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Vas Myers, 2005
Vas Myers, circa 2004

Vasilius Elias Myers (born 1974-01-22) is a Greek-American, second generation Family member. More commonly known as "Vas" Myers (other aliases include David S.), he is a Family singer, musician, songwriter, producer and performer.

Myers currently lives in Mexico City with his wife Joni Myers, whom he married on 1997-10-20[1]. His mother is Laurie "Victory" Myers.


The Family has released numerous songs by Myers, usually for internal use only. Though his music is typically distributed on compilation CDs with songs from the cult's various studios, several internal CDs have been dedicated to music by the "DC Band", of which Myers was a central member during his years in the United States.

Due in part to the popularity of his music amongst Family youth, Myers helped bring about a greater acceptance of the use of more modern forms of rock in Family music, previously considered far too "worldly" or Satanic.


Below are several of Myers' more well known and regarded songs within The Family.

Title Album Synopsis
MusicLet's Make Love Loving Jesus #4 (track 6) A song of sexual desire for Jesus
MusicCraving to Slake Teen CD #33 (track 5) Berates former members who speak against The Family
MusicEagle Bleeds DC Band #3 (track 3) Tells of indignation towards the USA (Lyrics)


A common criticism levelled against Myers by both current and former members of The Family is that of alleged plagiarism and music copyright infringement.

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