Legal Case Argentina, 1989

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Filed Cases

  • October 27, 1989 - Causa No. 81 Juzgado Federal No. 1 de San Isidro
  • Causa No. 17142 Tribunal de Menores No. 1 de Buenos Aires
  • Causa No. 2351/89 Tribunal de Menores No. 2 de Bahia Blanca
  • Expediente No. 386/89 Juzgado No. 1 de Bahia Blanca

Pending Cases


  • According to a Septmber 1993 Toronto Star article, Claire Borowick was arrested in Buenos Aires in 1989 and jailed for a month before all charges were dismissed.
  • November 4, 1989 - Family Home in Bahia Blanca, Argentina raided. 12 adults, including Brian Edward Pickus, who has an outstanding Interpol warrant from the state of Hawaii for kidnapping, burglary and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, are arrested. Except for Brian Pickus, who faces extradition to the United States, they are all soon released. 34 children are taken into custody. 29 are held in protective custody and 5 are returned to their parents.

Press Coverage of Legal Problems

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