The Humble Prophetess!

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Artwork by Hugo Westphal


1. I REMEMBERED SOMEBODY'S NAME, VERY IMPORTANT IN CUBA, LAST NIGHT!--WAS IT HIDALGO? I think it was Hidalgo. A very good friend. He was a lot of help near Havana. It seemed like I was there in Cuba. I'm sure he must be, he is a very good friend. (Maria: He is or was?) I don't think it would be important if it was just history.

2. I THINK THE FAMILY REALLY MISSED THE BOAT ON SOME NAMES I GOT BEFORE. What was that French name I got before? God knows. I wonder why they never did anything? I think they were too busy with their show group. I think it was Madame Fortescu. (See No.539:52-54.) The Lord wanted us to reach her. They never even found her, huh? They don't follow up those things I get. I guess they don't believe them.

3. I'M SURE WE COULD HAVE HAD THAT MOUNTAIN ISLAND VILLA when she fled to Israel if somebody had had the faith to possess it, you know? You know that? You know she would have fled to Israel & we could have just walked in & possessed the land. Instead they probably let some Turk have it when it was ours. (See Nos. 21 & 63.)

4. IT'S SO SAD, GOD GIVES US SO MUCH DIRECTION & SOMETIMES NOBODY OBEYS. It's really too bad. Oh Honey, it just makes me want to die! Nobody pays any attention, they don't believe me. In Jesus' name, help me, O God! Have mercy on me, O God! At least You could kill me instead of giving me all this suffering, pain & misery!

5. THEY HELP ME LIVE: MWM, THEY HELP ME LIVE WHEN THEY SING TO ME! If they don't sing to me I'm going to die, because it hurts so bad. They help me live. And when Techi comes to see me I stop hurting, & when you & Faithy pray for me I feel better. Don't you know?

6. YOU ALL HAVE THE GIFT OF HEALING, YOU & FAITHY. I don't know why you don't use it. (Maria: I do, I pray for you a lot.) Yes, but you just do it momentarily & then you just go off & forget me. (Maria: I forget you?) Yes, of course. (Maria: How?) Honey, you go to sleep & forget all about me. (Maria: No I don't, Honey! Look, I stay awake with you.)

7. WHEN I'M VERY VERY VERY SICK & HURTING, YOU GO TO SLEEP. (Maria: Honey, I stay awake with you when you're hurting bad, see? Look, I'm awake now.) Yes, when you wake up. That's good, thanks. Most of the time you're asleep, that's true. (Maria: Well Honey, what you should do is wake me up. "Ask & ye shall receive." You have to wake me up if you need me.)

8. NO, I BELIEVE I'D RATHER DIE THAN WAKE YOU UP. You're so sweet when you're asleep, Honey, & beautiful! You're wonderful & I love you! I don't think I'm ever going to eat another bite again. It just kills me!

9. I THINK IT WOULD BE LESS PAINFUL TO STARVE TO DEATH! That's a lie of the Devil!--It's the most painless way to die. There was a report in Time or Life or something about the refugees. Those God-damned Jews never starved! They hate to starve!

10. I FASTED & I KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE! Pretty soon it doesn't hurt any more, you feel lighter than air, like a gas balloon! You just feel like you're floating. Honey, all of the people in all of the reports that I have read, the truth, say the same thing. They just sort of float away! TYJ!

11. I MEAN, IT'S THE EASIEST WAY IN THE WORLD TO DIE, TO STARVE TO DEATH. God damn'm! I hate those God-damned Jews, what liars! Starvation is the easiest way in the World to die. You just sort of get lighter than air & float away. I mean, it's almost totally painless. Freezing & starving are the easiest way in the World to go. I know, I've almost done both of them.

12. THOSE GOD-DAMNED LIARS! Those God-damned lying Jews, they never did either one, never, never, never! They're a bunch of pigs! They wouldn't think of starving or fasting, they're a God-damned bunch of pigs! They don't even know what it's like to miss one meal. They think they would starve to death if they missed lunch! God damn those God-damned pigs!

13. YOU'RE JUST LIKE MY MOTHER, YOU WON'T LET ME GO! That's the whole trouble, you won't let me go. Like my mother with my father. But there'll come a time when you will. Yes, I think so. (Maria: When will that be?) When you get fed up with me, Honey. (Maria: I'll never get fed up with you!) Yes, of course you will. (Maria: No, I won't!) When you just can't hold onto me any more.

