Matter How Far Gone, The Lord Can Deliver!

      99. (Mama:) Here is a little encouragement from our Husband about the victory He can and will give, as we persevere in prayer.
      100. (Jesus:) Although you allow the Enemy to attack you through sin and disobedience, and although he is allowed to harm you and cause you to pay to some degree for your sins, that does not mean that he can take his attacks through to the end; that once you are in his domain to some degree, you will always stay there and he will always have that hold on you. It is still within My power to turn the situation around, to heal and deliver. There comes an end to all chastisement, and a time when enough is enough, when the lesson is learned, and when change and victory is possible. It doesn't matter how extreme the situation might seem, it's never too late for a turnaround, for a miracle, for a release.
      101. So you should never cease to pray for your loved ones who are in the grip of the Enemy. Even if they have let him in through their own choices, there can still be victory and overcoming if they will learn‚ repent, turn to Me, and call out to Me for help. It's not something that you can do for them, and no matter how much you pray, you can't have full control over the outcome of the situation, because there are choices they have to make within their own hearts and spirits; but you can make the choices easier for them through your prayers. You can send extra angels and ministering spirits and positive spiritual forces their way through your prayers that will influence them to make the right decisions.
      102. You should never take it into your own hands or upon yourself to decide when someone or something is worth praying for or not. Nothing is impossible to Me, and I never lose faith or hope in anyone, and neither should you. Even if they are being judged or punished for their sins, there is still hope, there is still plenty of opportunity for change, and there is still room for miracles, victories, and deliverance. (End of message from Jesus.)

Text box:

      Let this be a lesson well learned rather than a sorrow too hard to bear. For the kind of sorrow that I seek to bring out in you is a godly one, which works in you to bring forth repentance.

End of text box.

Why Did the Mental Hospital Seem to Help Joe So Much?

      103. (Question:) One question I had was why did Joe's condition start improving the moment he moved into a hospital? Of course, that's when we started praying for him in earnest, and it might have been that he started getting woken up to the reality that he had a serious problem. But it could be interpreted by some that we're helpless in these types of situations, and that only the System can handle them.
      104. (Jesus:) A lot depends on the case and the circumstances involved. Because Joe's problems crossed the line from being mere spiritual weaknesses to more serious oppression of the Enemy and mental problems, and due to Joe's own level of yieldedness at that point, his condition was something that his Home and shepherds felt they needed help to handle. In this case, I led them to enlist the help of System professionals trained and experienced in dealing with such cases. While these professionals may not understand all the spiritual causes or influences, they can do what they know to treat the mental condition or control the symptoms, while you can concentrate on the part of the battle that you are professionals in: tackling the spiritual part of the battle by fighting in prayer in the power of the keys.
      105. In this case, the hospital professionals helped "roll away the stone" in subduing the symptoms of Joe's condition, so that you could do the part they couldn't do in praying for him and standing vigil in spirit for his spiritual condition.
      106. So the hospital staff and professionals did play a part in alleviating the situation, but you must be careful not to give them too much credit, which can happen if you're just looking at it from a carnal point of view. "He was doing bad until he could be treated in a hospital." That's part of the truth, but not the whole truth. There are many people with mental afflictions who never recover, whether in or out of a hospital, if they do not yield to Me and find deliverance in spirit.
      107. Mental hospitals don't always help. They can sometimes temporarily bring the situation under control through drugs, but when someone improves it's not automatically a result of the mental hospital, but rather a result of the choices they made, or My mercy in healing them, or the prayers of others, or some counseling that helped them to wake up to reality, to name just a few factors. There are many different avenues through which I send help to people and give them chances to improve and be healed. The drugs can subdue the symptoms, and in some cases that's enough to help the person to calm down or be able to make the right decisions more easily. In other cases, the spirits don't like the conditions of the hospital or the drugs and treatment, so they leave‚ and the person is restored to their right mind. (See Dad's Letter "Shock Treatment," ML #1008:6-13, Vol.9.)
      108. The fact that Joe showed signs of progress in the hospital is due to the prayer power that was generated on his behalf‚ which served to dilute the spiritual hold of the Enemy over his mind and soul, and the fact that he himself started to realize the seriousness of the situation when he was admitted to the mental institution. He began to realize the consequences of his decisions, and began to want to make the right decisions again.
      109. There may be times when you're facing a similar spiritual battle for one of your loved ones without the possibility of taking them to a hospital or mental professional. In some cases the conditions at the mental institution would be too horrible to place them in, or some other reason could make it out of the question. In such a situation, you'll have to seek Me as to how best to handle things, how to control the situation safely and give the person the care that they need, while fighting for their spirit and healing through prayer.
      110. It all comes back to asking Me everything, checking with Me about what would be best in that particular situation, as those involved did in this case. When you do that, there is no battle or challenge that cannot be won, or that will not work together for good to serve My purpose and accomplish My perfect will. (End of message from Jesus.)
      111. (Mama:) Following are a few more points from the Lord to keep in mind:
      112. * The Lord can deliver instantly when we call on Him. The Word, the keys, and His love are powerful, and through uniting in prayer and availing ourselves of our Husband's power‚ we are more than a match for the Enemy. However, when a situation has gotten so bad and a person has made so many wrong decisions that they're temporarily given over to the Enemy and his imps, it can sometimes take a while before they're ready to emerge from that state and be delivered. That's not to say that the Lord isn't capable, but as we know, much depends on us and our decisions. In this case, it took Joe some time before he was ready to let go of those spirits and really wanted to regain his sound mind. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do everything in your power to help them, claim the keys, and fulfill all the conditions you can. But it's not a negative reflection on the Lord that Joe wasn't instantly delivered. He simply wasn't ready, and thus it became necessary to seek the help of professionals during this period in order to protect the rest of the Home and give Joe a safe place where he couldn't harm others or himself.
      113. * The most important thing to do in a serious situation like the one Joe's Home faced is obviously to seek the Lord. In this case, the Lord led them to admit him to a mental institution, which helped alleviate the situation in several ways: It moved the dangerous and violent behavior out of the Home and away from the children and women, and into an environment that was prepared to deal with that sort of unpredictable and dangerous behavior; it helped wake Joe up to the seriousness of the situation and made him begin to be sorry, and desperate for deliverance--it was almost like a form of discipline that helped him realize the need to change; it gave those involved more time to pray and counsel and help Joe spiritually, rather than constantly struggling to keep up with the physical manifestations of the problem. So while in this case it was what the Lord showed them was the best thing to do, that won't always be the case. The most important thing is to seek the Lord and find His will, and then you can be assured of a happy ending.
      114. Dear Joe is now doing very well. He's fighting the good fight day by day, and the Lord is fulfilling His promises and restoring his clarity of mind and spirit. Praise our wonderful Husband!

