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Creations was a sub-unit of World Services for The Family International. This is where all of their publications were produced.


- head of Creations
- American
- legally changed his name from Terry Lee Martin
- Aliases: Gabe, Jeremy Woods, or John
- head of Creations
- Canadian
- Aliases: Vicky or Amy
- part of Creations
- Aliases: Will
- part of Creations; former wife of Mark Lloyd and mother of Angelina Lloyd (EURCRO)
- American
- Aliases: Palestina
- part of Creations; a registered domain owner of the The Family International's Web site, San Diego, California
- American
- legally changed her name from Kathleen Mary Fowler, 17-Jun-1993
- Aliases: Bonnie
- part of Creations
- American
- Aliases: Justus of Adar
- Web mastering and IT (Tommy) Secretarial (Valerie)
- Tommy: American, Valerie: Canadian
- Aliases: Enoch Cameron and Salathiel (Sally) Scribe
- Tommy is the father of Ben Farnsworth who committed suicide in Hong Kong


While Karen Zerby was living in Portugal, all of the legal information (e.g. vehicle registration, utilities, rent, etc.) was registered under the names Michael Timothy Brown, Donna Kinnikin, or Thomas Leonard.

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