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Christian Vocational College (CVC), renamed Christian Vocational Academy (CVA) in September 2005, is The Family's distance learning high school and vocational college program, which began in 1996. The CVC has a head office in Dallas, Texas, and has branch offices and representatives in several countries around the world. The project coordinator was Paul Theophilus and his wife, Terry.

The CVC "Program Studies" have a strong religious emphasis and heavily rely on The Family's literature (see Category:Family Publications) for teaching over the whole range of the syllabus, from history and geography to current affairs and physical education.

Notice of name change

September 2005 Notice regarding CVC site:

This notice is to announce that the Family International's CVC program has been renamed: Christian Vocational Academy (CVA).

In response to the unique education needs of the students of the Family International, this change reflects the changes and upgrades that the CVA program will be undergoing.

The Christian Vocational Academy replaces the former CVC program and will continue to issue high school diplomas and proficiency certificates to those who qualify. Previously issued CVC records, certificates, diplomas, and current student and teacher ID cards will be honored by CVA, unless reissued or holders are notified otherwise.

CVA will provide its students with unique study opportunities, and aims to keep its procedures and policies current by reviewing them on an ongoing basis. CVA will reform courses, descriptions, and services as necessary to better serve its students. Official notification will be made as changes occur.

The new website is under construction.

Thank you, The Christian Vocational Academy

Internal Family International documents pertaining to CVC/CVA

45. Also, at long last, the Christian Vocational College (CVC) manual has been printed and sent to all areas. All of you teens and YAs should have received, or will soon receive, your own copies. The CVC manual is also available by order to any DO or TS SGAs and adults. You'll be happy to hear that each FED is also setting up a CVC office for their area, and is beginning to offer various services related to the CVC, such as processing the various CVC forms, issuing certificates, making student cards available, etc. We pray that you'll take advantage of this program, as it's a gold mine of Word and practical studies‚ covering every area of our Family life. If you haven't done so yet, we'd like to encourage you all to browse through the CVC manual‚ and start your vocational training through the CVC! (Certificates from the CVC are available to anyone 14 years old and up! No upper age limit!)

55. During the last prophecy, the one about the different doors, I was thinking that for our kids who think they lack education, the future can be frightening‚ because they feel they don't have many talents to fall back on. This can be especially true for the type who don't have natural charm or charisma. For example, maybe an older brother or sister has natural talents, but the younger teen doesn't feel they have natural talents that show on the outside. So this lack of natural showy talents, coupled with feeling weak in their education, makes them feel very insecure‚ and they might be feeling totally unequipped for life. (Mama: This is one reason that we are hoping and praying and working hard at getting the CVC [Christian Vocational College] program out to our teens. Not only will this help guide them in getting more training, but even more important, it will help them see how much training and education they already have. And if some are lacking in basic skills, then maybe it's time to pull them back from their other ministries a bit, and to give them more time to study, and tutoring if possible, to help them become competent in the areas they need help with.)

56. Right before the last prophecy was given about giving him choices, I saw a picture of this teen sitting at a table and his mother behind him, like a mother might be when a kid is doing his homework. When the teen does his homework he might ask‚ "How do you do this?" and she answers, "You can try this." And I saw a paper in front of him with the lines drawn down it. It was like what Dad says‚ that whenever Grandmother had a major decision to make, she would draw a line down a blank sheet of paper and list the pros and the cons.

57. Then I got the words, "Behold, for him that hath the key of David, I will open doors that no man can shut, and close doors that no man can open." I felt that the parents need to provide counsel on how to make wise decisions. They wouldn't be telling him what his decision should be, but just explaining, "When someone asked me what to do about something, this is how I would seek the Lord," and then go over the "Seven Ways to Know God's Will." The prophecy given at the end elaborated on all of this‚ about the decision-making process and giving him support while he is making a decision.

58. (Mama: In light of what the Lord has said about concentric circles of service‚ and how it doesn't have to be only black or white for such young people, if any of you parents or shepherds would have a burden and feel a definite call of God on your lives to set up a Home for some of our sincere young people who want to serve the Lord in the Family but also experiment with secular school or jobs, then please let your CROs know about it. If the Lord calls you to such a place of service, it could help some of our young people, such as the teen described in these prophecies, to find out what they want to do with their lives without having to leave the Family, or be plagued by doubts or double-mindedness while remaining in a normal DO Home. We don't want anyone to feel obligated to open such a Home, but if the Lord lays it on your heart, we'd like to hear about it. If you start such a Home, we would be very interested in the lessons learned and progress made. God bless you! We love you!)

Highschool Graduation at Wordstock 2006

Editor's note: Wordstock is an annual event held for teenagers of The Family International.

Source: NA Broadband blog

March 9th, 2006

From the NA FED Board

Dear Teenagers, parents of teenagers, and fellow Home-members of teenagers, (If you’re a YA, you might be interested too! Read on!)

This is an official announcement, plus, an invitation for you!

Your FED board is now in cahoots with your JT board and the Wordstock Committee! We are working together to host a very deserving event at Wordstock 2006. –And you're being invited now to participate in it!

