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DISCLAIMER: Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts and we collect them to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities. Original spelling, grammar, and style have been preserved where possible.

The reboot documents were a series of documents published internally by the Family International during May and June 2010. These documents outlined numerous and, in many cases, dramatic changes to the organizational structure, rules, lifestyle, and beliefs of the cult.

Some of the reboot documents are not yet available to, but are expected to be added here in the near future.

List of documents

The document summaries quoted below are taken from Reboot-02: Preface to Reboot Documents.

  1. Change Journey Manifesto
  2. Preface to Reboot Documents
  3. Backtracking Through TFI History — "An overview of major contextual points in Family history, their impact on Family culture over the years, and what needs to change today."
  4. Blueprint for the Future — "Key concepts at the heart of the reboot changes, cornerstones of the environment we're creating for the Family of today and tomorrow."
  5. Statement of Faith of the Family International — "Updated to better reflect our core doctrines. Presenting our beliefs in terms that will be more user-friendly for prospective members and people interested in knowing what we believe."
  6. Mission Statement of the Family International — "An updated statement describing how we put the mission into practice."
  7. Membership — "An explanation about TFI membership of the future and changes in membership requirements."
  8. Lifestyle — "A summary of lifestyle-related matters, such as communal living, spiritual life requirements, shepherding, civic responsibilities, etc."
  9. Structure and Services — "Outline of the concepts and elements of the new structure, and explanations regarding changes in structure and services."
  10. Tithing and Giving — "TFI's updated policies and requirements regarding tithing and giving."
  11. The Family Aid Fund (FAF) — "Explanation of the FAF program, with adjusted policies for the future."
  12. TFI Member Works — "An overview of the structure for works and mission projects of Family members; what mission facilitation the Family structure will provide, and the expectations as far as a professional standard of operations."
  13. Building Community — "Concepts and principles of mission-centered community, as a means by which to fulfill our core purpose."
  14. Applying the Law of Love — "Updated position on the application of the Law of Love to sexual relations."
  15. Membership Accountability — "Details of changes regarding disciplinary procedures and membership accountability."
  16. A Safe Haven for Our Children — "Addressing points relating to the safety of our children, and our responsibilities as parents and as Christians to provide a safe environment for them. Includes a new TFI child protection policy and 'Standard for the Care of Children at Events and Mission Works of the Family International.'"
  17. Charter of the Family International (v4) — "A new Charter that conveys the rights and responsibilities of membership, and the services and governance of the Family in a clear and concise manner; accompanied by supplementary documents that support the Charter."
  18. Closing — "Wrapping up the reboot package."

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