Tribunal de Menores de Mercedes - Cause number 32.202 Letter from Manoli to Debbie

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Tribunal de Menores de MERCEDES
Juez Dr. Julio M. Cámpora
Provinicia de Buenos Aires
Poder Judicial

Causa No. 32.202, Frouman, Emanuel David y otros s/ infraction al art. 10 ley 10.067.
Cause Number 32.202, Frouman, Emanuel David and others regarding infraction of Art. 10 of Law 10.067.


On March 12, 1991, Ruth Frouman died. Her surviving relatives immediately informed members of the Family, including Stuart Baylin and Claire Borowik, of this event by mail, telephone and obituaries published in U.S. newspapers. Her surviving relatives in the United States and Argentina also sent letters and made phone calls to the last known addresses and phone numbers for her missing four children. Yet in August and September 1991, her eldest son sent a letter and birthday card to his mother and letters to his aunts which made clear that neither he nor his brothers had been informed of Ruth Frouman's death months earlier and that, Family leadership in Argentina failed to give him and his brothers the many letters and messages which were sent to them. It eventually became known that The Family did not inform all of Ruth Frouman's children of her death until 1992. When Emmanuel Frouman died in February 1994, his two abducted siblings still in the Family and being sought by surviving relatives and judicial authorities in Argentina, the United States and other countries, were also not informed of his death until many months later.

A letter dated September 15th, 1991 and an envelope postmarked August 10th, 1991 (with the notation "Attn: Ruth Frouman" written on it) were submitted as evidence in the case referenced above.

Text of Letter

Sep. 15th, '91

Dear Aunt Debbie,
It's been some time since I last saw you and my Mom. So many things have happened since then, after my Mom came for a visit, I never saw or heard from her again. I don't know whether she is here with Rita somewhere or if she is there with you or somewhere else. I also haven't heard from my brother Peter. I am writing Rita to see if she is with her & sending a birthday card for her.

Recently I've been taking a few trips to the south of Argentina, basically taking the Word of God where ever we go! One highlight of some of these trips was being able to meet the president of this country, this along with other things that happened has made it quite an exciting experience.

I was just wondering if whether you know what Peter's been up to or if you see him if you could ask him to write. I know that just like me, he's not the writing type. But I'm sort of concerned about him and what he's doing.

I don't know whether I've told you this before, but I just want to say that I admire you and & your family for all the work you do & the Christian qualities that you all make part of your everyday life, it must take a bit of courage and faith to stand firm for your beliefs in spite of everything that surrouds you. May God bless you all!! Please say "hi" to Joanna, Rebecca & Roland for me.

Love, Manoli

PS. I'm sending a letter for my Mom if she is there. I also sent one for her to Aunt Rita.