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Les Enfants de Dieu (The Children of God), known within The Family/Children of God cult as the Paris Show Group, received significant fame in France in the early 1970s. Their two greatest hits were Liberty and My Love is Love. The lead singer of the group was Lawrence Pizzuto (aka Jonas).

Selected discography

  • Alleluya (Nice to be here) (single; 1973) — produced by JM Music
  • Redeviens un Bébé (You Gotta Be a Baby) (single; 1973) — produced by JM Music
  • Liberty (single; 1974) — produced by Nicolas Sonn
  • Tu Peux Chanter, Tu Peux Danser (single; 1975) — produced by Nicolas Sonn
  • Welcome
  • Dance Dance
  • My Love Is Love / Diamond of Dust

Track listing

  1. MusicAre You Lonely
  2. MusicDieu Que Te L'aimes
  3. MusicFrench Folk Song
  4. MusicHappy Christmas
  5. MusicHard Hat
  6. MusicHello My Love
  7. MusicI Can't Pay You Back Lord
  8. MusicI Want to Keep on Living
  9. MusicLes Plus Jolies Couleurs D'amour
  10. MusicLiberty
  11. MusicLovelight
  12. MusicMy Love is Love
  13. MusicNice to be Here
  14. MusicOh in the Sky
  15. MusicPeace in the Midst of a Storm
  16. MusicSunshine
  17. MusicWelcome
  18. MusicYou Gotta be a Baby

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