THE EVENT: (drums and electric guitar here, please!) A region-wide, premier event: A classy, superlative, High School Graduation and Prom on the last night of Wordstock 2006!!

WHAT THAT MEANS: Your friends (and hopefully YOU) who have finished high school will dress in black graduation caps and gowns, march down the isle, be awarded your diploma, and receive credit and honor in front of an amazing, extremely wild, and cheering crowd; in honor of your hard (and most likely, painfully) earned high school diploma.

THEN WHAT? Well, hopefully, you will throw your cap in the air along with your fellow crowd of graduates while jumping and cheering madly! After which you will want to take advantage of a great photo op. You’ll receive a special gift photo/frame memento for yourself and your family. Then you'll want to un-robe yourself and get properly dressed . . .

THEN WHAT??!! Yes. Of course you'll want to go somewhere private (ahem, what where you thinking? L You guys know all about those infamous Wordstock security teams!) and get properly dressed for an all-out spectacular Prom party and dance.

SO WHAT’S THE CATCH? Oh, not much really. Well, you do have to actually graduate from high school first of course. (Anytime in the last two years before April 2006.) And you kind of, like, have to prove it. So in a file accompanying this one called "the GP details", are the possibly boring, but highly important details. So make sure you take note of them and get them right, so we can see you all at the G and P of Wordstock 2006!

(BB: Please contact for the above-mentioned file if you didn't get it via e-mail.) (We did try to make it all as easy as possible. No small feat. You gotta love us for that! J)

Hey but first, let us just slip one more bit of news in here… You probably heard that there was another event of this kind last year. Yeah, there was. And it was pretty cool.

What it was, is like, 21 teens and YAs from the Central Area graduated in like manner at a very similar event. They looked so great up there with their diplomas and roses in their caps and gowns, and the prom scene was pretty breathtaking too, (check out the pics on the MO site under USA, and on under "happenings") so it was just after that that we decided we'd like to give a whole lot more of you this fun opportunity. And well, since you already put like SO much time and $$ into going to Wordstock each year (right?) we thought "What better place?"

Not to mention that all your friends and heartthrobs will be there to cheer for you. J

Hey, we think Wordstock just keeps getting better and better. AND giving you more and more each year! Thank You, Lord!

Oh wait, here's one more bit of news. It's the last bit, we promise! Okay, there will also be a staff of -maybe 6- super handsome/beautiful people (no kidding!) that will run the Christian Vocational Academy fair everyday for the duration of Wordstock! The team will offer you on the spot enrollment and CVA ID cards; you'll get the chance to participate in course counseling to get some friendly advice in choosing what courses are best for you based on what you’re good at and what you like doing, and what you love about life and serving the Lord! You’ll also get a lot of help in learning to use the CVA (we'll make it easy, we promise!) and in filling out those, um, *special* forms. You’ll get to learn how to make your own CVA portfolio, keep your paperwork, make progress in your schooling, get credit for all the work you do in your Home. On top of all that, you'll get to make your parents happy. J

Okay, now obviously you're excited about this and you’re going to want to RSVP right away! Great idea! Email us right away at and let us know:

a.) If you have graduated from HS anytime in the last two years.

b.) Plan to graduate from HS before April 2006.

c.) Can meet the requirements in the accompanying file called "the GP details".

Then, we'll put you on our list and get in touch about getting your needed verification.

Next, well we're also going to send around a form for you to fill out that will help you get a head start in attending the CVA fair at Wordstock. So, you’ll want to fill that out. Don't skip it, 'cause if you do, Wordstock Security will still make sure you fill it out upon arrival and before you can get in to Wordstock.

(BB: Please contact for the above-mentioned file if you didn't get it via e-mail.)

Before shutting down this note, we thought we'd answer one last question: In case you're wondering, the Lord is totally IN on this plan. He's all for it. In fact, it was His idea of course. Here's something He said about it:

My will is in this.

Wordstock has been a wonderful event in the lives of my young ones, and each year I would give them something new to look forward to and I would make it more and better for them. I would give my young warriors, disciples, and brides, new challenges; challenges and vision that will propel them forward, one step closer to being free, and being %100 ready to serve Me.

This will be a very special time for those who can attend so fight to reach the finish line.

As you don your caps and gowns and then march down the isle to signify the completion of your schooling; you'll forget all the battles and trials in getting you to this point. All you'll see and feel is the joy that you have made it -you have reached the finish line.

Fight the good fight of faith! Run the course! Finish the race! -And their will be nothing but joy and happiness for all. It’ll be worth the troubles it took to get there. It'll be worth whatever it takes to finish the race.


That pretty much says it.

Love you guys, and look forward to seeing you there!


Claire, Laurie, Esther, Joan, Tim, Josiah and Joy, Liz P., Nicole, Katrina, Rosie, Sara, Heidi, Rose, Ina, Carmen, Michelle

Contact information

Christian Vocational Academy (USA/International Office) contact information:

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