Choices and Consequences, Part 3

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Choices and Consequences, Part 3

--By Mama, Maria #674 FD/MM/FM #3486 January 2004

Dear Family,

1. Following is some additional reading, taken from messages the Lord gave during the time when we were praying and seeking Him about the situations with Megan and Joe. I pray they are a blessing to you.

Much love in our wonderful Shepherd and Counselor, Mama

Living a Soldier's Life

2. (Jesus:) My loves, I have told you that this is the day of accountability; the stakes are higher and I'm requiring more. You each know what it means to be a disciple. And if you don't know, it's not because of a lack of Word, but rather because you weren't reading and absorbing it in the way you should have.

3. Accountability means that you know what is required of you and you are expected to live up to it. I'm not forcing anyone to be a disciple, but I'm saying to you, "So you want to be a disciple? This is where you want to be? You're sure about that? Okay, then I'm going to expect that you live up to being a disciple and I'm going to hold you to your word."

4. It's like when someone joins the special forces. When you sign up, you are the one deciding to join, you're the one deciding that you want to go through whatever it takes, because you want the honor of serving in the special forces. So they expect you to live up to the rules that you agreed to--or they expect you to resign if you go through their specialized training and then decide that you don't have what it takes. But if you stick it out, they expect you to live the life you signed up for, and it's a disciplined life!

5. I am not asking anyone to resign from serving Me and living for Me, but I do want everyone to be sure of their calling and election and choose their place in the Family wisely. I don't want half-hearts or people at any level of the Family for the wrong reasons. I need professionals, and as the fight gets closer and closer, I'm drilling My troops more to make sure all are ready for the coming days of war.

6. It's the day of accountability, and I can't protect you from disobedience, unyieldedness, and disregard of the standard of discipleship that you've chosen. The Devil is trying to "bag the live ones," and if you start wandering off, even if you think it's a harmless little "excursion" which you've gone on before without consequences, the end result may be much different than in the past, because today you are much more accountable for your actions.

7. You are accountable more than ever to choose this day whom and how you will serve, and not to halt between full discipleship and other places of service. Choose and be counted either as a member of the special forces, a member of the regular army, or a member of the reserves. But whichever division of My army you are in, give it your all! Let Me have full sway and don't for a minute think that you can step outside of My will, because you may be setting yourself up to be the Devil's next meal! Be sober, be vigilant, use the keys, and you will defeat and overcome any attacks of the Wicked One, and you will be safe under My protection. (End of message from Jesus.)

Text box.

(Dad:) The bottom line is that you can't expect others to take the initiative for your own spiritual life. You--every single one of you who can read this--are accountable before God alone. You won't be standing before Him with any of your teachers, parents, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, friends‚ or whoever, and be able to explain, "Well, I didn't make it; I didn't wake up to the fight in the spirit because no one was there to point it out to me!" That won't hold water. End of text box.

The Enemy Is Freaking Out!

8. (Jesus:) The Enemy is scared! He's freaking out! He knows that the Family is going to become an even stronger force to be reckoned with, so he is pulling out every dirty, nasty trick he's got. He's on an all–out attack to snuff out the lives of every young person in the Family. He knows how vulnerable and impressionable most young people are. They are fascinated with things that are different, or even sometimes with what is forbidden. Therefore one of the Enemy's most common attacks is through the mind, and through temptations which can start off small but end up completely disabling you and making you of no use in your service for Me.

9. These dear ones, Joe and Megan, are a clear example of how desperate the Enemy is. It shows that he's on a rampage to destroy and hinder your usefulness for Me--and not just by small attacks that weaken you, but attacks that fully disable you to the point that you can no longer fight for yourself. This is the point he wants each of you to be at, and he will stop at nothing to fulfill his plan.

10. My loves, I know I've said this to you before, but I must remind you that the spiritual warfare is real and is becoming more and more intense by the day. You can't afford to let your guard down for one second. You can't afford to have any little disobedience in your life. Because the Enemy is just waiting for that unguarded moment to strike, and he's pulled out his big guns.

11. Don't give the Enemy any place! Don't give in to his temptations. Although they may seem nice and sound pleasant at the time, I'll tell you, it's not worth it. What is worth it is forsaking your own way and resisting temptations to follow Me 100%. The choice is ultimately up to you. (End of message from Jesus.)

