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The International Boards is an administrative structure of The Family International implemented in January of 2002.[1] There are also National Boards and Regional Boards.


Note: The international board chairs reside within WS. The international board is made up of one representative from each continental area, along with any additional appointed representatives.

The international boards are as follows (listed alphabetically):

Children and Parenting Board (CP)

Church Growth and Outreach Board (CGO)

  • Chairperson(s): Francis (WS), Jenna (WS)
  • Board members: Cassie (NACRO), Cephas (ASCRO)‚ Magda (EURCRO), Pedro Studio (SACRO), Rachel (PACRO)

Family Education Department Board (FED)

  • Chairperson(s): Dawn (WS)‚ Julie (WS)
  • Board members: Amber (EURCRO), Carmen (SACRO), Joy D. (PACRO), Leah (ASCRO), Perry (WS), Sara (NACRO), Tina (WS)

JETT/Teen Board (JT)

  • Chairperson(s): Nathaniel (WS)
  • Board members: Ado (NACRO), Mark (ASCRO), Sam (SACRO), Stephen (EURCRO), Sweetie (PACRO)

Public Relations Board (PR)

  • Chairperson(s): Andrew (WS)‚ Matthew (WS)
  • Board members: Abi (EURCRO), Luke (WS), Marc/Claire (NACRO), Mark (SACRO)‚ Stephen (PACRO), Steven (ASCRO)

Visitation and Shepherding Board (VS)

  • Chairperson(s): Matthew (WS), Misty (WS)
  • Board members: Dawn (EURCRO), Jeff (PACRO)‚ Joan (ASCRO), Kay (WS), Miguel (SACRO), Tom (NACRO)

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