First Brazil NAFM

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The following description (including the lengths of each segment) of this video footage is taken from a "Program Rundown" sheet included with the tape:

  • First Brasilian NAFm – Jan/82. Tiago intro. (18:40)
  • 2nd. day – John Caravan and Family sing (5:50)
  • Katrina and Michael – John's kids sing (1:53)
  • K and M– "If U Give Love U Get get Love" – skit! (2:47)
  • Uncle Ron – clown leads kids out 4 devotions (4:00)
  • Singing Sam arrives from PR, introduces Topaz (3:11)
  • Sam and Topaz sing (14:43)
  • More Sam and Topaz (10:06)
  • Topaz sings "Here in Shangri-La" (3:19)
  • Sam introduces Cephas who talks and sings (14:56)
  • Cephas's last words (2:05)
  • Sam sings with Gideon's band (S. Paulo) (24:39)

Download: icon_video.gifFirst Brazilian NAFM - January 19821982-01 (1:37:12, 354MB, xViD AVI)