Text box: Going the medical route?

      115. (Mama:) Someone who read an advance copy of this GN wondered if it came across too much like I was promoting going the medical route in these types of situations‚ or wondered whether we shouldn't have more faith to just pray and trust the Lord, especially now that we have the power of the keys.
      116. The reality is that I do endorse going the medical route when that's the way the Lord is leading. I most of all encourage you to go according to your faith in each situation. And in this situation it was important to seek medical help for Joe, because he was not yet ready to humble himself and do his part in order to be delivered, and it wasn't yet the Lord's time to deliver him.
      117. So in answer to that question, I highly encourage you to seek medical help and counsel and even medication when that's the way the Lord is leading. The important thing is to seek the Lord, not to take for granted that either you don't have to get medical attention or that the medical route is the way you must go; you need to be open to our Husband and the way He's leading.
      118. Dad at times made it clear that if the Lord wants to heal you‚ He doesn't need any help, and that if He doesn't want to heal you, the doctors won't help anyway. That's true. But there are times when the Lord Himself will lead to go to doctors. He explains some of the reasons why in the following short message.
      119. (Jesus:) Even with the era of the keys and greater miracles, I'm not in any way trying to make people feel condemned if I lead them to go to doctors, to seek medical attention.
      120. Each person's faith is different. And it's not even My will for everyone to have that kind of faith for a miracle. Sometimes the way I'm leading in their life is different. Maybe I have a better plan--more humbling, more purifying, more of a breaking and remaking process than if they demanded an out-and-out miracle and got it.
      121. Look at Joe's situation, for example. If he had been delivered the first time the brethren prayed for him and hadn't had to be admitted to a mental institution, do you think the experience would have been as sobering for him and for others? Do you think it would have humbled him in the way I knew was necessary? Do you think it would have been as much of a warning or a wake-up call?
      122. I have many different ways of working, and it's not My will to put faith and the keys on such a level that if someone feels led to seek medical attention, it is necessarily wrong. Many times My way, even into the Great Tribulation, will sometimes involve seeking professional help--whether in medical matters, business matters, or what have you.
      123. So be careful not to put down the medical route to such a degree that it seems you're pooh-poohing it or saying it's for those of little faith. Because in some cases, although not all, it is My highest will and the way that I'm leading. And in those cases I want My children involved to proceed with full faith, so that I can fulfill My perfect will in their situations. (End of message from Jesus.)

End of text box.

Hereditary Condition or Attack of the Enemy?

      124. (Mama:) The Lord gave a very interesting message about how Joe's physical condition of manic depression (which is considered a hereditary disease) was related to what happened in the spirit, and the consequences for Joe's disobedience and pride and stepping so far outside the circle of the Lord's protection.
      125. (Jesus:) It's just like any other natural weakness. Maybe you're naturally a perfectionist, but that doesn't mean you have to become so self-righteous that no one can stand to live with you. Maybe you naturally get colds easily, but that doesn't mean you have to be sick continually, if you take care of your body and know what to do to avoid them. Maybe you have a tendency toward laziness, but if you safeguard yourself, you can be very productive and fruitful. Maybe you get cold sores when you get run down or drink too much caffeine, and that's something you have to be constantly aware of. There are all kinds of natural weaknesses--physical, spiritual, emotional, mental. The way to avoid going downhill and suffering from those natural weaknesses is to keep a good balance in your life, stay close to Me, and remain within the circle of My protection.
      126. Because you are My children, because you are serving Me and are a great threat to the Enemy‚ you must realize that the Enemy looks for those weaknesses, and will try to play on them to accomplish his purpose as well. So it's also a case of the spiritual warfare, the Enemy looking for places where your defenses are low, and then striking there.
      127. Joe's pride and disobedience took him away from My protection. He was also trying to carry the pressures himself‚ and as the saying goes, "He was fighting God and the Devil too." That's what led him to the point where he was defenseless to such an extent that the Enemy was able to get in with something that was a natural hereditary weakness.
      128. It's not overspiritualizing it to say that it was the result of disobedience and an attack of the Enemy. If Joe had been obedient, he would have been under the shelter of My wings, and I would not have allowed the Enemy to enter in and cause such trouble in Joe's mind and heart. Joe set himself up for it through his decisions of pride, disobedience, lust of the flesh, and continuing in a situation that was not good for him. He gradually wore down his defenses until he was too weak to hold it together anymore. If he had been abiding in Me, he would have been spiritually strong enough that even if the Enemy decided to hit him there, it wouldn't have been so damaging.
      129. Can you understand? Something can be a natural weakness but not cause you any trouble if you don't expose it to the Enemy. Joe exposed that weakness through his disobedience and allowing himself to try too hard in his pride and his own strength. He was lacking in faith because he was disobedient. In his pride, he was trying to put on an appearance that wasn't natural nor part of My will for him, which caused him a lot of stress. He yielded to delusions of grandeur, which opened the door for even greater delusions to satisfy his pride. He was spiritually vulnerable through not making the right decisions. All of these things together opened the door for the Enemy to strike him such a serious blow.
      130. Joe is now recovering, and he can recover fully and be sound in mind and spirit if he stays close to Me. As I said earlier, he will always have to guard his mind and be vigilant against the Enemy's attacks. But that's not a bad thing. That's a good thing, because he will be mindful of staying close to Me. It will be a safeguard in the spirit for him, knowing what can happen if he drifts from the circle of My protection and allows his pride to get out of check.
      131. It's good to be aware of your natural and spiritual weaknesses and regularly evaluate whether you're keeping them in subjection to Me, or whether they're leading you down a path that is unsafe--either spiritually or physically. Then you can let your weaknesses be your safeguards rather than your downfall. (End of message from Jesus.)

