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Rose on The Family

Rose McGowan spoke about the cult, her parents, and early life at considerable length in an interview with Howard Stern (full transcript). Excerpts follow (I've fixed a few of the many typos within it). --Monger 23:37, 5 Sep 2005 (CDT)

Howard Stern: Well, you had a weird upbringing, maybe this will be good for you, maybe a little stability in you life

Rose McGowan: I've lived on my own since I was fifteen, so yeah, he's actually alot more stable

HS: You grew up in that cult, I read

RM: Yeah

Robin Quivers: What cult, what is it called

RM: The Children of God , River Phoenix...

HS: That's the one were when you're twelve years old you start having sex for the cult, right? Because your body...the guy who started it was like Moe Guinsberg or something, I don't know what his name was

RM: David Berg

HS: David Berg, and he decided that, hey, if your twelve, your already getting you period so God must want you to have sex

RM: Yeah, well actually, luckily because of my father running the Italian chapter we were kind of protected, but alot of the kids, even River actually say that he had sex when he was four

HS: When he was four, wow

RM: But you know it's always really interesting, and when I was four I remember thinking that these people are promoting some really bizarre screwed up Christian values, I mainly remember like being forced to go to hospitals and like sing on my banjo to sick and dying kids for photo opts, which is like if I were a sick and dying kid the last thing I want is (makes a screeching noise) Killing me, killing me softly

HS: Right, right, right

RM: And ya know, singing for money on the streets

HS: So you never had sex when you were twelve, the cult didn't force you to

RQ: Your parents protected you?

RM: No, I waited till I was 14

HS: You did, and wasn't your job to go out and recruit other people into the cult by having sex with them

RM: No that was the women, they called it Flirty Fishing, isn't that creepy?

HS: The whole thing is creepy

RM: Yeah, I know, I hear ya

RQ: Where are these people?

RM: Well, my mother works for Microsoft (laughs) one could say that's a cult

HS: Oh really, are you friends with your parents

RM: Um, yeah

HS: A little bit, not alot, cuz you probably have no respect for them cuz their in a cult, your like, what's wrong with you

RM: But their not really...their not like that anymore, I mean, certainly it was a different time, ya know 70's, whatever, but I have a hard time, I don't like being around other people, I don't like being forced into situations were I have to be around alot of people, so having to live with alot of stupid people, especially people that didn't shave their armpits or their legs would really vex me terribly

HS: Yeah, it's disgusting

RM: I have a deep aversion to hippies

HS: Is it like a commune thing

RM: Um yeah. Lots of hairy legs, I remember like walking down the street and we'd pick up snails and boil them and that would be like lunch (Howard & Robin make sounds of disgust)...that's what I'm saying

HS: And what was with your parents, what were they thinking putting you in that dangerous situation

RM: Obviously, kids were a little down on the list

HS: Right

RM: So they had six kids to make up for that (laughs)

HS: So are you in psycho have six...

RM: They had six kids to make up for that whole thing

HS: Did you go into therapy to try and straighten your head out

RM: Oh yeah

HS: It hasn't worked?

RM: You know, I found out a fascinating thing from my therapist actually, she does alot of work with like ex-cult people and stuff, and there's this thing called the Cult Awareness Network and they were basically people helping people get out of cults or bringing, ya know, attention to cults and warning people, and they did a big thing on Scientology and the Scientologists sued them, made them bankrupt and bought that, so now the Scientologists are the Cult Awareness Network, so when people call to get deprogrammed from other things they're getting Scientologized

[. . .]

RM: But not to...I mean, I really don't know all that much about Scientology or this or that, she seemed like a really nice person, but I thought it was very interesting that they now run the Cult Awareness Network, so don't call if your trying to get out of something

HS: Really, boy that's pretty weird information

RM: But then again maybe if your listening to Howard Stern...(talking over each other)

HS: See, I have a theory that every family is a cult. Now, seriously..

RM: Mine just happened to be 200 people

HS: Yeah, yours was 200 people, but I even say that my parent had rules

RQ: They indoctrinate you

HS: They indoctrinate you, and everything is about making them happy

RM: My rules were my father...I had to sit on my butt all day long and learn how to snap my fingers when I was six, otherwise God wouldn't teach me how to drive a car when I was sixteen

RQ: What?

HS: Wow, talk about weird

RM: Even then I was like, that is such a load of crap

HS: Your parents told you hey, sit on the bed and snap your fingers or else

RM: God won't teach you how to drive a car when your sixteen and also that I could never wear nail polish cuz God could see the dirt underneath, just weird little weirdo things

RQ: Boy, oh boy, oh boy

HS: Man!

RM: Their funny though, their really smart...

HS: How'd you get out of the cult, like when you were fifteen you just said I'm split'n?

RM: No, we were nine, I was nine, uh, we actually had to escape cuz alot of kids were disappearing into child slavery rings, I know it sounds very fantastical

HS: No, it doesn't

RM: I could be sweeping Qaddafi's doorstep right now, basically

HS: Your telling me, alot of the kids disappeared

RM: Well, what would happen was if there was a bunch people in a family, a bunch of kids and the parents wanted to leave or something one of the kids would disappear

HS: Really

RM: Basically as a warning that all the other ones...and it's very difficult to get out of, and I remember there was this crazy black guy name Peppa that I woke up with when we went to our first kind of escape house thing, and I woke up with him like swinging outside my window and trying to hammer the house down...very strange people

HS: Where are the police in all this

RM: In Italy? (laughs)

HS: Oh, that's true

RM: My mom, when she was 9 months pregnant with me, the Italian police were trying to climb on her, thats what was going on there

HS: But I don't understand something, so when you're 9 you get out of the cult and...

