NNN Advisory Feb. 18, 1978

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TO: Our Worldwide Family of Love!
FROM: World Services NNN Staff
DATE: 18 February, 1978
SUBJECT: The new 8-page foldout black-and-white NEW NATION NEWS!

Dearest Family,

God bless each one of you wherever you are around the world! We love you!! We want to share with you some details of Dad's vision for the new 8-page foldout monthly black-and-white NNN!-And how YOU can help!

Family News & NNN: We hope you like the new 8-page issues of the Family News! We will now be publishing at least three issues of Family News a month (and more when we have the material!), plus one power-packed New Nation News per month, to reach all the general public around the world with the news of our "good works": "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven." (Mt. 5:16.) As Dad mentioned in "Lit Laws", this 8-page monthly NNN will be easy to translate and print for all language areas, and we plan to put news from as many areas of the world as possible in each issue, so it will be a well-rounded sample of our work!

Keep your NNN contributions coming! Thanks again to so many of you who have been faithful contributors to the NNN in the past. Please keep sending in the good news! And we know that with the new "RNR", that many more of you will now have the inspiration, time and funds to send in articles and take photos! Hallelujah!

The NNN: Our top PR tool! The vision Dad has given us for the 8-page monthly NNN is that it will be our top public relations tool, consisting of the best of our good news — our "good works"-how we are helping others, such as visits to prisons, hospitals, orphanages, etc., our pioneering of new fields around the world and how we are helping the poor and youth of the Third World countries. Included are testimonies and photos of our various "social service" projects such as teaching underprivileged children, etc. Also, in each issue we want to include one or two testimonies of and by our thankful parents and friends ,whose children have been helped or who are being helped themselves by our Family. Please also send in any inspiring letters or testimonies and photos from your GP mailing ministry of how the Words are changing lives and helping others.

PHOTOS: Our emphasis now in photos is more on action shotslove in action — especially for the coverdoing something, such as singing, sharing, witnessing, litnessing, etc. Children, pretty girls and handsome boys, especially native nationals, are all good subjects. Just be sure to get the action close up and avoid crowd shots. Please re-read Dad's Letter "Pictures" No. 104, es­pecially paragraphs 24-30 and 46. We can still use inspired close-up smiling portrait shots, but now please try to also catch love in action!

The NNN Cover Photo Contest is still open, and each photo used on the cover of the World Services NNN will receive a cash prize of $25! Black and white photos are best for our black and white issues. As Dad wrote to us: "Black and white is our trademark!" Also, it's better to get out a tiny b/w issue than to struggle with colour and end up with nothing, which has been what some have done! Besides, some GP might think, "If they're fancy enough an outfit to put out a slick colour pub, then why do they need my donation anyway?"— Amen!

LOCALISED NNN's: As much as possible, the approved World Services NNN should be translated and reprinted as is, except with the addition of local addresses. Please do not change the

NNN ADVISORY-Feb. 18, 1978 Page Two

approved cover photo, except in rare instances, with the approval of your KQS officer only! If the World Services NNN contains no articles from your local area, you may substitute one article only with an article from your local area. This article must have the approval of your Service Center Servant and the agreement of your Service Center Home Council of all adults, as being a true and good representation and sample of the work in your area. Thanks so much for your cooperation! We love you!

Send your contributions to your KQS Office! Please send all the news, as it happens, to your KQS Office, including material for both New Nation News and Family News. In summary, this is what we need:

1. "good works"—visits to prisons, hos­pitals, orphanages, etc.
2. "social service" projects
3. pioneer work in new fields
4. thankful parents & friends
5. letters from GP mail ministry
6.good b/w photos with emphasis on close-up action

1. FF testimonies
2. news from selah countries & outreaches
3. health, safety & childcare tips
4. poetry
5. words & chords to new songs
6. classified ads
7. birth testimonies
8. love letters to Dad & Maria
9. photos—can include artful nudes & photos of fish.
10.anything else you want to share with the D.O. Family.

God bless you! We love each and every one and are so thankful for your sacrificial labours of love for God and His Kingdom to help change the world! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Love in Jesus and David,
Zebedee & Zorah Rabbit

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