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Carl Arnold is a long-time member of The Family International and a former founding officer and Vice-President of the Texas non-profit corporation Teaching, Education and More (TEAM).

An August 1999 letter from TEAM attorney Stephen J. Gilles to the United States Internal Revenue Service stated the following about Mr. Arnold:

Carl M. Arnold.

1972-1974: Mr. Arnold became interested in education in 1972 when he started as youth counselor with a Texas-based Christian fellowship. He worked with a Bible training program that taught Bible classes and ministry training to teenagers. Through this experience Mr. Arnold was given the opportunity to go to Australia where he worked for one year with the Australian Christian Youth Association. Besides continuing to establish centers for young people to receive Ministry training, Mr. Arnold became interested in fund raising programs, and helped to establish a ministry that solicited donations and supplies for different outreach programs throughout Australia and also to parts of Southeast Asia. He worked as one of the directors of this program and also did some of the accounting.

1974-1989: After a year in Australia, Mr. Arnold spent 15 years in Southeast Asia where he did missionary work and set up schools for missionary children in Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. These were small home schooling situations where missionary families would combine together to teach their children using English rather than the local language. At this lime Mr. Arnold became involved in setting up curriculums and producing educational materials that were not locally available.

Since so many people in these countries are interested in learning English, Mr. Arnold began an English language school in Jakarta, Indonesia that taught English as a second language to Indonesian nationals. He was on the board of directors for this school along with an Indonesian business man. Mr. Arnold was involved with planning the classes and coordinating the different missionary teachers who were participating.

1989-1999: In 1989, Mr. Arnold returned io ihe United States where he continued working with youth Ministry training programs in the Mexico and Texas areas.

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