Report to Dad and Maria from Australia

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DISCLAIMER: Videos by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts. We collect them here to document their existence and the history and practices of the organization but do not condone the points of view or activities.

A video report to David Berg and Karen Zerby from a couple in Australia and their son. In the video, a man named Appeles reports that two children, his son and Berg's grandson, have shared sexually with his wife Sally. An excerpt of this video was featured on 60 Minutes Australia: Sinful Acts.

Download: Video icon Report to Dad and Maria from Australia(6:36, 5.6MB)1981

Appeles: Hello. God bless you, Dad and Maria. We love you very, very much. And it's such as blessing to be able to come into your home and be able to share our hearts with you and how much we really really love you and thank you so much for all the Letters and for giving your life, uh, for Jesus and for us and we need you so much and we thank the Lord so much for you and thank God for all of the Letters and the Family Newses and we would especially like to thank you and the Lord for the latest Letters on Australia which have been such an encouragement as well as a challenge to us and it's causing such a change in the Spirit and such a revolution here in Australia. It's really what's been really needed for a long time. We're so thankful for it and, um, we're also really thankful for this video vision. It's such a blessing to have Keda and Yasuko down here to be able to do these videos and so you can have more of a clear picture of what the Lord is doing here in Australia. Thank the Lord.

So, um, I joined the Family in Houston, Texas in 1972 in December and since then I left and went to New Zealand and Australia and then helped to pioneer some of southeast Asia and, um, we'd like to really thank you for this Letter about refuges because it's so inspiring. We know the Lord wants to get us back to Indonesia as soon as possible, uh, Lord help us not to get off the track but to stay faithful and keep pouring out up in southeast Asia and to get back on where we got off and, um, so we really thank the Lord for his mercy and love and so we hope to go up there as soon as possible. We're raising our fare right now.

We hope to get up there and to get right back to Indonesia as soon as we possibly can to keep pouring out the words there. Uh, I was there before with my son and, umm, my previous mate and, um, the Lord led us to pioneer in central Java and we were able to go to called Sumaran which is in central Java and the Lord did a real miracle. We went totally by faith on the train no knowing whither we went and God just did miracle after miracle and supplied all our needs and took such good care of us and even gave us housing and we thank you for your prayers because of also because of your prayers that the Lord did a miracle and gave us visas so we could stay a long time and so we really hope to get back as soon as possible. Now the Lord has given me a new mate, Sally, and she's such a blessing and, umm, the Lord's really put us together...

Sally: Amen!

Appeles: and so now I'd like for her to say a few words.

Sally: Hi, Dad and Maria and all the Family there. I really love you so much. Umm, I'm from England. My name's Sally. I'm 24, a Pieces and I joined the Family 18 months ago here in Adelaide, Australia where I was travelling around. Umm, I was travelling rather aimlessly and always found the same situation wherever I went, whatever country I went to. I never found a really full fulfillment in my life until I found Jesus and asked him into my heart and then two months after that I was led to the Family...[video skips]... to go over to Indonesia and as long as the Lord leads us to stay in Indonesia, we're going to go out there and litness and witness and just, just reach all the lost hungry souls there. When I was there, just for three weeks, just could see what a hungry field they were, we just had to, we didn't even have to step outside our front door because people were always coming over to see us even and every single person we met was just so hungry and so receptive and you could just really love them with the whole heart. What you said about Australians, Dad, is really true. I've done a bit of FFing here and umm, you meet the occasional really receptive and hungry soul and they're usually younger people here but the older ones are really very...[video cuts off]

Appeles: ... to do ... to get back to Indonesia to really lay down our lives for the sheep and to really be faithful to stick and to obey your Letters like Go Ye says we, if we are called to a certain area and thank God Keda's been sharing with us some of the latest Letters that if you, you've sent and abide in your calling is so important and I know that our calling is southeast Asia and is pioneering and opening up new territory and so, so we can can win all the world for Jesus and we really really pray that we're able to be a real blessing there and that God really uses us and umm, so now we'd like to introduce you to Joseph, uh, we know that you've seen him before on the video and he's been able to share with you but in Sydney... How did you like Indonesia, Joe, when you were there?

Joe: Well it was good because, umm, it's a new change, it's also really fruitful there and uh...

Appeles: Recently, Keda shared with us the video that just came from World Services and it was so inspiring, it was so beautiful, uh, the love video and, umm, it really set us all free just to share as one wife and really share together and it was really a blessing too for Joe and Hobo, uh, because they had a good chance to share also, with Sally, and

Sally: Amen!

Appeles: So the the Lord's really setting us freer and freer to obey and to be free and to show that sample of freedom and love to the world. Well, God bless you, thank you very much for this this chance to be able to share real personally with you and we love you so very much and we pray for you all the time and we need you so much and, uh, we love you very very much and God bless you

Sally: Amen. We love you Dad and Maria and Davidito and Techi. God bless you.

Joe: Bye Dad and Maria and Techi and Davidito

Commentary by Lord Justice Ward

This video clip is referred to three times in the Judgment of Lord Justice Ward:


Video number 5 is the "Love Video." It shows young children dancing, two girls together, scenes of masturbation and sexual intercourse or simulated sexual intercourse, a testimony from a girl called Joan admitting that she masturbated. In another clip a man Appeles says they had the Love Video from World Services, that it was so inspiring that it was a chance to share his wife with another but, more disturbing, his son J1 who seems to be about ten years old had a chance to "share" with adult Sally. (pg. 55)


(d) In about 1981 a video was made for Berg and it showed a man Appeles and his wife Sally and his young son J1. Sally referred to sharing with J1 and H1, Berg's grandson. Both boys were aged about 10. (pg. 89)


Dr Heller's evidence was interposed. NT listened to it. She returned to give evidence. She immediately reasserted her belief in the Law of Love and her belief that if any child had been abused it was not in accordance with the Law of Love. Berg was certainly not to blame for anything except perhaps the Davidito book. She could not accept that any abuse had occurred because of his teaching. She did not believe that Berg had seen the video on which the young boy and young woman speak of their sharing. If he had seen it she believed he would have stopped it. If that had been Sally's interpretation of the Law of Love, she had got it wrong. NT was wholly unable to explain why the 24 year old woman concerned, Sally, said in the video, "Hi Dad and Maria" before going on to chorus "Amen" to the boy J1 and Berg's grandson H1 having the chance to share with her. (pg. 235-236)