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DISCLAIMER: Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally offensive or illegal and we collect them here to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities.

Excerpts from “The Story of Davidito” Book

The Story of "Davidito" (Ricky Rodriguez) was intended to be an example of child rearing and the early years of the second generation were influenced by the style of childcare in the book, and sexual liberties were a part of the second generation's childhood to varying degrees, depending on the commune.

While the stated intent was not to harm the children the support for pedophilia and advocation of pedophilia ultimately wrought harm to many children. The Family ordered this book purged in 19??.

Davidito, the example case here, ultimately murdered one of his former nannies mentioned here and subsequently took his own life in 2005.

Davidito Example

Chapter 4, paragraphs. 13 and 14, Sara wrote:

13. The next morning he talked to the Family and boom!—the Childcare Revolution began! Thank You Jesus! A new challenge was set before us. “Even if we have to write the lessons ourselves and use Davidito for an example we’ll do it!”, he vowed.

14. Also Daddy counselled all of us who had anything to do with Davidito’s care of the importance of keeping thorough daily records of Davidito’s activities and handling, “because someday, you know, you’ll be writing his story to share with the world,” he said. “And you must be faithful with this responsibility, because many young parents and children’s workers will be waiting to hear about what we did with our child.

Play and Progress

In chapter 13, entitled “Play and Progress!” when Davidito was 10-11 mos. old, Sara wrote:

41. While crawling around nude in the yard after his swim, he began to play with his little penie right in front of the guests. Nobody said anything, but I can imagine what they were thinking! Of course we have had to comment to Davidito that he should not play with his penie in public, but inside the house is a better place. Even at a year old, I think that was one of his favourite reasons for going naked!

Nude Nannies

In chapter 20, “Prince & Toddler”, when Davidito was 13 months old, Sara wrote:

12. Sally leaned over to dress him one morning when she was not yet dressed, and Davidito looked up and “studied the situation real carefully” before he reached up and turned each “knob” to see if she’d turn on.—Ha!

Witnessing Sex

In chapter 20, “Prince & Toddler”, when Davidito was 14 mos. old, Sara wrote:

36. Davidito is also jealous when Alfred and I begin loving up and tries to pull us apart, so the best thing for now is that we just not make love in front of him. Davidito loves to watch Dave and Sally go at it, though. He begins to pant and bounce along with them, then sits down in exhaustion with a big sigh when it’s all over, just like he’s been through it too! PTL!

In chapter 31, “The Story of Lazarus!” when Davidito was 17 months of age, Sara wrote:

36. Sex!: Little David stood watching through the pool fence as a couple made love in the water. He imitated every motion by wiggling his bottom and his right hand up and down, then went into the house to show Mommy the story of how to goose a girl!

37. He’s still jealous when Alfred and I love up—Daddy says he has been in love with me from the beginning! When he saw he wasn’t getting our fulltime attention because we were “busy” in bed, he left he room and hid under the dining room table to pout. He knew that if he hid, we would have to stop and find him.

Imitating sex with a 3-year old, initiating sexual contact with adults

At this time Sara’s daughter, Davida, was three months old. Sara describes 17-month old Davidito’s relationship with her:

38. He finally found something he thinks the baby is good for.—He climbs up on the bed when she’s propped there on a pillow and crawls right on top of her and begins hunching away!—They both love it, really! Even when he sees a picture of her in his photo book, he’ll begin hunching on the side of the couch, and he’ll keep his finger stuck in the place where her photos are in the book, so he can keep turning back to it and smile, and pump away!

39. As Sally was lying on her back in bed about to read him a book, Davidito crawled right on top of her and gave her a big kiss right on the mouth, then began to wiggle around on her and laugh! 40. Mommy and Daddy just didn’t believe us until they watched for themselves one time: He climbed on top of Davida lying on the couch and began banging away again with a big smile! Daddy stood there, at first a bit awed, then felt Dito’s little penie and said, “I never would have believed it if I didn’t feel how hard he really is!”

41. Dito calls the baby “Baba”, so that name has stuck with her since. Because he is “enjoying” her now, he’ll sometimes try to get her out of trouble: When she begins to cry real hard, he’ll run over to her and tap her on the shoulder, then fold his hands and nod his head with those big widened eyes, as if to tell her, “Hey, you better stop crying, because Sara can really spank!”

42. When sitting in his high chair, he oftentime reaches out and pulls down my bikini bottom in front to see what’s inside. One day he decided to try it on one of our Spanish sistersBelen, and when she acted quite surprised, he blew her a sweet kiss with a great big cute smile!

Fellated by Nannies

In chapter 36, “Learning Fun at 20 Months”, in Oct., 1976, Sara writes:

26. Sex!: He gets quite excited when I wash his bottom and his penie gets real big and hard. I kiss it all over till he gets so excited he bursts into laughter and spreads his legs open for more. I wonder what it’s going to be like when he begins to talk and asks me for more?

27. When playing on the floor he’ll oftentimes spread his legs open for me to kiss his penis (what we call his “penie”). He got to where he liked it so much he’d pull people by the hand down onto the floor and would spread his legs apart for “the treatment”.

