Croil Hunter

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Croil Hunter is a long-time member of The Family International and a former founding officer and President of the Texas non-profit corporation Teaching, Education and More (TEAM).

An August 1999 letter from TEAM attorney Stephen J. Gilles to the United States Internal Revenue Service stated the following information about Mr. Hunter:

In April, 1972, while attending St. Lawrence University in New York State, Mr. Hunter became interested in entering missionary service. He looked in to a number of individual non-denominational organizations, both on campus and off, working with Bible and missionary training programs. As a result, in 1976 after finishing his studies, Mr, Arnold went to Australia and soon moved on to various South Pacific Islands to join with other missionaries in establishing centers for helping, teaching and aiding the local people. In 1989, Mr. Hunter moved to the Indian sub-continent where he continued with his missionary work and studies. In Madras, India he helped establish "International Educational Services." This organization was established for the purpose of teaching and working with the local people, while researching ways to enhance and accelerate their learning processes. It was here that Mr. Hunter became more interested in the use of inexpensive, mass-produced, but specifically designed, video and audio mediums as educational and religious supplements to available printed materials. The organization began producing several of these materials and distributing them predominantly throughout South India to other interested missionaries, teachers, organizations or like-minded individuals. In 1996, Mr. Hunter returned to the United States in hopes of finding a way to make superior quality religious and educational materials cheaply available to missionaries, home-schoolers and other interested parties.

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