Text box:

      (Dad:) You hear about these incidents and you feel afraid or worried, like, "Could that happen to me?" Well, could it? How much are you giving to the Lord to do with as He pleases? Are you holding anything back from the helping hands of the Lord or others? Are you on the attack in your personal life to "give no place to the Devil"? If not, then it should worry you, because anything you hold back from the Lord, you are giving over to the Enemy.

End of text box.

Spirits of Seduction

      132. (Mama:) The Lord has revealed to us another band of spirits that fight us. They're called the spirits of seduction. As you'll see from the Lord's counsel that follows‚ they use many different tactics and try to influence us in many different areas of desire, but their goal is the same: to draw us away from the Lord, to ensnare us in evil, to get us so distracted or focused on some physical or mental desire that we are open to being attacked by the Enemy. These spirits played a big role in the mistakes that both Joe and Megan made that opened them up to the Enemy's attacks.
      133. I know that some of you battle with wondering if all these demons and spirits that the Lord reveals to us are actually real. That's understandable, because of course the Enemy's going to fight our acceptance of these revelations that help us to be more effective in our fight against him, and less susceptible to his attacks. So I'm not surprised at all. But all I can do is give you the Words that the Lord has given us. It's up to you whether or not you choose to believe them.
      134. One of the shepherds in Joe's Home wrote the following, before Joe was admitted to the mental institution:
      135. We all realized that this battle could not be fought without using the keys, the Word, prayer, praise, and wholeheartedly focusing on Him, and unitedly, repeatedly, throughout the day, rebuking the Devil and praising the Lord. Our young people, who up until that time did not have too much faith in the keys and had not quite agreed with all this spiritual fighting, naming demons, and so on, were now fully on board, memorizing and claiming the keys. They were desperate to find out the names of all those demons that were oppressing and working through Joe, so we could rebuke them. They were literally laying down their very lives in love for Joe, weeping for him, praying for him, loving him, day and night, losing their sleep and giving it their all. It's the most beautiful sample I have ever seen of people laying down their lives for their brethren.
      136. (Mama:) The keys work, folks, and the spiritual warfare is real. Maybe you haven't had a personal taste of it that's so strong you can't deny it, but if you wait for a life-or-death emergency before you start believing it, by then it might be too late!
      137. Here is what the Lord had to say about the spirits of seduction.
      138. (Jesus:) The Tempter uses many approaches to lure My children away from My ways and away from My Spirit‚ so that they are led of their own spirits, or led of him and his underlings.
      139. In these, the Last Days, there are many seducing spirits that have gone out into the world‚ more than the sum total of all time. As with all of Satan's regime, these seducing spirits focus their energies and efforts on those with the greatest potential to do their dark kingdom harm. It's the live ones, the ones who are Mine, the ones who have great promise and potential to really go places for Me that the spirits of seduction target. Who else would they target rather than My Own? Those who are not dedicated to Me, or have the potential to be so, are already caught in Satan's trap. It is not the mindless zombies, those who sleep under a blanket of conformity to the world, that the spirits of seduction are after. It is My Own, the children of David, and other active Christians, who they are after.
      140. The spirits of seduction employ many tactics, varied strategies in their enticements. There is great variety in what they use as their allurements, yet at the base of them all is desire. They play on desire in many forms, such as desire for power‚ desire for money, desire for recognition, desire for love, desire for sex, desire for pleasure--especially forbidden pleasure. Everyone wants to be loved; it's part of human nature to want to be recognized. Not all desire is bad, and I have promised to give you the desires of your hearts.
      141. But these seducing spirits play on desire with the goal of blowing human desire way out of proportion. When desire becomes inordinate‚ when the desires of one's heart are not in line with My Spirit and My will, things can quickly get way out of balance, and this is where the danger lies. Anything in your lives that is not kept in check and balance by My Spirit has the potential to become dangerously deadly. When you want something so much that you're not cautious and prayerful, you're not willing to keep your actions within the boundaries that I've set for you, or even the common sense boundaries that you could know if you were thinking about them wisely, then you're on dangerous territory. This is the goal of the spirits of seduction--to lure you outside of the boundaries of My Spirit.
      142. I am the author of coordination, balance, harmony, and moderation. I detest a false balance; it is an abomination to Me. These are strong words, and it's imperative that My brides take heed to them, for once your equilibrium gets off balance through the guile of the spirits of seduction, the end result can be tragic.
      143. The spirits of seduction work through attractions. They seek to capture one's desire, causing it to grow out of proportion and out of the boundaries of My will, until they have a greater hold on their subject than is safe, both for your spiritual and physical health and well-being. Their goal is to get you to cross the line into disobedience, unwise behavior, thinking about nothing but satisfying your desire. For then you are open prey for the Enemy's attacks, and in that unaware or even blinded state, you make decisions that seriously endanger yourself and others.
      144. Among the prime areas in which the spirits of seduction work is that of sex, but that's not the only area by any means. Sexual desire and pleasure is one that Satan knows is easy to play on and blow out of proportion.
      145. As I have warned you many times, you cannot guard yourself from everything, but the key is to stay so close to Me that I am able to protect and guard you from the evil in the world. The key is to be so full of Me that the spirits of seduction can have no hold on you.