More on Our Accountability

12. (Jesus:) Let Me liken it to a child reaching adulthood and going out into the cruel, cold world. There are certain consequences if the rules or laws of the world are broken. No matter how much a parent or older loved one loves that child, if the child breaks the laws of the land, there is nothing they can do but stand by and watch that child be punished for their wrongdoing‚ no matter how strict or severe that punishment is. They were accountable for their actions‚ they knew the rules, and they chose to take their chances knowing the possible outcome.

13. Well, in some ways that is what's happening in spirit. All My children are accountable for what I have been telling them. As I said in "What Is Jesus Worth to You?": "Those who don't live in the Word will suffer more outstanding consequences, and the results of their disobedience will be more shocking. And those who appear to want the Word, yet carelessly allow it to be crowded out of their daily lives, will also suffer greater consequences than in the past. The effect of their neglect will be seen; it will be more obvious" (ML #3433:60, GN 1016).

14. This was not an idle threat; in fact, it was no threat, but a serious and sober warning. In My great love and mercy I have been repeatedly warning all My brides, including My younger brides, of what was coming--that the spiritual warfare would become more evident. I know these situations have been shocking and the consequences have been more outstanding, but it should not have come as such a surprise, because I have forewarned you.

15. I love you, My dear children, and I don't wish that anything should harm you, but I am bound by the laws of the spirit. You have entered the days of accountability that I warned you of. You have grown and matured and you are no longer children, so I can no longer shield you as I once did when you stray outside the circle of My blessing through disobedience.

16. All My blessings and power are available and are in reach through the power of the keys. With the power of the keys and the help of your spirit helpers, I can empower, strengthen, embolden, and bring victory. You can be untouchable, unbeatable, and a power to be reckoned with if you obey.

17. All that I've asked of you is doable: Read the Word and apply it and obey it; memorize and use the keys; praise and pray; ask Me everything; do the humble thing by confessing your faults and asking for united prayer; get to know and avail yourself of the help of your spirit helpers. All of that is doable. Not one thing is beyond the reach of any one of you. If you are doing these things, then you will remain securely under the shadow of My wings and protection, safe from all harm. Even if you come face to face with the Devil, you have the wherewithal to defeat him. He is only allowed to do serious damage when you stray outside of My protection by disobeying--not just by a blunder of the mind, but knowingly disobeying. (End of message from Jesus.)

Text box.

It's come down to the fact that it's time for Me to see where you're each at as a disciple and give account to Me for how you are obeying My Word and living the discipleship life. End of text box.

Greater Am I in You!

18. (Jesus:) As a Family you have gone through the days of preparation and the days of strengthening. I've given you new weapons to use to fight the attacks and onslaughts of the Enemy. I've given you insight into the spiritual warfare, both into those helping you and those fighting you. You've been given Letter after Letter and prophecy after prophecy on the new weapons, on the importance of the Word, and on the need and the means to strengthen yourselves spiritually in an effort to prepare you for battle so that you won't be caught unawares. You've got the weaponry and the protection. You've also been given many challenges to find your place of service for Me. You know that I love you no matter where you are and that I have a place of service for you even if you can't give 100%.

19. Why have I been doing all this?--Because I knew that things would get intense, and that as the days grew darker the Enemy would unleash his power against you with more ferocity. It's all in My Word. This is the Endtime, and the Enemy's forces have been unleashed on the Earth in greater ways, and of course he's going to be fighting you, My brides, more than ever before. I've held back many of the attacks in the past, but it's prophesied in My Word that in the Last Days even some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge them, and to make them white. And it's not only to purge those who go through these things, but so that all My elite forces might learn and make their calling and election sure.

20. It shouldn't surprise you that the Enemy is fighting and that he's hit some of you young people pretty hard. No matter how much you might not want to hear it, you are the hope of the future and the Devil knows it. He's out there like a roaring lion, waiting to devour those that step out of the protective circle of My will. He's not a little pussycat; he's a crazed and ferocious beast that's out to kill! So you'd better watch out if you step out of My protection through disobedience to the Word as well as My personal Word of prophecy to you.

21. The Enemy knows what a powerful force for good you young people will be, and that's why he's focusing on you in particular. He's really afraid of you, and that's why he's fighting you so much. As he prepares to take over the world completely through the Antichrist, he's trying to neutralize his greatest threat. He's playing for keeps and he's using every dirty trick he's got up his sleeve to get results. He sees the Family restructuring and your forces uniting and getting stronger. He sees many of you young people putting away childish things and dedicating your all for this final assault on his kingdom, so of course he's mad and he'll fight hard.