RM: Come to America

HS: And where do you go, who do you live with

RM: Well, I went to live with my grandmother for a while in Gig Harbor Washington, which was quite a bit of culture shock

HS: Right, but at least you got out

RM: Yeah, well

HS: So you must love your grandma cuz at least she got you, like she put you up somewhere

RM: Yeah, the first day I was in town I had to sit at the organ and learn to play America the Beautiful with a huge like flag over the organ

RQ: Well, you got to realize the grandmother raise the parent (laughs)

HS: Thats right

RQ: So they, there's a problem there

HS: Hey, you poor kid. So when you were fifteen you ran away from your grandmother

RM: uh no, I lived with my, my dad came back and my mom came back and I bounced between both of them, I lived ya know all...

HS: But now your not even in touch with them, probably

RM: No, no, I talk to them

HS: Ya do, a little bit?

RM: Yeah,

HS: Yeah, what a mess, a nightmare

RM: I mean, I have really great brothers and sisters, they're all really smart and really funny

[. . .]

HS: You gotta weird uh (sort of laughs) wait a second, explain something to me when your nine years old, tell me how when your nine years old you get out of a cult cuz I'm trying to follow this, for anyone who's listening who's in a cult, so you...

RM: I'm just going with my dad at that point

HS: Oh you did, you ran off with him

RQ: Yeah, they escaped

RM: My mom still stayed in for awhile

HS: Yeah, but don't they try to bring you back and stuff

RM: That's why they sent the crazy black man name Peppa to hammer down our house

HS: Oh I see

RM: That was a convincing argument, I thought

HS: Don't they still contact you, I read somewhere they still contact you

RM: No, uh, like a couple years ago I opened my door and there was box of baby clothes of mine sitting on the front door step which were Italian and only could be from there and their the people who had it

HS: Wow

RM: So just kind of like weird little things, but I heard recently that they actually relocated to Glendale, California and they've changed their name, to spruce up their image, to The Family, which I don't think is a very smart name to change it to

HS: No

(talking over each other)

RM: Sounds a little like Charles Manson

HS: Sounds like Manson to me, the Manson family

RM: Gee, I want to sign up

HS: Hey, what about this though, this is weird, your father wouldn't take photo's of you until you were thirteen cuz he said you were too ugly

RM: No, from around the time I was thirteen

HS: Really

RM: So it's kinda like thirteen on, there's like no pictures of me

HS: Your father said you're too ugly, I won't take pictures of you?

RM: Yeah

HS: Holy macrole! Come on, don't tell me you still talk to these people! Don't tell me!

RM: I tell ya, ya know it's very funny because my father is a very funny, very brilliant and very retarded or insane person. He's an artist so they get away with alot of that crap under the guides of like, ew I'm an artist

HS: So your confused, you think he's like a good guy on one hand, but he does a lot of bad stuff

RM: Well, when I moved in with my boyfriend he ah...I think in his head he means it from a really good way but it just comes out totally...

HS: Bad

RM: He wrote me a letter and the best line of it was, I know I'm going to get killed for saying this, I probably shouldn't, but the best line of it was about uh...he never mentions Manson's name or that he exists, he refers to him as "the man" (Robin & Rose laugh)...some strange man that I picked up from somewhere

HS: Right

RM: So, ah, (starts quoting father in sarcastic voice) "Just remember Rose, it is better to be chased and alone, then soiled and familiar"

RQ: Oh geeze! He's still messed up!

RM: That was nasty!

HS: He was in a cult

RQ: Thats what you call a messed up guy

RM: How would you like to be called soiled, that one took me a little while, and honestly to still, get off

HS: So your soiled because you with a guy?

RM: Yeah, cuz I'm familiar

HS: Oh, thats weird

RM: Meanwhile, this is the person who probably like had massive group sex, tried to have two wives at once. But ya know, those kind of people like Jerry Falwell-ish as long as they have like God to invoke into the mix they can uh..

HS: So if he's sending you letters that means you aren't call'n him, right

RM: Well, this was my birthday letter actually so...(laughs)

HS: Great birthday, about how men are soiling you

RQ: Yeah, tell him not to celebrate it, your stopping celebrating your birthday

RM: I stopped celebrating my birthday (laughs)...I actually didn't go home for Christmas for the first time this year and I have to say it was really nice

RQ: You had a good Christmas

RM: I had a awesome Christmas, I'm not even kidding

HS: Yeah, because you felt relieved

RM: I wasn't stressed out and I didn't...for the first time I realized, why am I paying every year to go and be tortured, not that it's always torture

HS: Yes it is

RQ: Don't relate too much

HS: Please, no, I don't have any idea what she's talking about...

RM: My mom's like a cool lady, who's like a fun friend, she's just like kind of a kooky...

HS: She's like another kid

RQ: Yeah, it would be alright if she wasn't your mother

HS: Yeah, she'd be real nice

RM: Well it does, and I don't know if anyone can relate to this, but it makes you a little sad like when you go to a mall and you see like a mom and a daughter shopping...

HS: And you sit and go, I wish I could of had that...

RQ: Right, that's a mom

RM: Yeah

HS: I wish I would of had someone that was on my side, someone who protected me, right

RM: Well, the thing thats sad is, ya know, I get engaged but I don't...

RQ: There's nobody to tell

HS: I'm the closest person to you to tell

RM: That's a sad, sad thing... now I'm very depressed

HS: That's pretty bad