Advocating sex with children

In chapter 45, entitled “Bed Bugs!”, when Davidito was 2 yrs. 4 mos., Sara stated:

15. Sex!: Now if I share with you some of Davidito’s sexy experiences, will you try prayerfully & cautiously to benefit from the lessons learned, and follow the Lord’s leadings in possibly sharing the same kind of gentle love and fun, without stumbling our little sheep? You know, some things have been omitted from this story simply because it’s sometimes hard to explain the exact situation in words without your actually being there to experience it with us.

16. Sex is a beautiful God-given wonderful part of the life we enjoy together and we’d love to share it with you, as long as you don’t use it as “an occasion to the flesh” and in some way that could actually harm or confuse the children. It’s oftentimes the Little Ones who suffer through our Big People mistakes.

17. So we’ll attempt to share a few of our experience with you, not so that you will try to do exactly what we do, but because it’s a part of Little David’s Life Story. Praise the Lord!

18. On the 28th of April after naptime, Alfred, Davidito & I were all three loving up, when Dito looked at me with those big dreamy Canarian black eyes & said, “Sara, I yub you!” pulled me down to kiss him, then pushed my head down to kiss some more!

19. It all developed so gently & lovingly, that he really was affectionate, eyes closed.—So guess what happened? For a bouncing climax (ha!), he spoke out in excited foreign tongues! He sounded very gypsy, similar to Abrahim! Afterwards, he lay still in my arms to rest and even reached out to love Alfred around the neck, too, thanking him for sharing!

20. Now often when we lie on the bed together to read a book, sometimes just at the point when I think he’s really listening & interested, he’ll look at me with those beautiful flirty eyes again, so that I know what he wants, or he’ll put his arm around me & say, “Sara, come love me up big!”

24. (Mo: GOD MADE CHILDREN ABLE TO ENJOY Sex, SO HE MUST’VE EXPECTED THEM TO!—I did!—All my life!—Thank God! I love it!—And it didn’t hurt me any! Nearly all kids do anyhow, despite prohibitions!—And the only reason the System frowns on it is that the churches have taught sex is evil!—Which is contrary to the Bible!—How could God-created sexual enjoyment be a sin?!—The System is really screwed up! God help us!—They’re the ones not normal!—But “let not your good be evil spoken of”!—So take it easy!)

Attempting sex with 14-month old

In chapter 46, “New Home in Portugal!”, when Davidito was 2 yrs. 4 mos. old and Davida was 14 mos. old, Sara wrote:

5. Little Davida: For several days Davidito was very whiny & nostalgic, asking to see 14-month old Davida again.

6. Davida joined us in Portugal at mid-month, and Davidito, although very encouraged and happy to see her, at first acted a lot more babyish when around her.

7. Dito also tries to pick her up or jump on top of her and hunch away, but she’ll bat him off like a heavy-weight champ! He’ll just try again until we eventually break up the brawl! Ha! He’s finally found a girlfriend his own size!

Acknowlegement that the contact was sexual

In Chapter 49, “Our Playhouse & Badly Burned!”, when Davidito was 2-1/2 years old, in July, 1977 in Lisbon, Portugal, Sara wrote:

3. For music lessons & exercise, we often dance in the basement to recorded music and act out the motions to the lyrics in the song. With lots of practice and free movement and self expression he dances with slow scissor or sidesteps, a little pony gallop, marching and twirls. He often asks me to do cartwheels and to dance for him while he watches soberly—maybe because I dance topless or nudie most of the time, ha! Foreskins:

22. Another thing he reminds me of what Daddy would do as a little boy, is when Davidito acts very anxious to take his nap nowadays! He’ll eager get in bed & lie quietly under his sheet and play with his penie.

23. I think lately he prefers that more than to have me do it for him! When he gets out of bed, his panties are down around his ankles, so we’ll just have to make sure his hands are clean before bedtime. And on two different occasions I’ve discovered him under the livingroom table on his back with his pants down around his knees, busy again.—Whatever turns him on!!

24. Daddy shared with us the importance of lubricating a little boy’s foreskin & by gentle coaxing, perhaps at bed or bathtime, exercising the foreskin down beyond the head of the penis so it will eventually go back all the way for easy and thorough cleaning.

25. I mentioned one day that Alfred had worked on peeling Dito’s foreskin a little bit in the bathtub. Dad said not to encourage familiarity w/boys that way, because when Dito finds out that feels good too, it may get him off on the “homo track”! So this is in the girls’ department!

Advocating Masturbating and Fellating children in order to clean their penises

In reference to Sara’s statement in paragraph 24 about what “Daddy shared with us”, here is Berg’s advice from his Letter, “Uncircumcision!—To Be, or Not to Be?”, Letter 782, paragraph 12:

Actually, when he’s big & hard & feeling good is one of the best times to do it, like when you wash it during his bath, sort of under the guise that you’re trying to make him feel good, & he’ll like it. Other times, if you put a little lubricant on it it’s a big help. Try putting a little baby oil or vaseline on it to lubricate it real good before pulling the foreskin down. The mucous of your mouth is a good lubricant too!—And he’ll love it!

