Family News Magazine

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Family News (FN) was an internal newletter/magazine distributed to members. A 1978 memo from the editors listed the type of content needed:

In summary, this is what we need:

1. FF testimonies
2. news from selah countries & outreaches
3. health, safety & childcare tips
4. poetry
5. words & chords to new songs
6. classified ads
7. birth testimonies
8. love letters to Dad & Maria
9. photos—can include artful nudes & photos of fish.
10.anything else you want to share with the D.O. Family.
Source: NNN Advisory Feb. 18, 1978

The earliest issues were edited by David Berg and Karen Zerby. David and Mary Lou Hiebert (also known as Zebedee and Zorah Rabbit) were later assigned to edit the publication. In the 1980s, a compilation of articles from FNs was published as the FN Encyclopedia.

Archived Issues