Vision of the Seducing Spirits

      146. (Vision:) I can see right into the core of the Earth--its blazing, raging, red-hot fire. Now I see thousands of figures rising up. They are coming up from the very core of the Earth, rising up through the strata and coming right up through the ground. When they're in the core of the Earth, they look like hazy figures of different shapes and sizes, but as they rise, some of them morph into human form. They're not human‚ they're many different kinds of spirits, but some morph into human form.
      147. They're coming right up through the ground. I can see them enter the world on every continent. When they punch through the surface of the earth, they blend right in, either with people or with objects. Those who come up through Japan, for example, blend right in with the Japanese people and things, and those who come up through Latin America blend in with the Latins‚ and those in Europe with the Europeans, and so on. Wherever they come up through the ground, some blend in with the people and others go into objects. For example, I see some go into a huge billboard, an advertisement of some sort. Others go into a TV set, and still others into a computer. It seems as if they just become part of society in different ways, morphing into human form or entering into objects.
      148. (Jesus:) I show you the seducing spirits that have gone out into the world. These spirits have been imprisoned in the heart of the Earth, but now are set free in the Last Days. Their mission is to try and to test the children of David and others who are close to Me. Free rein is given them to come and go as they please.
      149. (Question:) Haven't there always been seducing spirits in the world who tempt Your children? Is there something different now? Are there more now?
      150. (Jesus:) The number of seducing spirits in the world is now increased. The gates have been opened; tens of thousands new to the world have gone out. What you see are those who have been in specialized demonic training. They have entered the Earth's atmosphere. Their focus is to try and to test, and, if possible, to deceive the very elect.

The Tactics of the Seducing Spirits

      151. (Question:) How are they going to try and test? What are their tactics?
      152. (Jesus:) They use many appeals and many tactics. They target those who are led by the desires of the flesh and by carnal thinking, those who are ruled more by human feeling and emotion than by Me.
      153. These are special forces from the Enemy's realm. They have been trained especially to target My true disciples of the End. This is their mission. Their goal is to lead My children astray, to lead them away from My truth, away from their duty to Me, away from the calling I have given them.
      154. They hope to accomplish this every way and any way they can. They hype up fascination with things of the world. They try to get you addicted to a certain pleasure so that you're tempted to put it before your time with Me, or be distracted by it when you're supposed to be working or doing something more valuable.
      155. They try to enhance the pleasures of the flesh while playing down the pleasures of the spirit. They will try to get you to focus solely on physical pleasure, and make it seem that if you bring Me into your times of fun, they will be less exciting or fulfilling. They give many false promises. They promote selfishness. They try to steal time away from things that are important. They tempt you to cover up your desires, to keep them hidden and satisfy them in secret, because then they can pull you further over the line and know that you'll continue to be drawn away from My Spirit.
      156. They promote the artificial highs, and they bring low lows in the hope that it will make you reach out again for whatever they're tempting you with, promising that this time it will make you happy. They entice with worldly knowledge. They will use enchantments to try and pull you away from the work in My fields. They will arouse fascination for evil within those who leave themselves defenseless. They make the forbidden fruit almost unbearably appealing in an attempt to get you to disobey. These are but a few of the many tactics they employ.

Text box.

      You are faced with a continual flood of distorted perceptions regarding sex, love‚ pleasure and desire from the world on a daily basis. It therefore takes a continual flood of cleansing and consciously choosing My ways and the standard of the Word to remain dropped out of the poisons and warped mindsets that are always looking for a way to burrow into your mind.

End of text box.

