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In April 2005, the Australian news magazine Marie Claire reported that "The Family maintains that no-one has been convicted of any crime in relation to abuse within the organisation."[1] However, there are a small number of cases in which current or former members were convicted of abuse. Some of these cases involve individuals convicted of abuse that occurred in The Family while others involve individuals who allegedly abused children while in The Family but were convicted for abuse that occurred after they left the organization.

Information about such cases is often difficult to verify or discover due to the secrecy of the cult and apparent attempts by Family leadership to suppress dissemination of information about the existence of such cases and pressure victims to remain publicly silent.

Listed here are current or former members whose conviction of a crime related to sexual, physical and psychological abuse and neglect of children has been verified by public records, media reports or other reliable sources. Individuals suitable for inclusion in this category also include those who have been convicted of such crimes (for example, rape, spousal abuse/family violence) against adults. Alleged abusers who have not been convicted (and are thus presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law) are listed in the Abusers category.


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