14. (MARIA: AM I SUPPOSED TO LET GO OF YOU?) The Lord gives you your choice, Honey. There's lots of times I wanted to go, & you kept me here & wouldn't let go of me. (Maria: Well, did I make the wrong choice?) It's up to you, Honey, whatever you want the Lord'll give you. (Maria: Do you thinks it's a bad choice?)

15. DO YOU WANT ME TO STAY HERE? (Maria: Yes, of course I do!) Why? (Maria: Because we need you!) Why? (Maria: Oh Honey, you know why we need you, nobody else knows anything! We're just completely dumb sheep!) The Lord will tell you. If you let me out of my misery, my suffering & my pain, (Maria: Nobody knows a thing but you around here, nobody!)

16. HONEY, AS SOON AS I'M GONE HE WILL TELL YOU ALL THE SAME THINGS, don't you understand? (Maria: Honey, but I'm not equipped the way you are.) You will be though. (Maria: Honey, but you have years of experience & knowledge.) As soon as I'm gone you will be. You'll have years & years of experience & knowledge, everything you need, everything they need.

17. (TONGUES & KISSES:) "O GOD, HELP THIS LITTLE ONE TO HAVE THE FAITH OF HER FATHER, THE BELIEF, IN JESUS' NAME!" It's gonna be so easy, will you baby? If you just let me go. (Maria: Honey, we'd be in a mess!) We've got to be thinking about it. (Maria: We'd be in a huge huge mess, Honey.) Mess? What for? (Maria: Because without you we couldn't even survive! How could we?) That's not so!

18. MY GOD, LORD FORGIVE HER & REBUKE HER IN JESUS' NAME for saying these lies of the Devil! That's ridiculous! What are you talking about we'd be in a mess & couldn't survive" Jesus is the One that's in control!

19. HONEY, WHEN I'M GONE YOU'LL BE THEIR SHEPHERDESS & THEY WILL LOVE YOU! I think maybe they will love you even more than they love me! (Maria: Honey, I don't have a thing, I really don't.) My Lord, God forgive her! In Jesus' name & in the name of David, forgive her for lying! Forgive her, O God, for lying, for her lack of faith! (Maria: Well, maybe I will have, but I don't now, I really don't, Honey.)

20. WELL, ALL RIGHT, YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE IT UNTIL I'M GONE, & so the minute I die I know it will shift from me & rest on you! Don't you understand that? It's so ridiculous for you to talk such silly foolish stuff, so ridiculous! O God have mercy, in Jesus' name, & get me out of all this pain! I guess I'm really really terrible to deserve so much pain. In Jesus' name.

21. YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER, HONEY! You know what? You're going to even do better than me, did you know that? Yes, of course. (Maria: How am I going to do better?) Because you won't have to worry with a little old drunk any more, that's why. (Maria: Oh Honey, now that's just absolutely ridiculous!) It's not ridiculous, it's the truth. (Maria: I don't worry with you. You give us everything we have!)

22. THAT'S THE TROUBLE WITH YOU, YOU WORRY TOO MUCH all the time about me when it's not that important, really. You worry with this old decadent piece of flesh that is so tired & so far gone. I love you, Sweet Baby! You'll be amazed how much better you'll get along without me! You won't have this great big heavy hunk of flesh to worry about any more. Don't you understand that? (Maria: No!)

23. YOU'RE GOING TO BE LIKE SPEEDY GONZALES, you & all your men, all the Queen's men! You're going to be so wonderful & so fast & everything will be so easy. (Maria: Everything's going to be so easy?) Yes. Without me. (Maria: Well, that's not what I understood.) Yes? Who?

24. WHO TOLD YOU DIFFERENT?--HE'S A LIAR! (Maria: It's not going to be easy, Honey.) Yes, it's going to be very easy, much easier. Who told you different? He's a liar! I know! It's going to be easier without me than it is now with me, because you're going to be in direct communication with the Lord.

25. HE'S GOING TO GIVE YOU AN ANOINTING OF MOSES & DAVID & DANIEL & EVERYBODY! Oh, thank You Jesus! It's going to be so wonderful! (Maria weeps.) My God, how could you cry about it when it's so wonderful? Oh silly stupid little idiot, she's crying about being the greatest Prophetess God ever had on this whole Earth, & she cries about it!

26. ISN'T THAT CONTRADICTORY? Isn't that ridiculous? Isn't that the most ridiculous thing you ever heard of? Isn't that the stupidest filthiest most biggest lie of the Devil you ever heard of? But she cries about it!--When she's going to be the greatest most biggest Prophetess on the whole Earth with the Word of God, with the Words of God, & the Words of Jesus & the Words of David!