Weigh Your Desires Against the Word

      157. (Question:) What else do You want to tell us about the spirits of seduction?
      158. (Jesus:) Unbelief in Me is the creed of these seducing spirits of the Latter Days; lies are upon their lips, hypocrisy pervades their spirits. I have warned you of their devices.
      159. These specially trained ones are on duty. They are released into the world and they go after the children of David; the hour is come.
      160. Try the spirits, My children. These spirits want to entice you, but I am greater than all their forces put together. Call on the keys of discipleship, commitment, and dedication. If you feel a strong urge to do something, weigh it against My Word and see if it's My will for you. If not‚ if it has potential to hurt or harm, or if your feelings of desire for this thing are surprisingly strong and tempting you to throw caution to the wind, to compromise the standard in any way or to go back on instruction I've given you personally, you can know that you're under attack by the spirits of seduction.
      161. Many false spirits have gone out into the world. Even now they show signs, they perform wonders. This will increase as the days go on, as they try to seduce My chosen, but what is this when compared to the power of the keys? I tell you these things, for to be forewarned is to be forearmed. I am your guard. I am your defense. Call on the keys and follow Me. (End of message from Jesus.)
      162. (Jesus:) Be warned‚ My loves. Because these spirits play on the emotions, enhancing the ones that will serve their purpose, it can be hard to detect their work. You don't need to be fearful, because the solution is really very simple. You know My Word, you know the standard, you know My Law of Love, and you have My personalized counsel through prophecy. If something tempts you to go past those guidelines and barriers that I have set up for your own good and safekeeping, if you're being drawn to something that I've warned you isn't good for you, then you can be sure that those emotions and those desires are not of Me.
      163. Pray and ask Me to help you desire the right things. For then I love to satisfy your desires, and you'll find that I am the genuine article. I give true and lasting satisfaction. My highs are not accompanied by low lows. So don't fall for the imitation. Don't let your emotions run away with you. Keep bringing them back in line with the Word. Discipline them, and you will be safe from the spirits of seduction. (End of message from Jesus.)
      164. (Jesus:) The seducing spirits have the power to do small "miracles," as it were, to engineer situations, to manipulate emotions in order to seduce their prey. You shouldn't be surprised at this, for the Enemy always tries to imitate My power and use it for his own evil purposes. That's why in these Last Days when so much evil has been released on the world, I have given My children the gift of hearing from Me directly, so that you don't have to be led by chance, by your emotions, or even by things which seem right or "too good to be true." You don't have to be deceived or led astray, no matter how convincing the Enemy's shows of power become. You can just ask Me and I'll faithfully tell you to walk where you will be safe and blessed by Me. (End of message from Jesus.)
      165. (Mama:) Someone who read an advance copy of this GN commented, "How can you tell when it's the Lord if something happens? It says we can ask Him, but if it is dealing with our emotions, sometimes we have a hard time putting aside our emotions and thoughts and really being open enough to get the right answer. We won't always have our shepherds to counsel with in such situations."
      166. (Jesus:) As I said in the preceding message, it's very important not to go by appearances, by emotions, by feelings, or even what you think might be "leadings," but rather to seek Me and ask Me. And as for situations where you feel you'll be led astray by your emotions if you don't have anyone to counsel with, know that I take that into account. If there is a situation where there's no one for you to counsel with and you have to get your instructions solely from Me, know that as you do your best to seek Me with an open heart, I will lead you clearly and precisely. However, when you can counsel with your shepherds and others, then I expect you to do so, and through these various avenues I complete My counsel. But you have no need to worry or fear.
      167. Knowing of the evil and deceiving spirits that are running rampant in these Last Days should cause you to feel sobered, but there's no need to fear, for I am a good Husband, a faithful Father, a knowing and discerning Shepherd, and I will not lead you astray if you come to Me with an open heart and humbly seek My will and My counsel through all the avenues I have made available to you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Text box.

      The Enemy gains major access when you yield to fear. Fear takes you out of My spiritual realm and into the Enemy's territory, where you come into contact with lies and very bad spirits.

End of text box.

Strengthen Your Spirit

      168. (Mama:) Besides what the Lord said earlier about measuring your desires against the Word, calling on the keys, and staying within the boundaries He's already laid down for us in the Word, we asked the Lord what is the nemesis of these spirits of seduction and how we can effectively fight them. Who do we call on? Who specializes in defeating them?
      169. (Jesus:) Always, My loves, the flesh strives against the spirit. Satan will use all the powers at his command to seduce and lure your flesh or mind into seeking after and satisfying earthly desires and appetites--all with the purpose of your flesh ruling over your spirit, putting the flesh before the spirit, thus minimizing the importance of your obedience, unselfishness‚ your sample, and your duty to be My love for others, etc.
      170. My desire is to help you draw closer to Me and to the world of the spirit in order to strengthen your spirit, but this comes only through learning how to keep your flesh subordinate to the spirit, remembering that that which is best for the spirit should always have priority over that which feels good to the flesh. Learning this is often a lifelong process. Through strengthening your spirits you'll grow and overcome the strongest and most difficult foe you'll ever have in this life: your flesh--which includes your mind--and its desires and appetites. (End of message from Jesus.)
      171. (Mama:) So besides using the standard of the Word to judge our desires, if we work on strengthening our spirits and try to always put the needs of the spirit before the needs of the flesh, we will be well on our way to having the spiritual protection we need. However, there's also someone we can call on for help. But first‚ here's another helpful and revealing insight.

Names of Spirit Helpers and the Language of Heaven

      172. I don't know if you've ever wondered how it is that many of the spirit helpers and demons the Lord has revealed to us have names that are so close to what they represent in the spirit-–especially because the names are often close to the English words, and the language of Heaven is likely not the same. I asked the Lord about this, and His answer is so interesting and yet so simple.
      173. (Jesus:) You're right that Heaven has a different language–-much richer and fuller and more beautiful than any you know on Earth. Much of the language of Heaven is communicated in feelings, thoughts, pictures, all of which you'll learn to use when you come here, along with, of course, expressions, body language, and words spoken aloud as you do on Earth.
      174. The reason the spirit helpers' and even demons' names so often coincide with words that you're familiar with is because I choose to do it that way to make it easy for you to remember them and associate them. It's not necessarily their name in Heaven or in the spirit world, but it's the handle I assign them for you on Earth to use.
      175. So don't wonder or let the Enemy tell you that it's just a figment of someone's imagination. Even if I sometimes reveal the same spirit to a couple of people and tell them different names, that shouldn't bother or stumble you. The spirit is the same, and as long as you're calling them by one of their names and they know you're talking about them, it's effective. Just as I am called many different names by My children in different languages and even different cultures, but all those who call out to Me‚ I hear and answer; it is the same with these spirits. They are real entities, either for good or evil. But because you cannot even begin to comprehend the language of Heaven, and it would be far too difficult for you to learn and remember their names in that language‚ I often choose names or portions of words from the English language to make the association easy for you. (End of message from Jesus.)

