Louris Nielson

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Louris (right) and fellow YP Board member Brian in eastern Africa (early 2000s)
Louris (center) in eastern Africa (early 2000s)
Louris (second from right, in red shirt) in Pattaya, Thailand (1975)

Louris Nielson (Australian; born June 5, 1948) is a former Family Board member. She was known in the cult as Robin, and other pseudonyms included Maggie, Magdalene, Lori, Keda, and Kedar Sky. She lived in several countries while a member of the Family, including most recently Uganda and Japan.

Louris is mentioned in numerous Mo Letters. She is "Lori" from The Girl Who Wouldn't! (ML#721), "Keda Sky" from New Brooms (ML#675), and was the subject of the Keda Series, following:

She married a Japanese Family member in 1986, and they later separated. She had four children while a member of the cult, Tina, Mariko, and twins Kenji and Jeremy.

Criminal activity

Louris was involved in the child kidnapping by Peter Bevan Riddell in 1983, providing approval and funds for the incident.

In 1989, Louris was recruited to illegally obtain Canadian passports for several of David Berg and Karen Zerby's staff, in accordance with which she traveled to Quebec, Canada, visiting graveyards to obtain names for use when submitting passport applications.

When this was discovered by Canadian police, she was arrested during a raid of her residence. On October 12, 1989, she was convicted in Montreal under Section 94 of the Immigration Act ("the intent to commit an illegal act") and sentenced to eight months in prison. On October 27, she was convicted of theft over $1,000, and received a suspended sentence and two year probation. On November 15, 1989, she was convicted of two more Immigration Act offenses: Section 57-3 ("fraudulent passport application"), and Section 9-29A ("being in the possession of forged passports"). She was also convicted of obstructing a police officer for which she received a sentence of 45 days.

In early 1990, Louris was deported to her home country of Australia. She later returned to Japan, where she remained until the early 2000s.

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