22. But remember, greater am I in you than anything the Devil can throw at you. You are victors and mighty women and men for Me. Will you give your all? Will you stay in the constant protective circle of obedience to Me? Will you make your calling and election sure? Will you put away the things that hold you back and jump in fully for Me? (End of message from Jesus.)

Text box.

You don't have to be a disciple. You have free choice. You can choose a lesser place of service, someplace where extreme loyalty is not a prerequisite. But if you are going to be in the elite, in the inner core, then loyalty to Me and My Word must be paramount. It has to be unswerving. You must be willing to follow and obey Me in each point and help others to do the same.

End of text box.

The Example of Approaching the Firing Line

23. (Jesus:) If you continue down the road of resistance to My voice and rebellion against My way, I cannot save you--you will be a casualty of war. You will cause yourself to be a casualty. The Enemy has been firing, and so far you've mostly been out of his range, so it might not have been so bad if you didn't listen right away when I told you to get down. But now you're walking right into his fire and you're so close that he can mortally wound you if you don't listen.

24. Are you listening? Or have you gotten so used to ignoring My voice that you will ignore Me again when I say, "Hit the deck or be shot by the Enemy!" Will you continue to ignore My voice when I shout to you of the imminent danger? Will you let this message fall on deaf ears? The choice is yours. I can't make you listen; all I can do is try to help you to listen.

25. You're heading straight for the firing squad. You're walking right into the Enemy's fire, blind and deaf to My voice, and now he can hit you. You're close enough to his forces that he can wound and kill you if you aren't listening to My directions. You're no longer out of range; you're heading right into his fire and you will be hit, I guarantee you, if you don't listen.

26. I'm no longer going to sit here and call you back over and over again. I'm still calling, I'm still giving orders‚ but those of you who have gotten so dull to My voice won't hear My orders and you'll be shot, unless you wise up and tune in to what I'm saying. It's not as if you're unique and can somehow, by pure lucky instinct, dodge the Enemy's fire. It's a sure thing that if you keep going in the direction of disobedience and compromise, you will be hit. I don't think I can make it any clearer than that--it's a sure thing.

27. But, My children, it's not too late. Look ahead and see how this poor child of Mine wandered into danger through disobedience and compromise. Please stop this testing of the boundaries and pushing the envelope as far as you can to see what you can and can't do. Please stop tempting the Enemy to attack you. Stop it, just stop it‚ and turn around and come back to where I can protect you.

28. I can't force you, but I can tell you of the consequences and show them to you. And believe Me‚ please, when I say this: It will happen. This is the truth and I can't spell it out clearly enough--if you continue tempting My hand, testing Me to see if I really mean what I say, you will reap the consequences.

29. Please don't make Me grieve for you. Please don't be one of those who will die in My arms with remorse on their lips. Don't let your final words be those of despair and remorse at not heeding My voice. Don't let the last thing you see on Earth be My tear-stained face, weeping over you for your disobedience and deafness to My calls. (End of message from Jesus.)

I Must Forewarn You

30. (Jesus:) Throughout the past several years I have faithfully armed My children with the abundant new spiritual weapons they need to fight the Enemy. Those who have neglected these new weapons and My Words have but to search their hearts and grow in their desperation to be ever so close to Me, becoming listening and obedient children, doers of My Word.

31. These things (like the situation with Megan) are fulfillments of My warnings. They are not My doing, but rather a fulfillment of My warnings, as a faithful Husband to My Bride, to be aware and on guard regarding the Enemy's increasingly stronger tactics. I see him massing his forces in the spiritual realm‚ and I am faithful to inform My children of his movements and his intentions.

32. Discipleship is largely a walk of faith and trust in Me, and some of My children have not carefully nurtured that faith through faithful and diligent study of the Word, and so they have grown lax and unbelieving. Maybe they haven't been outright declaring that they don't believe the Word, but through their lack of preparation, desperation and obedience, their actions speak louder than their words.

33. It's so hard, I know. You wish you could live in peace and joy, love and laughter, with warm sunny days. But as a faithful and wise Husband, I must forewarn you of the warfare and great storms that are coming, so that you will be able to rise above victorious. It is not My way to cause unnecessary hardship or put you through more boot camp tests than are necessary. But war is coming and we must fight together, and I have taught you how to prepare for the fight.