Back to “The Story of Davidito” book: in “The Getaway!—Move to Madrid!”, chapter 50, when Davidito was 2 yrs. 7 mos. old, he and Sara stayed briefly in a regular Family home. Sara walked in while the children of other Family members were having a bath:

23. The two five & six-year-old little boys were acting foolish & embarrassed about their penies during their bath. One said, “I don’t want her in here because she might see my penis.” I laughed & joked with them telling them I like sexy boys, etc. But they were all giggling & laughing, acting embarrassed about being naked in public, & so conscious of their little tiny penies. I thought to myself, “Isn’t that funny? —Just yesterday Dito & I `loved up’ together after our bath! Ha! What a revolutionary life we do lead!” Underneath this text is a photo of Sara and David naked in bed together, with her hand on his sexual organs. The photograph is entitled “Cuddlin’ Capers!”

Fun and Free Play

In “Fun and Free Play!”, chapter 53, written Nov., 1977, when Davidito was 2 years and 10 months old, Sara wrote:

her Family members were having a bath:

19. Sex: ALWAYS INTERESTING!...Sometimes before bed he jabbers to his stuffed animals. One night we heard him say to them, “You go fuck Pat, & you go fuck the big girl in the kitchen! Oh, you don’t want to? Oh, OK, I’ll fuck Pat!”

20. 20 mo. old Davida always rushes to see Dito go potty. She flicks his penie with her finger & goo-goo’s & giggles over it. He once pulled his underwear up indignantly, then she kissed his belly button & laughed, so he jerked his shirt down over it & scurried off with his pants around his ankles.

21. One night Davidito was thumbing through a Playboy magazine & he came to the fold-out. “Ho, she’s pretty. What’s her name?” we answered, “Sheila”. He asked if he could put her up on the wall by his bed like Daddy does, & then kissed her nipples & stroked her picture all over. Alfred said, “I think Sara’s prettier than her, don’t you, David?” He answered, “No, I think she’s prettier than Sara!” HA! A new girlfriend!

22. Later in the night he wanted to take a picture of me nudie on the bed, so he stood in a chair & Alf helped him aim the camera for about 5 mins., explaining to him how to use it. He was so excited he could hardly stand it & I thought surely he’d take a picture of the ceiling or something, but his picture actually turned out nice!

23. He’ll sometimes just jump on top of me real quick, hunch away & then jump off again & say, “Do you like that, Sara?” But his usual, more gentle & preferred approach is, “Let’s go wash penie”, & then I know what he really wants!

24. Daddy told me he wants Davidito to have all the love that he ever needed & wanted & didn’t get. And thank the Lord we can enjoy sharing real “loving up” together. It all comes about so sweet & naturally that it makes me wonder what all we must’ve missed in our own childhoods! It’s wonderful to be able to pour into the children all your “dreams-come-true”!—Real love, joy & peace—here & hereafter! PTL!

"Come-union" orgy

In chapter 61, “Return to Madrid!”, when Davidito was 3 yrs. 2 mos. of age, Sara wrote:

1. One night after a real good dinner talk by Dad on the importance of sharing & how timidity is really just pride, Dad suggested we have a “come-union”. He set up a place for Maria & Timothy on the floor, we had the couch, & a sister took care of sweet Alfred upstairs.

2. So Davidito just wandered around from one group to the other for a long while. While watching all four of us in the living-room, he said aloud to try to get our attention, “Ah-hum! I would like to play with my cars now”, as if someone should stop the fun & join him.

3. He did a few favours for Daddy such as turn off the lights, bring us more wine, then he went upstairs to watch Alf in action. When Dito had ever seen me with Daddy before he’d always act very jealous & sometime naughty, so hoping not to offend him, Daddy suggested a while later that I’d better go find Dito & pay him a little special attention now!—And guess where I found him? —sitting on the stairs peeking down at us!

5. So next he wanted his turn, & as soon as I got into bed he jumped on me & said, “Sara, love me!” He specifically asked for several swigs of wine, & got “happy” real quick, so we really had a good time! Alf, Tim & Mommy were outside the door listening to him. “Sara, now kiss it!”, & then he began to laugh & laugh. “Ohh, it flopped in your nose!...Oh, all this hair!—So much hair!”—& was pushing my hair out of his face, but kept asking for more & more love.

6. I asked him if he was “in the mood”, as Daddy says, to which he asked, “What’s in the mood?” I said, “That means when you feel like it.” So he answered, “Oh yes, my mood feels it!” Ha! We were all really surprised that he took everything so well, since he at first didn’t have a “playmate” too & is usually very jealous about “sharing”, but he waited his turn & was a real good boy!

7. Soon afterwards, in our next location, he made up for lost time with his favourite playmate Davida. He told me, “Sara, we’re gonna have to teach Davida to like to fuck & not to push me away!” Well, I’m glad she doesn’t push him away all the time, because the very next night I couldn’t find them after dinner, but then spotted them right at the top of the stairs!—Banging away on each other! Imagine! It’s a good thing she liked it that time!