The SOS!

      176. (Mama:) Here's the message from the Lord about who we can call on for help in fighting the spirits of seduction.
      177. (Jesus:) There are several helpers you can call on. One is Yokum, who is specifically helpful in the realm of steadiness of emotions in regards to in-love feelings, sex, lust, etc. There is, however, another legion of angelic helpers that you can call on for your more general needs in fighting the spirits of seduction.
      178. They are the SOS, the heavenly counterpart of the spirits of seduction. In this case, their initials stand for Strength of Spirit. They love to come in when called upon and strengthen the spirits of My children. They can bring into focus the dangers that these spirits of seduction would lure you into. They can at times help you to see into the future and have a glimpse of what the end result could be if you followed the spirits of seduction.
      179. They will bring My Words to your mind to help you stand strong. They will bring comfort and encouragement and help you to turn to Me to fill the emptiness or desire that is driving you to something that could harm you. All these things will they do for you.
      180. They far outnumber the spirits of seduction, and when you call on them they will be at your side to help you in an instant. So take heart, and don't feel alone or surrounded by evil, but rather realize that you are surrounded by the forces of good‚ and all you have to do is use the power they bring. You are completely safe from the Enemy's attacks if you choose to be, and you have all that you need to fight him.
      181. Because I know that you, My children, will need them often, I have made their name itself a call for help--SOS. So the instant you say their name, they're already summoned. (End of message from Jesus.)