34. Those who wish to "remove" themselves from the threat of war by leaving full-time service for Me will still be caught up in the war, for this war will engulf the entire world. But this too is their choice, for if they choose to remove themselves from front-line service, they may be safe in a manner of speaking for a little while longer. But they won't really be a help to Me in My mission of saving souls from the Enemy's clutches during this time of relative peace. Nor will they be greatly used of Me in the Endtime, because they will have quit their wartime training. That's one of the main reasons you're in training to fight the Enemy today, so that you can reclaim lost souls from the Enemy's grasp not just today, but also when the final darkness sweeps the Earth.

35. So there are reasons for it all, and I will continue to call My children to be strengthened, to draw closer to Me, to depend upon Me even more, and to embrace the concepts of full possession, heavenly thought power, fighting in the power of the keys, the Word, and My love, and wielding the new spiritual weapons deftly and faithfully. (End of message from Jesus.)

Why the Enemy Is Targeting You Young People

36. (Jesus:) Truly the spiritual warfare has intensified and will continue to intensify. Have I not said that in the Last Days the spiritual and the physical worlds will merge more and more, and the manifestations will become more and more obvious? (ML #3447:199-201, GN 1031).

37. I do not say this to scare you into submission or obedience, but to spell out very clearly just where we are heading and what the days to come will be like. Those who know the truth, who know the Word, who know My Spirit, will be held accountable, just as everyone in the Family is being held accountable at this time for their knowledge of the Word and their obedience to it.

38. Have I not said that the days of preparation are over and that now begin the years of war? Will you use the new weapons I have given you? Will you make your stand? Will you make the decisions that will push you on to greater dedication, or those that will leave you to find a lower level of faith?

39. Can't you see how the Enemy is targeting you young people? Can't you see that he has it in for you and will stop at nothing to wipe you out, whether spiritually or physically? Why does he attack you?--Because he knows that it is up to you to carry on the Revolution. Because he knows that if he can destroy the second generation, the effect the Family will have in the long term will be reduced greatly. He knows that many of your parents are dedicated and will live and die for the cause. He knows this because each one has had to make that decision, even if it means being a martyr, or dying of old age, or passing away because of sickness and disease. He knows that, for the most part, those of the first generation who have stuck thus far are not quitters.

40. But many of you of the second generation have yet to make that call, to make that break with the temptations and lusts of the flesh and the call of the sirens of the world. He knows that once you have rallied and held high the banner that has been laid at your feet, it will spell the beginning of his end. For you, the youth of the children of David, are destined to play a major role in exposing his kingdom on Earth‚ and then riding with Me as conquerors in the Battle of Armageddon that will wipe out him and his forces for 1,000 years! You are conquerors in training, and all you have to do is realize your calling and be willing to fight! He knows that once the children of the children of David gather and commit to this war, there will be no stopping you; thus he tries to pick you off one by one, and discourage you one by one, and attack you spiritually and mentally with everything in his power, so that he might check My moves of the spirit.

41. It's fighting time! It's time to pull out the weapons and attack! It's time to either get on board or get off, because the stakes will be higher. And the rewards will be higher. You don't win the gold by being second best. You don't reach the prize by relying on others. You must strive with all that is within you and with the power of My Spirit to be the best for Me--for My Kingdom, for My work's sake, for the sake of the lost.

42. Fight, youth, fight! You will be the ones who will lead the Family into the future. You will be the ones who must make that break with the world and its ways like your parents did and become the do–or-die martyrs of the Endtime that I need you to be.

43. We're all waiting on you. The next year will determine what the future will hold for you. Get on board. Let those out in life rafts who would rather not face the coming storm wait and watch while you, the brave pioneers, loose the sails and lift the anchor and put out to sea.

44. Who wants to give it a try? Who wants to face danger? Who wants to be a part of the greatest finale of any story, movie, or war that has ever been written, played, or watched? Will you rally around each other and attack? Will you, like John Paul Jones, say you haven't even begun to fight yet? Are you willing to leave behind your peers who are less than willing and obedient to follow you into the fray? Will you be willing to fight for the lives and souls of your brethren? The choice is yours. The decision is yours. Start today. Obey. Study My Word and live it! (End of message from Jesus.)

quote box: "The Lord God will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded. Therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed" (Isa.50:7). end of quote box.

From Mama to Joe

45. (Mama:) I want to share with you the personal letter I wrote Joe after receiving his reaction to reading these GNs, because it shows how the Lord and we see his situation now. The battles and sins are in the past and will make him stronger than ever if he will remain humble and desperate before the Lord. All that matters is that he has humbled himself, fought very bravely, and is continuing to let the Lord heal and remake him. I pray that all of you will benefit and learn from his lessons that he has shared with all of us. God bless him!

