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Christy Gibson (or Kitty/คริสตี้ กิ๊บสัน; Dutch/British) is a former second generation member of The Family International. She was born to a Dutch mother and British father.[1]

Gibson first moved to Thailand with her parents at the age of six, living in Nakorn Ratchasima (Korat) and then in Bangkok. Gibson is now a popular singer of mor lam and luk tung prayuk, traditional Thai country music.

She released her first album, Christy Der Ka Der ("This is Christy"), in 2001, and her second, Jam Gan Boh Dai Gah? in 2002. Her third album is Gulahp Wiang Ping. She has also recorded an album jointly with Swedish luk tung singer Jonas Anderson (also a former second generation memeber of The Family), called Rum-tone, Rum-thai.

Family publications mentioning Christy Gibson

In an August 2009 Mo Letter, titled "Offensive Briefing #9: Collaboration", Steven "Peter Amsterdam" Kelly had this to say about Christy Gibson:

40. An example of that is the music ministry that some Family members in Thailand are involved in. Jonas and Christy are nationally famous for being foreigners who have mastered the difficult lukthoong style of Thai folk music. Through their celebrity status, many doors are opened to the Family and a lot of witness goes out. Jonas and Christy are the ones that people recognize and know best, but through Jonas and Christy's testimony, the Family is also recognized and received.

Selected discography

  • Yah Yohm Pae
  • Jonas and Christy
  • Gulahp Weeang Ping
  • Jam Gan Boh Dai Gah? (2002)
  • Christy Der Ka der (2001)
  • Rum-tone, Rum-thai


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