Japan TV coverage of press conference at HCS and interviews with Miriam Padilla

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In 1992, members of The Family in Japan held a press conference at the Heavenly City School and invited former second generation member Miriam Padilla[1] to attend. Several Japanese television stations covered the event and following are their broadcast reports.

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  1. However, despite voluminous evidence to the contrary, The Family reportedly denied that Padilla was ever a member of the cult. In a posting on MovingOn, Padilla wrote:

    "[The Family] then proceeded to try and discredit me by saying that I had never been in the Family…(oh no? I wonder who my father’s inheritance went to? I wonder what a mother and 6 kids were doing in India living in communes? I wonder why my eldest sister Shuly died? I wonder who sexually molested, exploited us for money, psychologically and physically abused us? I wonder why we were uneducated at the time?)"
    Source: movingon.org: Anyone interested in the video of when I went to the HCS with Shukan Bunsun in 1992? — 2003-01-10 (accessed 2007-08-31)

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