Fiona Spencer

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Fiona Spencer (British; born 11 August 1952) is a former wife of Jeremy Spencer and a long time member of The Family International.

Pseudonyms she has used include: Kitty.

Personal family

Note: Fiona met Jeremy Spencer when she was 14-years old and they had their first child together when she was 15-years old.

  • Fiona (born 11 August 1952)
    • m#1: Jeremy Spencer (born 4 July 1948)
      • Jez ("Dicon"; born 3 June 1968)
      • Heidi (born 8 November ~1970)
      • Mareshah
      • Ben ("Koa"; born 1972)
      • Nathaniel ("Nat"; born 21 April 1974)
    • m#2: "Andres" (Italian)
      • Katuscia (born ~1979)
      • Talitha ("Tally"; born ~1980/81)
      • Rebecca ("Becky"; born 21 January 1983)

Fiona and Jeremy were separated circa 1978. Of Fiona's eight children, only one is still a member of The Family International. She has been promoted to a senior position within the cult, and has remained in regular contact with the other siblings.[1] Some of these children have formed a rock band in England called JYNXT. The band members are Nat, Koa, and Tally Spencer, along with non-relatives, Blaine, DJ Dan Brown, and Joe.[2]