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Zac & Shelley (aka Zech/Zechariah Waxman & Shelly; American) were a musician-couple in the Children of God who wrote, produced, and sang many songs for Family music. They joined the cult in the early 1970s and left in 1988.

Shelley was also a member of Jeremy Spencer's "Jeremy Spencer and the Children" band. She also did lead and backup vocals on the Flee album.

List of songs written by Zac and/or Shelley

Editor's note: The following is an incomplete list and the links are to the lyrics of these songs.

See also

Heaven's Magic songs

  • "Sunlight" — from the album, With Love Forever
  • "Moments" — from the album, With Love Forever
  • "The Robot" — from the album, New Worlds to Conquer

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