Legal Case Argentina, 1993

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Filed Cases

  • Case 81/89 Cavazza, Juan C. and others, on Inf. Art.125, 139, 140, 142, Par.l, 142 bis, 210, 293 of the Code of Proceedings and art.3 of Law 23,592. Federal Court of San Isidro, 1 Sec.2 Office II, Reg. 443.


  • June 28, 1993: Judge Campora of the Tribunal de Menores de Mercedes infers the existence of the following crimes; sexual abuse, hiding of minors, fraud, reduction to a state of servitude, and falsification of documents and without prejudice to definitive jurisdiction transfers the entire record (consisting of 8 volumes, more than 1600 pages) to Federal Judge Roberto J. Marquevich in San Isidro.[1].
  • September 1, 1993: 10 Family homes in Buenos Aires are raided by police. Over 200 children are taken into protective custody and more than 80 adults are arrested.
  • September 9, 1993: San Isidro Federal Judge Robert Marquevich orders the preventive detention of 21 adults already in custody. The 21 are Juan Carlos Cavazza, Eduardo Jose Blanco Diaz, Lorenzo Montes Garcia, Jesse Jude Mara, Joel Steven Martin, Daniel Martial Charrie, Jurgan Heinz Grotnaus, Kay Susanne Rambur, Daniel Armando Moreno, Mark Steven Jacobs, Robert Eldrich Robb, Roberto Martinetto, Rafael Martinez Gonzalez, Susana Clara Borowik, Alejandro Emilio Trevisan, Nilson Alcides Gomez, Jackeline Reddic, John Kevin Roberts, Flor Bojorquez, Mario Roberto Torres and Alice Sophia Dow. The preliminary charges include corruption of minors, reduction to a state of servitude, illegal deprivation of liberty, retention and hiding of persons, illicit association and infraction of the law against racial and religious discrimination. Rambur and Robb are also charged with altering the civil status of a minor under 10 years old and falsification of documents.
  • Decmeber 13, 1993: By a 2-1 vote, the San Martin Court of Appeals issues a ruling favorable to the defendants in the Cavazza case. San Martin Appeals Court Judge Dr. Daniel Mario Rudi strongly disagrees with the majority in his 135-page dissenting opinion which quotes extensively from Family publications. The 21 charged are freed and the case is sent back to a lower court for further investigation.

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