Overcoming Seduction and Obsession Through Real Love

      182. (Mama:) Thank the Lord! That's so encouraging! The Lord gave another message specifically regarding strong in-love feelings and sexual desire. We know love is from the Lord, but sometimes it's easy to confuse strong feelings of lust or desire for something that is not the Lord's will, with feelings of love. A few obvious examples of things that wouldn't be the Lord's will, but that you could have a strong emotional desire for, would be things like sex with an outsider‚ sex that is not within the boundaries of the Law of Love, or sex out of the appropriate age range--but there are other less obvious examples as well, such as turning down the Lord's highest will in order to pursue a love relationship.
      183. It's obvious that not all strong emotions of desire, even for love or sex, come from the Lord. Following is a message that I think will help clarify that a little bit, part of which we included in the "Deliverance" Letter (ML #3455:163-167, GN 1039).
      184. Seeing what happened to Joe is a really good lesson. The girl he was with was led by her emotions, her selfishness, her sexual desire, and she allowed that to dictate her emotions and it hurt Joe tremendously. This is a very clear and extreme example of the hurt that selfishness, pride‚ and lack of truly living the Law of Love can cause. As I said earlier, however, it wasn't innocent mistakes on this young woman's part that hurt Joe so much. She has since repented and is very sorry and is working on changing, but at the time she knew what she was doing, and willfully continued. It's very sad. After reading this message, I think you'll understand how she was seriously influenced by these spirits of seduction and obsession.
      185. The spirits of seduction also played a role in making Joe feel that he needed to keep being with her, even when the Lord clearly told him that it was bad for him. It's interesting to see how in this case, the spirits of seduction influenced both parties and played them against each other. It just shows how evil they are. They influenced Joe's girlfriend strongly to act in selfishness; to want the love and even jealousy and hurt of more than one man; to want to have people addicted to her. They influenced Joe to keep wanting this thing that was hurting him so much and weakening him spiritually.
      186. One of the shepherds involved with Joe during this time wrote, "Because of his indulgence with [his girlfriend], he allowed her to do hurtful things to him that obviously had an effect on his psyche. She played with his feelings, tempted him beyond his capability, and he permitted it due to his obsession with her and his spiritual pride, thinking that he could live above it. From talking with Joe, it seems they were both involved in perversions together. She had sort of a Jezebel type of hold on him that he not only permitted but welcomed." It's easy to see how the spirits of seduction played a role in "addicting" Joe to a situation that was very bad for him and weakening him spiritually. The following message was not received about the situation with Joe, but many of the lessons and principles can be easily applied.
      187. You'll also notice that the Lord mentions two spirits, Seduction and Obsession. I asked the Lord about this, as He had said there were many spirits of seduction. He explained that there are many different areas that these spirits of seduction try to influence us in and fight us in, and there are indeed many of them. He has put them all under the general handle of "spirits of seduction" to make it easy for us to recognize and rebuke them. Pan and Bacchus also try to influence us in this area, as well as Apotheon with the very low lows, feelings of depression, etc.
      188. (Jesus:) The subject of emotions is a tricky and involved one. Emotions are not bad in themselves--they're My gift to you, My children--part of your humanity, in order to help you love, feel, empathize, experience, and grow. But just like everything else, if they take too great a predominance in your life, if you allow your emotions to control and lead you‚ above My Word and My Spirit, then this opens the door for the Enemy to enter with his counterfeit, undetected.
      189. Human emotion is a very powerful force. The Enemy knows this, and he'll ride those emotions, encouraging you to follow your desires, follow your passions, follow your feelings, even into disobedience or situations that are selfish‚ hurtful, and unloving. He tries to hide under the guise of, "Well, God is love, and He gives us feelings of love and emotion. These feelings I'm having make me feel love, I feel desire, I feel passion. They help me feel good, so they must be good!" He'll encourage you that any form of emotion tied to wanting someone--be it a physical desire, or jealousy, or obsession, or even possessiveness--must be tied to love and therefore be from God, which is not true.
      190. Take a look at the Enemy's lines above again. Did you notice what other words are sprinkled in between the above words of "love," "desire" and "passion"? It's the words "me" and "I." That's where the Enemy has found his opening, the hole in the dike whereby he's been able to sadly and subtly mislead so many.
      191. The whole principle of real love--My love--is based on the desire to do good for others, regardless of what you get out of it. But feelings of love and emotion which are based on wanting someone for yourself and dwelling on them and how they can please you, often to the exclusion of others, is in truth a love for yourself. Simply put, it's nothing more than selfishness.
      192. Even I, your Husband--Whose love for you, as My bride, is from everlasting to everlasting--do not shut out the needs of others. I don't demand you love only Me and focus your full attention on Me at all times and no one else. The kind of preoccupation with another to the exclusion of everything and everyone else is not My real love, but mere selfishness.
      193. But of course the Enemy isn't going to display this counterfeit for My love under the ugly label of selfishness. He wants his counterfeit to be easy to want, to appeal to the sensual and emotional side of human nature, so he'll use your human emotions and make you think it's real love-–My love. He wants your emotions and feelings to control your heart, mind, and spirit, so that you don't allow anything else entrance, especially not Me!
      194. I know the whole area of emotions has become somewhat of a sensitive and "no touch" zone for many. But it's for this reason, out of My great love and concern for you, that I encourage you to bring even your emotions before Me, so that the Enemy can't use this otherwise wonderful gift against you. Even this so-called "private" area of emotions--just like everything else–-must be brought before Me and filtered, weighed and balanced through prayer, My Word, their fruit, and hearing from Me, finding out what I want you to do in situations, how you can best be wise, loving, giving, unselfish, and a vessel of My love.
      195. To youth belongs strength and intensity‚ and strength and intensity of emotions as well. Sometimes it's a veritable roller-coaster ride of ups and downs and emotional highs and lows--especially when it comes to intense emotions related to sex and relationships. These emotions are generally seen as acceptable attitudes in the world when it comes to relationships and sex, so because of this prevailing attitude, it's become even harder for My children to discern which emotions are good and from Me, and which are the result of selfishness and personal lust.
      196. Lust is one of those "uncomfortable" words. No one wants to talk about it, almost as if not addressing it or talking about it somehow makes it nonexistent. The truth is that lust is very alive in the world today. Lust is a spirit in itself, which is fueled by the rampant selfishness in the world and in men's hearts. Lust's motto is, "I love me, and I want you!" My motto is, "I love you; how can I give to you?" There's a big difference.
      197. Many equate lust solely with strong sexual desires or feelings, but lust has more to do with the mind and falls squarely under Pan and Apotheon's dominions, and brings forth the ugly offshoots of extreme jealousy, depression, and insanity. That's where the twin sisters and sirens, Seduction and Obsession, dwell.
      198. Seduction is a spirit of deception. It has to do with the mind and seducing the mind into obsession, submission, and a type of addiction. Many caught within the deceitful lures of these sirens do not perceive what has taken them over, but only sense the feelings and yield to them without question. Emotions that are beyond reason, beyond regard for others, and which are obsessive are the doing of Seduction and Obsession.
      199. When anyone is primarily focused on themselves, then unfortunately it's easy to be open game for these spirits of Seduction and Obsession. Their power and domain lie in self-satisfaction. They have many names and strongholds the world over--especially in Latin America and Africa--where to obsessively love someone to the point of insane jealousy and violence is often looked upon as loyalty and a sign of true love. Yet it's the same spirit as the selfishness of many Western cultures where the "take care of number one" attitude and mentality is promoted as an honorable quality.
      200. The nemesis of these spirits and sirens gaining entrance into your mind and emotions is unselfishness and sacrificial giving--turning your thoughts toward others and toward Me and My love. Real love begins with an effort, because the mind must choose to turn from selfishness. Now I know that's the ideal, because of course you're still human and subject to human emotions, and there's always some thought of self there. But the point is to try to live My Law of Love, which is not focusing on yourself and what you want. It's taking others into consideration, and looking to Me and what I would have you do.
      201. With such things as emotions, I have a great deal of compassion and patience for those who in their innocent or immature blunderings have hurt others. My children of both generations have learned many lessons along this line‚ and continue to do so. Still, the truth remains that My Word is the touchstone and the Law of Love is the antidote to selfishness and sin.
      202. If some emotion is obviously disrupting your life and your work for Me, take the time to sit down and sort it out with Me. Such things must be prayed over‚ for I alone can see into the heart and see if things have happened due to simple immaturity or lack of understanding in spite of your desire to do the right thing; or if through pride and selfishness there has been an opening for the Enemy's sirens of Obsession and Seduction. (End of message from Jesus.)

Text box.

      203. (Jesus:) You must realize that each day could be your last. No matter how young you are, how accountable you are compared to someone else, or what choices you've made to date--today could be your last day. It could be the day I call you Home.
      204. If each of you woke up tomorrow and lived the day as if you knew you would be in My arms by the time you went to sleep that night, there would be a revolution of a scale not yet seen in the Family. Some people live as if that day isn't coming. Some people live as if that day is way off in the future. What you must realize is summed up in a quote most of you have heard over the years: "Only one life, 'twill soon be past. Only what's done for Christ will last."
      205. Many of you suffer from fear. You fear the opinions of man, you fear failure, you fear this and you fear that. But the one fear that defeats all other fears and overcomes them, you are sorely lacking: fear of the Lord. You live as if you won't have to answer for your decisions. You live as if I am blind and don't see what you do. You live as if there is no judgment for sins.
      206. "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap" (Gal.6:7). These are My Words. They stand forever. They are not moot because of the time you live in. They will not pass away. If you want to know Me and My mind, then get to know My Words, for in them you will find out about Me. In them you will come to fear Me, and in the fear of the Lord is strong confidence. In the fear of the Lord you will find the beginning of wisdom. In the fear of the Lord you'll find the fountain of life. In the fear of the Lord your iniquity will be purged. In the fear of the Lord you'll find the knowledge of God. In the fear of the Lord you will depart from evil. In the fear of the Lord you will find life.