27. THE WHOLE WORLD'S GOING TO LOOK TO YOU, BABY! The whole World's going to look to you for the Word of God. You're God's mouthpiece, Honey! You're God's Prophetess! You're going to be God's Prophetess & mouthpiece & shepherdess, why do you want to cry about it? Of all the ridiculous things! I think I ought to slap you!

28. WHY THE HELL DO YOU WANT TO CRY ABOUT IT? Really I think maybe I ought to try to slap you! Be careful, don't hurt yourself. I'm just going to love you, Honey, because you're so stupid, little idiot. Why do you want to cry about that, Honey, when you're going to be the greatest Prophetess the World ever knew? Why do you want to cry about it, huh? (Tongues & kisses:)

29. "DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE THE MOUTHPIECE WITH THE MANTLE OF YOUR FATHER?" (Maria: I can't understand.) Honey, you don't believe it, see? That's horrible! (Maria: I do believe it.) it's really really really really bad & horrible for you to have such unbelief! (Maria: I just don't understand it.) Then why do you cry? If you believe it, why do you cry? (Maria: It's too great for me.) Of course it's too great for you. So quit crying, forget it, don't worry about it. It's so great & it's so beautiful & so wonderful!

30. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND, HONEY, YOU'RE MUCH PRETTIER THAN I AM, & in the World that worships women they're going to have a great beautiful womanly sexy nude Prophetess of God! (Maria: Nude?) Yes, yes! You haven't any idea what a tremendous impact your nudity has on people. You're going to be the nudest nudest Prophetess of God! Don't laugh, Honey, what are you laughing about?

31. I MEAN, YOUR UNBELIEF IS REALLY BAD, IT'S TERRIBLE, & the Lord Jesus doesn't like it! Why do you doubt it, Honey? Hmm? (Maria: Where's Rachel going to be?) Oh Honey, she's gone! (Maria: Isn't she coming back?) Oh Honey, she's only coming back in the grass like Nebuchadnezzar. (Maria: But Nebuchadnezzar came back to his glory.) No, no, no, no, no, no! There wasn't very much glory left, it was the end. Daniel had the glory. It was the end.

32. (MARIA: SO RACHEL IS NOT GOING TO BE THE GREAT QUEEN ANYMORE?) My God, no, of course not! No, of course not! She's finished! It's the end! You read it about Nebuchadnezzar. That was the end. It was glorious at the end & wonderful, he repented, but that was it, the end, very end. God was done. God was fed up, disgusted. Don't you understand? It's wonderful, you know, that he came back & repented & asked God to forgive him, but it was never the same. You read it. Read it! (See the "Nebuchadnezzar Revelation!", No.763 & Daniel 4.)

33. (MARIA: WHY DID YOU SAY IT'LL BE EASIER WITHOUT YOU? Things are getting worse & worse & more difficult all the time.) Of course it'll be easier, Honey, because you won't have to wait for me. I'm such a poor bad horrible dirty channel. (Maria: No you're not, you're pure.) And I don't get things straight as I should & I have a lot of problems & difficulties.

34. (MARIA: OH HONEY, IT'S WONDERFUL FOR US! It's the most wonderful thing in the World!) That's what you think. (Maria: I do.) That's what you think, Honey Baby, I love you. When I'm gone all this great big hunk of dirty womanising fucking goosing sucking flesh will be out of the way! (Maria: But the women like it!) And you will be so pure & free without me.

35. (MARIA: HONEY, SEX ISN'T DIRTY, YOU SAID SO YOURSELF.) Well, I mean it's just a little problem. You know that. (Maria: You said sex is what we need.) OK, when we get this out of the way it will eliminate a lot of our problems. (Maria: So what's going to happen?) I hope we're going to go to sleep. (Sings the tune to "Everybody Can be Happy.") You know, that's a cute little song, isn't it? (Maria: I like it!)

36. SEE, YOU DON'T REALISE HOW MUCH BETTER OFF YOU'LL BE WHEN I'M GONE, with all those musicians to worship you, Honey, & love you & do whatever you tell them to do. (Maria: Honey, I don't want worship.) A woman in this Last Day, you'll be the greatest of all rulers! It's true! (Maria: Am I supposed to be happy about that?)

