Reporting Clarifications by Timothy Concerned

From XFamily - Children of God
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TO: ALL HOMES        DATE: 12 APRIL 1978


Dear Family,

Greetings in Jesus' Name!

HAVING PROCESSED THE MARCH HOME SERVANTS REPORTS, we were happy to find that many of you seem to be getting back on the ball with provisioning, FFing, witnessing and giving. It looks as though the downward plummet which we were taking has at least leveled off, and with the Lord's help, obedience to the Letters, and everyone getting back to work, we can turn this seeming defeat into a great victory.

ONE PROBLEM THAT WE NOTICED FROM THE REPORTS however, was that many Homes sent in only 10% of their income rather than 11%. It looks as though there was some misunderstanding on the part of many Homes as to what percentage to send in for their tithe.

THE 11% WHICH DAD ASKED FOR in "Do Ya Want the Letters or Don'tcha?" still applies and is necessary to insure that you receive your OPD mailing (one-per-disciple copies) of all the Letters each month.

STARTING WITH THE APRIL REPORTS, ANY HOMES WHICH SEND IN ONLY 10% WILL RECEIVE ONLY ONE COPY of the Letters for each Home. Homes sending in 11% will continue to receive their OPD mailings. So if you want to keep getting one copy each of all the Letters for every adult disciple in your Home, please make sure to send in your 11% every month.

ALSO, AS DAD IS SO CONCERNED ABOUT OUR "HAPPY HOUSEKEEPING", we ask that you send in with your April Home Servants Reports a copy of your up-to-date Home Checklist. This will enable us to give Dad a clear picture of the progress which we are making in improving our living conditions. --Just send the Mailing Slip from bottom of page four.

SO PLEASE FILL IN YOUR CHECKLIST AT THE END OF APRIL. Send in the mailing slip at the bottom of page four with your Home Servants Report and your FF Report to your KQS Office. After April we ask that you send in this Checklist on a Quarterly basis. This would mean that with your June report, your September report and your December report you will need to send your Checklist also.

SO REMEMBER, WITH YOUR APRIL REPORT PLEASE SEND IN A COPY OF YOUR HOME CHECKLIST SLIP Also on the first of each month please send in your Home Servant Report, your FF Report, (both accurately filled in) and your 11% to your KQS Office so you can continue to receive your OPD mailings. Thanks so much for your help on this. We love and pray for you!

Much and love and prayers,

Your WS Servant


P. S. DAD HAS SUGGESTED THAT DUE TO MANY OTHER PROBLEMS AND WOES--both financial and reorganisational--which many Homes are suffering at the moment as a result of some of the RNR excesses and mistakes by some leaders and Homes, we feel that to press hard for the 50% Nationalisation of all Homes at this moment would be almost more than some could bear to have this added burden in addition to these other trials they are now going through in this transition crisis.

SO, WE ARE REQUESTING THAT NO HOME BE RECLASSIFIED FOR FAILURE TO NATIONALISE AS YET and that the enforcement of the Nationalisation of membership be postponed indefinitely until we have all pulled through our present reorganisational and financial problems.

HOWEVER, THE NATIONALISATION RULES FOR LEADERSHIP, ARE STILL IN FORCE and failure of any leaders to qualify will result in the reclassification of their Homes as of now.

IN OTHER WORDS, any Home, Sprint Shop, Service Center, office colony, school or whatever, who has failed to include one or more non-U. S. Americans in their leadership since March 1st, will be reclassified.

AS YOU WILL NOTE, WE ARE TRYING TO BE LENIENT even on this point of the Nationalisation of leadership by broadening the term "Nationalisation" to mean any non-U.S. Americans whether or not they be nationals of the country in which the home is located for the present until such time as we feel that it will be possible for you to do so--making the transition a bit more gradual and easier on you.

P.P.S. ALSO, WE NOTE THAT SOME OF YOU HAVE BEEN A BIT SLOW IN GETTING YOUR FF REPORTS in and some of the reports which have come in have been a bit inaccurate. So please remember that these monthly reports are required of all Homes, Sprint Shops, Service Centers, schools, office colonies, etc. and must be sent in together with your new monthly Home Reports each month to your KQS.

BE VERY PRAYERFUL TO MAKE THESE AS ACCURATE AS POSSIBLE specifying conscientiously your nearest conservative estimate or guess-timate and fill them in very carefully, placing all data in the proper areas with the proper figures, as some seem to be confused and their facts and figures do not match. --Keep accurate records daily!

PLEASE, IF THERE IS ANYTHING THAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND about this FF Report, attach a note to your next FF Report with your question as to what there is about it that you do not understand, and we will try to explain. Thanks! GBY! Keep up His good work! We love you and are trying to help you all we can. --Let us know what we can do for you!

--Love, Timothy