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Following is information about legal name changes by current and former members of The Family International.

The pattern of World Services members legally changing their surnames to "Smith" or "Brown" was intended to make them appear as if they were a family when traveling together, in addition to the commonality of such surnames (helping to further obscure their identities).

Court Documents: Petitions for Change of Name

Grantors (from) Grantees (to) Pseudonyms Date Court Document
Grant Cameron Montgomery Lee Ronald Smith Gary 21-Dec-1992 PDF
David Moses Zerby Richard Peter Smith Davidito 15-Mar-1993 PDF
Terry Lee Martin Michael Timothy Brown Gabe 07-May-1993 PDF
Susan Joy Kauten Angela Marilyn Smith Sue 10-May-1993 PDF
Kathleen Mary Fowler Cheryl Anne Brown Bonnie 28-May-1993 PDF
Samuel Charles Perfilio Kevin Anthony Brown Matthew 29-Sep-1993 PDF
Richard Peter Smith Richard Peter Rodriguez Davidito 13-Jul-1994 PDF
Lee Ronald Smith Grant Cameron Montgomery Gary 29-Oct-1996 PDF
Jennifer Susan Smith Lurana Nolind Berg Esther David 17-Jan-1996 PDF
Karen Elva Zerby Katherine Rianna Smith Queen Maria 04-Nov-1997 PDF
Steven Douglas Kelly Christopher Smith King Peter unknown unavailable