37. OH HONEY, YOU OUGHT TO BE SO HAPPY! (Maria: Honey, things are getting worse.) In the World, but they're getting better with us, don't you understand it? (Maria: But when the World gets worse, then things get worse for us.) No! When the World gets worse, we get better! (Maria: I know, but it gets worse first.) No, no, no! That is not true! That is a lie of the Devil! Why do you listen? Why do you believe that? Why do you hear him? (Maria: I thought that's what you told us.) No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

38. WHEN THINGS GET WORSE FOR THE WORLD, THEY GET BETTER FOR GOD'S CHILDREN! All the time, of course! (Maria: How?) In every way. You have more love & more sex & more music & more everything. So they kill you, so what? You die happy! It's so ridiculous to worry about it, when everything is getting better all the time.

38. (MARIA: BUT I DON'T LOOK FORWARD TO BEING TORTURED & the Family being in prison & everything.) Oh, ridiculous! You're not going to be tortured & imprisoned, Honey, the Lord's going to take you quick. Jesus is going to take you quick, don't you understand that? He's not going to do that to you or the Family either one. (Maria: But Honey, Christians down through the ages have had persecution.)

40. SO, YOU'LL ENJOY IT! (Maria: Enjoy it?) Yes. (Maria: How do you enjoy it?) Because it's such a testimony! It's such a wonderful witness! Now will you please stop talking about crazy ridiculous idiotic things? Huh? And give me a little peace & quiet & sleep? Please? (Maria: OK.) Hallelujah! TYL!

41. IT'S SO WONDERFUL, SO SO WONDERFUL, IN JESUS' NAME! (Maria: What is?) This wonderful life we live for Jesus! I don't know why you don't like it. (Maria: It sounds good.) It's terrible for you to say those naughty awful bad things! (Maria: I want to find out.) Find out what? Like the Devil, the things you don't need to know.

42. IN JESUS' NAME, I REBUKE THEE IN THE NAME OF JESUS! Help her not to find out, help her not to know anything she doesn't need to know, in Jesus' name. (Maria: Well, I'm glad I asked so you could tell me. You told me & I'm glad, 'cause it sounds good. Now you go to sleep, OK?) Really? OK. (Sings:)

43. "IN THE NAME OF JESUS, IN THE NAME OF JESUS, WE HAVE THE VICTORY!" Hallelujah! TYJ! Honey, would you please sing that song for me? Is that all there is to it? (Maria: That's all I know.) Let's sing it together, Honey. (Sings:) "In the Name of Jesus, in the Name of Jesus, we have the victory!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PYJ! In Jesus' name, Lord, help us. "In the Name of Jesus, in the Name of Jesus..." (Maria starts to sing the verse about "The Devil..." But Dad continues singing:) "We have the victory!"

44. I DON'T LIKE TO TALK ABOUT THE DEVIL AT ALL! (Maria: The Devil has to flee!) I don't want to give him any credit at all, at all, at all! (Maria: That's not giving him credit when you say, "Rebuke the Enemy in the Name of Jesus, & resist the Devil & he'll flee from you"! The Lord tells you to fight him like that.) See there? (Maria: See there what?)

45. SHE'S SUCH A WONDERFUL FIGHTER! She's even a better fighter than I am. See there? You see? You heard that! Hallelujah, Lord, You heard that, in Jesus' name! You heard it! She's a better fighter that I am! I'm too old & tired. (Maria: Nobody could be a better fighter than you are! No, you're a better fighter because I'm too old & too tired.

46. YOU DON'T EVEN WANT ME TO TELL THE TRUTH, THAT YOU'RE A BETTER FIGHTER THAN I AM & you can have greater victories than I ever had. That's the truth! I'm tired. (Maria: I don't know who could be a better fighter than you are, Honey.) You, you, you, you, you! You are going to be a better fighter, that's who! (Maria: You fight everything!)

47. YOU ARE GOING TO BE A BETTER FIGHTER & FIGHT EVERYTHING, INCLUDING ME!--When I'm naughty. (Maria: No, I'm not going to fight you!) When I'm bad you have to fight me, of course, Honey. When I'm naughty & I'm bad, you have to fight me. (Maria: Fight you how?) You have to fight me all the time, you're always fighting me! (Maria: I don't want to fight you.) To keep me on the right track, Honey, that's what. Like right now.

48. THE YANGSTZE RIVER CREATED BY GOD, THEY SHOULDN'T GO BEYOND IT. (Maria: Who?) The forces? (Maria: Who are the forces?) The forces of Vietnam. The forces of God.

49. CAN YOU SAY AMEN TO JESUS? He can solve every problem. The victory in Jesus my Saviour forever! Amen, I believe that. Jesus can solve every problem!--Amen?