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Jonas Anderson (โจนัส แอนเดอร์สัน; Swedish; born c. 1973) is a former second generation member of The Family International. He and his family moved from Sweden to Thailand we he was 9-years old.[1]

Jonas spent the majority of his life in Thailand where he learned to speak nearly fluent Thai. He started to sing in luk thung--Thailand's traditional country music--and became popular in Thailand for it. In 2000, Jonas released his debut album (in luk thung) titled, Pom Chu Jonas ("My Name is Jonas"/"ผมชื่อโจนัส"). It sold more than 200,000 copies that year.[2]

Eventually, he teamed up with Christy Gibson, (who is no longer a member of The Family), and they became very famous throughout Thailand. The have had regular television shows and concerts. They have been called the most famous "farangs" (foreigners) in Thai music.

Selected discography

  • ผมชื่อโจนัส (Pom Chu Jonas/"My Name is Jonas") (2000-06-15)
  • Num Tum Lao Sao Tum Thai
  • Rum-tone, Rum-thai


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