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116.One by one, while “Your Battle Wounds Glow” was playing in the background, each CRO came up to the front of the room to receive the beautiful medallion that had been designed especially for the occasion--the Family symbol, with the three-sword insignia of the musket­eers. On the back of each medallion is inscribed “All for One, One for all!” Mama placed the purple ribbon and the attached medallion around each one's neck, then kissed their hand. I then gave each one a hug, while handing them a silver chain for their medallion.

What's the significance of the medallion?

117.(Jesus:) This medal bears the symbol of My Family, which you have laid down your life for time and time again. I have set this symbol on a shield, for this is to be your coat of arms. The meaning of this coat of arms is as follows:

118.It is set on a shield, which represents the shield of faith that you carry for Me, th e shield that you, My CROs, so gallantly bear in day-to-day combat with the evil forces that seek to discredit My truth. The shield bears the Family symbol, that which is representative of your faith and what you stand for.

119.At the base is the Bible, representative of all My Word, both old and new, your rock-solid founda­tion, that which your faith is built upon. The book lies open--signifying the ultimate goal that you so sacrificially lead My Family to attain--that of preaching My Word, of giving out My mess­age to the lost and hungry world. This book, along with My living Word of prophecy, is your anchor, your foundation, your comfort in trouble, the light that reveals to you the way ahead.

120.The heart represents both My message of love, which you faithfully defend and live to bring to others, as well as My Own heart of love for you, for I am your Lover of all lovers, your faithful Husband, and your closest and most intimate Friend.

121.The harp and the lovely melodies it produces represents your lives filled with songs of praise and thanks­giving to Me. Likewise, it signifies the unity and harmony you strive to uphold as you serve Me side by side on the field of battle.

122.The harp shaped as a yoke signifies that you have chosen to be yoked together with your king and queen, with all the Heavenly host who assist you, with one another and with your brethren, in loving service to Me as My disciples. The yoke also reminds you that in addition to proclaiming My message of love and helping others to do the same, you must also warn the world of what is to come, of the Antichrist and his yoke of bondage.

123.The centerpiece of this symbol is the strong and powerful sword of My Spirit, representative of the spiritual warfare, which you engage in daily. This powerful sword is your constant companion, at your side or in your hand at all times, as you stand guard defending My flocks from the Devourer.

124.This symbol includes two additional swords-- those of a musket­eer. These likewise symbolize the vows of a musketeer that you valiantly live by, your oath of allegiance, your commitment to excellence, and the pledge of unity on which you firmly stand. As the three swords unite, they ignite the burst of light--symbolic of the tremendous power I put in your hands.

125.The cross, formed in the center of the heart, symbolizes My Own sacrifice and great love for you, in that My Own heart was pierced through that you might live.

126.The crown, set in the glowing light of My power, is representative of the lasting rewards that await you for eternity--a crown that will never fade away.

127.The inscription on the medal states our eternal vow to one another. May this vow continue to reverberate through­out the lands until we reach our goal. “All for One, One for all!”

128.The new CROs appointed during the summit had their appointment sealed with the receiving of this medallion. The CROs who had been asked to step down from their position during the summit, along with Dust, who was a non-CRO attendee, also received a medal and commenda­tion from the Lord for their years of honorable service.

Source: The Action Series!--Part 5 Report on Summit 2001! — By Peter 3/01


The Family produced a video which contained a segment about the Family Symbol.

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Reading a Family publication about the Family Symbol is required for several CVC courses including "BUS PR-04 Defending The Family" and "REL HH-01 Our Family Heritage"



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