Dear Joe,

46. God bless you! I just read your reaction to the "Choices and Consequences" GNs‚ and I wanted to write you a little note to commend you for your good reaction.

47. Thank you for being willing to share your lessons with the world. I know it's not easy. It's very humbling, and has really cost you something. That makes it all the more admirable that you're willing to do it. I know the Lord will bless you for it, and it will be a step forward in your progress. You're recovering from a serious battle, and now that you realize how dangerous pride is, I'm sure you feel very motivated to fight it. Any opportunity in which you can do the humble thing, grab it! In that sense, this is a real opportunity to do the humble thing, and you took it! I'm proud of you!

48. We all have to fight pride. I do, Peter does, we all do. No one is above it. That's nothing to be ashamed of. And the more you can recognize and accept that, and determine to wage all–out war against your pride, the better off you'll be! Just be open about it, ask for prayer whenever you need it, and welcome help and counsel and correction. Those are active steps you can take to fight your pride and do the humble thing. Claim the key promises, "The keys wage war against the carnal mind of man‚ and will defeat pride in all its forms." "I will help you walk the humble walk and replace pride with humility through the power of the keys."

49. I know you can make it, Joe. Thank you for fighting the good fight so far, and I know you'll keep fighting. It has been a tough fight, but the victory is beautiful and is so worth it. I'm praying for you, and just wanted to tell you that Peter and I love you very much. We asked our Good Shepherd for some words of encouragement for you, and I've included them for you here. He's proud of you too‚ and promises to completely heal and restore you‚ as you continue to yield to Him. If there's anything you need special prayer for or that you want to tell us, please always feel free to write. We love you and need you.

Yours always,


50. (Jesus:) There's something very important I want you to believe and trust in with all of your heart and mind, Joe. You have to believe in the fundamental truth that no sin–-no matter what its depth or gravity–-can separate you from Me, unless you refuse to give it up. Remember, as high as the heavens are from the earth, so far have I removed your transgressions from you. That's the truth, Joe. They're gone! They no longer separate us or stand between us. They're in the past, and I've already paid the price for your past long, long ago.

51. Now you must choose to believe in My forgiveness. And then perhaps the even harder part is believing in your Family's love and forgiveness‚ and their desire to leave the past behind--which includes your past--and start anew.

52. Those who are really your brothers and sisters, those who are truly My children of David in spirit, will be taking these GNs personally and applying them to their own hearts and lives. They'll be maturely seeking to learn and benefit from what you suffered, and they certainly won't be pointing the finger or looking down on you. And if they are--or do--then they have missed the whole point of these GNs, and great will be their loss as a result!

53. You see, Joe, all have sinned and come short of My glory. Even though the Enemy would like to feed you his fears or thoughts of a miserable future of humiliation, being ostracized and shunned by your peers, and forever labeled, the truth of the matter is that I see no accusers ready to stand around you and taunt you. How can they?--Because there is not even one Family member who can "throw stones" at you, because not one is without sin. All My children of David have eaten the fruits of disobedience, all have strayed, all have fallen short; hence the reason for these GNs and messages and this great lesson for all My Family on the dire consequences of disobedience and sin.

54. Dear Megan paid the full price in the consequences she suffered, and from that price great lessons will be learnt by many. But in some ways, you paid and are paying the harder price. Megan suffered physical death--the loss of her earthly life. You have suffered a different form of death–-a death to yourself, your pride and your reputation. But from this death--just as I promised--you will gain great life, if you let Me re-create you and if you continue to yield to this change, this resurrection, this new beginning. If anyone will lose his life for My sake, the same will gain it.

55. You have lost your past life in many ways, but if you will continue to give this whole experience and what you have been through to Me and let Me use it however I see fit, then what you will gain in return will be immeasurable. You have been willing to die to self, giving up your pride and your reputation before all your brethren. Great has been your humbling, but even greater shall be your resurrection, My dear Joe, if you will continue to yield to Me.

56. Remember that I said King David was a man after My Own heart? Many scholars and Bible theologians have their own interpretation of what I meant when I said that, and for each person it can certainly mean something different. But the pith of the matter is that David was a man after My Own heart because his heart was broken, his life was crushed and bruised, he fell and allowed Me to lift him up again, and from that heart came forth the beauty, power and fragrance of humility and dependence upon Me. But the price David paid for that brokenness and humility was great. He sinned greatly before Me--but then great was his repentance, and great was his dependence on Me and love for Me as a result. I didn't hold David's sins against him, and they were greater than yours, dear Joe.

