William E. Moore, II

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William E. Moore, II is a long-time member of The Family International and a founding officer and the President of the Texas non-profit corporation Teaching, Education and More (TEAM).

An August 1999 letter from TEAM attorney Stephen J. Gilles to the United States Internal Revenue Service stated the following about Mr. Moore:

William Moore. University study at University of Southern California, Los Angeles, in the area of business administration, as well as 8-9 years working in a management nnd bookkeeping position for different non-profit organizations. During those same years he received training in bookkeeping and learned computer to be able to keep books on computer as well as managing an office and its set-up, expenditures, the organization of office filing and bookkeeping receipts, expenditures and check book. Mr. Moore was employed by the following non-profit organizations: the Hawaiian Christian Youth Outreach for 3 years, a Spanish youth outreach radio program in South America known as "MCV" for 4 years, and a missionary on the Board of Inter-Faith Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico from 1981-1989 (Mr. Moore was sponsored by this church for overseas missionary work in South America and Japan). Apart from the above, Mr. Moore has worked as a missionary in non-profit community service and humanitarian aid programs and distribution since 1972 in the United States, as well as in various foreign countries, gaining experience and training working in community service and in the distribution of humanitarian aid.

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