Hamilton Spectator: Cult includes brother of suspect woman

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Cult includes brother of suspect woman

The Hamilton Spectator/1993-09-09, p. C4.

by Belinda Sutton

Relatives' concern for cult member Susan Claire Borowick is being compounded by a lack of communication from her brother, who is also a member of the group in Argentina.

Grant Borowick, 38, joined the sect called The Family in 1982 after visiting his sister in Argentina, said their brother, Steve Borowick, 35, of Burlington.

He eventually married a woman in the group, his brother said. They had three children and lived in Buenos Aires, the same city that Ms Borowick lived in.

Steve Borowick said he doesn't know whether his brother lived in the same house as his sister, but their mail was sent to the same address.

Grant's marriage ended about 18 months ago when his wife left the group. She showed up several months ago with three male relatives and took her children away.

"He has not seen his children since and has spent the greater portion of the past six months in Salta trying to gain visitation rights," said his brother.

Steve said his father received a five-page letter from his oldest brother about a month ago, but he has not been heard from since then.

The family is concerned, especially since Susan Claire Borowick, known to cult members as Clara, was arrested with 18 others in connection with an investigation by Argentine authorities into allegations of child sexual abuse by members of the cult.

Steve said his family, including another brother, Jim, 34, who lives in Ontario, is waiting to hear from the Canadian embassy in Argentina before deciding whether relatives should travel there.

He said none of his relatives knows why his brother hasn't contacted the family in Canada.

Steve described his eldest brother as similar to his sister -- a giver rather than a taker.

He received high marks at Nelson High School and, at the time he joined the group, was lacking just half of a credit for a bachelor's degree at the University of Toronto, Steve said.

Grant joined the group because he was "impressed with their lifestyle," Steve said. He has never returned to Canada.

His family is convinced Grant would not have joined the group if abuse was going on, Steve said.

If there was abuse, he said Grant would have concentrated on getting his sister out of the group rather than joining it.

Steve said his brother is not among those arrested and, as far as he knows, there are no warrants for his arrest.

But he said he didn't make it known publicly earlier that his brother was a member of the group in Argentina because his current situation is unknown.

"I had no intentions of imperiling him to any degree whatsoever, not knowing his current circumstances."

Steve added he believes neither his brother nor his sister have been involved in sexual abuse. Both hold high moral standards, he said.