57. In fact, from David's sins and My consequent judgments upon him came forth something very great within David's heart. That greatness was his humility. Therefore, great humility, great brokenness and utter dependence on Me were the fruit of David's repentance for his sins and disobedience. These qualities of spirit overtook and replaced all else in David's heart, and that's why I could say he was a man after My Own heart.

58. You are gaining that same humility, brokenness and utter dependence on Me through what you have suffered, Joe. I know this may be hard to believe or comprehend right now, but you didn't suffer any of this in vain. Not one measure of what you have been through was in vain, for through this I have gained you, Joe--your heart, your willingness to be whatever I want you to be, your love, your dependence on Me. You have fallen, but in your falling you chose to fall upon Me, your Rock. From this fall--even though it has been a great fall and a great humbling--shall come true freedom and growth. (End of message from Jesus.)

Personal Prayers and Pleas

59. (Mama:) Many of you responded to the prayer requests on the MO site for Megan and Joe. Here are a couple of personal pleas from your fellow young people that I thought you would find motivating.

60. Peter and I are proud of each of you who are making the decision daily to be all you can be for the Lord. We know it's not easy. We're praying for you, and we'll do anything we can to help you. Please avail yourself of the help of those around you‚ too. Ask for prayer for the things that are difficult for you. Ask others to be safeguards for you. Don't feel you have to make the changes all on your own, because we're all here for each other. You can always write Peter and me too, and we'll put you on our prayer vigil list as well, and if you have questions that you can't resolve or get an answer for, please write us and we'll try to get an answer for you.

61. I really encourage each of you to hear from the Lord about your questions and exercise your channels in that way, because one day that's all you're going to have. But I know that sometimes there are questions that it's helpful to have someone else pray about for you. So ask someone in your Home, or one of your friends, or if you can't find anyone, then write us and we'll ask someone for you. We love you! We're here for you‚ right beside you in the battle, and one day soon we'll be celebrating the final victory together! It's a day worth looking forward to and fighting for!

From Justin (Megan's cousin who joined the Family around the same time as Megan), USA:

Dearest Family,

I pray that you will understand the seriousness of this situation. I pray that what has happened to Megan will accomplish the purpose that the Lord has set it to do in this Family. I pray that we will each wake up to what the Lord is doing with each of us. I pray that this will not return void to the Lord or to Megan. Please, please, see what the Lord is doing. Please get desperate with us all for the future of this Family, for the future of each individual, for this life for which we have been called, as well as for the Lord to have His perfect will for Megan. (Thank the Lord, He took her Home to her reward! She's perfectly whole and happy now!) She has touched so many of our lives. This is why the Lord chose her to be an example to the rest of us. Let this example be used to wake us all up to this new move of the spirit.

Much love, Justin (SGA),

Portland, Oregon

From James:

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am sure we all have been praying desperately for our beloved sister Megan and for ourselves that the Lord will show us what He needs to from all this. I was a friend of Megan's, as were many others, and this has really shaken me up. I've had the creeping feeling for over a year now that someone is dead set on snatching us young people up one by one. I know all things work together for good, but I can't help but feel that these are casualties of war and that there is a serious message in it for all of us.

We are being given a choice now; in a way she is a martyr for all of us; [this should challenge us] to make a stand once and for all that we will not let this be in vain! We are all responsible!! This is a result of all of our disobedience and compromise. We, the youth, are the future of the Family and that's our calling. What will our future be?--A broken, decayed, weak and useless one?--Or a strong, called-out, dedicated band of disciples? The chain is only as strong as the weakest link, and we all must make the choice to not be that weak link.

When will we stop belittling our calling? When will we realize that the Devil is going about as a roaring lion looking to devour us all? So for God's sake, if we are holding on to compromise, if we have been disobedient, let's not point the finger, but come forward and make a stand, ask for forgiveness, and start anew! This is the only way we will be able to stand united as one and fulfill the destiny that the Lord has promised us. I love you all! God bless everyone who has given up so much to be a disciple!

Love, James (22)

P.S. We love you, Megan, and know you are in the Lord's wonderful hands. I'm so sorry for the part that I have had in the weakening of the Family and my dear brothers' and sisters' lives.

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