End of text box.

Lazers, Demon of Lust

      207. (Question:) John Todd talked about a demon named Lazers, one of the seven principal demons, along with Pan, Bacchus and Set. John Todd named him as the demon of Lust. Is this demon Lazers one we should also be praying against?
      208. (Jesus:) Yes, he is a demon who specifically tries to influence through lust. Lazers is an important one to rebuke by name. Rebuking him will bring greater clarity to your perspective when you have a strong desire for something and seek to make a wise decision, for Lazers seeks to cloud your priorities in order to lure you away from My highest will. (End of message from Jesus.)
      209. (Mama:) We want to ask the Lord more about this demon, and will hopefully be able to share our Husband's counsel and insight with you sometime in the future.

Call on Yokum to Bind the Spirits of Seduction

      210. Following is a message about Yokum, the spirit helper that the Lord mentioned in a message earlier in this GN. He specializes in helping us in these types of situations where there are strong emotions involved.
      211. (Jesus:) Yokum is My warrior, sent to help you overcome these sirens of Seduction and Obsession. As you call on him, he is literally able to bind their power.
      212. I give you a picture to reinforce Yokum's strength and the significance of his name: He is strong, a spiritual embodiment and parallel to the yoke and all it represents: a choice to take on My yoke of commitment‚ dedication, and humble service; a desire to leave behind self and the lust of the eyes, mind and flesh, and choosing rather to follow Me as one of My disciples. The yoke of total dedication to Me literally binds the power of the demonic spirits of Seduction and Obsession. You can call on Yokum to help you take on this yoke.
      213. However‚ only in seeking after what is best for your spirit over your fleshly wants and desires will you be able to effectively overcome and keep at bay lust in all forms. Yokum works in partnership with your desire for the spirit over the flesh. So neither I nor Yokum can help you if there is not first a willingness on your part to shun the desires and lures of the world and the temptations of the flesh when they have the potential to harm your spirit. That's what discipleship is really all about. And that's what the yoke stands for: putting on My yoke--the yoke of discipleship, the yoke of following Me over yourself.
      214. So first must come the godly desire to choose what your spirit needs above what your flesh desires. This is the right desire, which I have implanted within your spirit before the foundation of the world--that need for Me above all else. But you must continue to desire that yoke of discipleship, otherwise the flesh will eventually predominate. You must desire that bonding with Me and the spiritual realm over the bonding to the world and all of its lures and promises of satisfaction and thrills.
      215. In My great love for you, and in My compassion for your earthly frames, which I created weak in order to strengthen your spirits, I count even a willingness and desire to be bound and yoked to Me toward righteousness. You need not be perfect, you don't have to have attained or conquered the flesh, but you must have that desire toward Me and following My ways and counsel over yourself and your own desires. You must have a trust in Me that I know what is best for your spirit, even if at times it means sacrifice and denial to your flesh and its desires.
      216. Then, in acknowledging your need for Me and your desire for the spirit over the flesh, I and My helpers are able to help you overcome. Through the unconquerable power of the keys, Yokum will help you break the arms and bands of the spirits of seduction and obsession, binding their power in your life. (End of message from Jesus.)
      217. (Mama:) The Lord has given us a lot of new information to digest and take in. There are some very deep lessons in these GNs, which have cost a couple of our dear loved ones an awful lot. Please meditate on these things. Please ask the Lord to speak to you personally. Reread this series as many times as you need to, to absorb and "get it."
      218. Here's a beautiful message and promise from the Lord, which gives great hope and encouragement for the future. He's our wonderful Husband, and He is bringing good out of even this.

Passing Through the Fires and Coming Out as Gold

      219. (Jesus:) I have allowed the Enemy to step in and cause some serious problems and consequences in the lives of My young people, that all may see and all may smell the change in the air. The stench of the Evil One is wafting about you as he draws closer than before. The risk of fraternizing with his imps grows more dangerous by the day. But the power and protection that comes by uniting with those whom I send to your aid, and the faith that grows from feeding diligently from My hand, also grows faster and more powerfully than ever before.
      220. I told you once that in many ways you would face your tribulation before the rest of the world. These days of refining the Family, of trying you and making you white are a part of your Great Tribulation. You, young and old, will come out of this time united as one, bonded together by the knowledge that you have passed through the fires and come out as gold. You will face the world's tribulation with boldness, faith, peace and fearless joy, knowing to the depth of your being that nothing can stop Me in you.
      221. In the meantime, though, there are many battles to fight, many victories to be won, many attitudes to refine, and many steps to take in growing closer to Me and each other. It is through these battles and victories that you are becoming strong. (End of message from Jesus.)
      222. Peter and I love you dearly and are praying for you. Please let us know if there's anything specific you need prayer for, and we'll put it on our prayer list. We want you to make it. The Lord has given you an abundance of instruction, He's blessed us with a Family of love and the support that people in the world can only dream of. Take advantage of it, in a good way, and really go far for the Lord! Make history! We're counting on you!

Love always,


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