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The Family International has maintained a presence in Argentina since the early 1970s. A report by Faith David dated January 1976 noted that "Watchman had helped to establish our first colonies in...Argentina." ("Viva South America!" --Faith David 1/76, No. 57, GP. pg. 14, paragraph 81). On May 12, 1975, members of the Family in Argentina legally registered an organization, Asociacion Los Niños de Dios Internacional, in the Fichero de Cultos no Catolicos y Disidentes (Registry of non-Catholic and dissident sects) of the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto (Ministry of External Relations and Culture).

On February 10, 1977, in a resolution numbered 222/977 the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto canceled inscription number 1595 belonging to Asociacion Los Niños de Dios Internacional for "systematic activities against the public order, morals and good customs." Thus, after February 10, 1977, the Children of God was an illegal and banned organization in Argentina. As a result of this and other legal problems, The Family abandoned Argentina for a brief period in the late 1970s. However, internal publications suggest that, even after the the organization was banned, some Family leaders believed they were a "legal association" and that the Family continued to operate in Argentina:

Headed for Latin America? Here's a country-by-country rundown! - The Inside Story!
by Shaul Lion

Argentina, with 25 million people, is very European, a very hard people. We are no longer in Argentina due to escalated guerilla and police activities and twelve disciples have been thrown into jail and some tortured. (Please pray for them!) At one time we had quite a few Argentinian disciples but I understand most or many of them have left the team. We do have some catacombers there. Despite the fact that we have no disciples there, we are a legal association. Ideal for secret, underground FF'ing!

-A report to Dad from Shaul and Abiah, new KQs of Latin America
Source: Family of Love News, Vol. 2, No. 1, D.O., Feb. 1978. pg. 6

FF'ers wanted in Argentina! If you have a burden to re-open Argentina with its first Family of Love Home, an FF Home, please send a short personal testimony, photo, age, marital status & burdens to: The Family of Love, c/o Robert McNair, Apto. 3595, Quito, Ecuador.
Source: PDF IconFamily of Love News, Vol. 2, No. 10, D.O., March 1978, pg. 8.

Argentina Needs FF'ers! We are looking for a couple or sister willing to take a system job with a drop-in vision to help the work here in Argentina. Please write, sending photos and some information about yourself. We need you! Please write: Gideon & Maria, c/o Casilla 11104, Lima 14, Peru.
Source: PDF IconFamily of Love News, Vol. 7, No. 2, D.O., Nov. 1978. pg. 5.

Court Cases and Legal Action

  • 1976 — 20 members of the Children of God are arrested in Buenos Aires.
  • 1977 — The Children of God encounters legal problems that include being banned.
  • 1987 — The Family encounters legal problems.
  • 1989 — The Family encounters legal problems.
  • 1990 — The Family encounters legal problems.
  • 1993 — At 2 o'clock in the morning on September 1st, Family homes are raided by police and 21 adult members are detained under preliminary charges that include child abuse, corruption of minors, kidnapping, reduction of persons to servitude, illegal privation of liberty aggravated by religious ends, illicit association, illegal retention and withholding of persons against their will, alteration of the civil status of a minor, forgery of documents and participation in an organization that promotes racial and religious discrimination.
  • 2004 — The Family resolves some of its legal problems


The Family has had homes in the following provinces and cities in Argentina.

  • Provincia de Buenos Aires
    • Bella Vista
    • Bahia Blanca
    • Carapachay
    • City Bell
    • Don Torcuato
    • Ensenada
    • Florencio Varela
    • Florida
    • Francisco Madero
    • Gra. Pueyrredon
    • Hurlingham
    • La Plata
    • Martinez
    • Moron
    • Olivos
    • San Fernando
    • San Isidro
    • San Miguel
    • Vicente Lopez
    • Villa Sarmiento
  • Capital Federal (Buenos Aires)
  • Cordoba
  • Corrientes
    • Corrientes
    • Itati
    • San Luis del Palmar
  • Chaco
    • Resistencia
  • La Pampa
  • Mendoza
  • Misiones
    • Posadas
  • Neuquen
  • Rio Negro
  • Salta
  • San Juan
  • Santa Fe
  • Tucuman

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