Shem Watson

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Shem Watson (Australian; born 1978 in Calcutta, India) is a Melbourne-based fashion designer and owner of Prahran studio and the Shem label. He is reportedly a "best mate" of actor Heath Ledger[1].

Watson is a former second generation member of The Family International; he left in 1993. He is quoted as saying the following about his experience in this cult:

Watson's aversion to anything "phoney" was entrenched at an early age. His childhood was spent as a member of the Children of God religious cult in India, living in a series of what he remembers as "weird old colonial estates". He looks back on it as both enlightening, and frustrating. "It did give me a very different outlook on life, but I left when I was 15 and went through hell for years trying to work out a normal life."[1]

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